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Choosing a home is a very difficult affair. It is necessary to take into account various factors and finely understand the acoustic properties of columns and materials. But all this knowledge is necessary if you choose professional acoustics for a few thousand dollars. Budget systems do not require such deep knowledge in acoustic physics. Quite interesting is the low-cost speaker system Sven MS 1085 Gold. It is perfect for home. Consider this acoustics more.

sven ms 1085


Sven is well known for its low-cost home-to-office speaker solutions. Its products have an elegant design, reasonable price and decent sound. Computer speakers Sven MS 1085 belong to the budget segment. But at the same time they have a premium design and average sound quality. Such a speaker system is perfect for home use. Speakers perfectly cope with music and movies. In this segment, this speaker system has no competitors.

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It is intended for those who are no longer satisfied with cheap computer "tweeters" or laptop speakers, but they are not yet ready to throw out thousands of dollars for Hi-End systems. For such users, this loudspeaker is exactly the right fit. She has quite a decent sound that will suit many. Of course, the "audiophiles" will be unhappy, but these speakers are clearly not for them.

Appearance and design

Sven MS 1085 speakers look expensive and dignified. There are two colors: gold and silver. Glossy front panels and golden-eyed speakers look beautiful. That's just the gloss strongly collects dust and fingerprints. But this is a fixable matter. But it looks like the speaker is one hundred percent. Moreover, the appearance of the sound quality does not affect. And with the sound of this acoustics no problems.

sven ms 1085 gold

The "chip" of this speaker system can be called a wired remote control, which stretches from the subwoofer and can be easily installed on the table. It is a washer that adjusts the speaker volume. The console has a soft unobtrusive backlight. Even at night, he will not be disturbed.On the remote control are the jacks for headphones and microphone. This is very convenient from a practical point of view.

Satellite specifications

Front speakers Sven MS 1085 have a two-way design. Each satellite has midrange and tweeter speakers. But, due to the budget design of these very speakers, the speakers often lack medium frequencies. But this is easily corrected by the equalizer. The power of the satellite is 26 watts. This is with a total total power (together with a subwoofer) 46 watts. This amount of "watts" is enough for a medium-sized room. Neighbors will definitely complain.

computer speakers sven ms 1085

The frequency range of the front speakers characteristic of budget speakers. It ranges from 150 Hz to 20 kHz. To play normal music is enough. Films with high-quality DTS sound are also quite capable of these speakers. Sven MS 1085 is quite suitable for home use. They have a good power margin and a standard frequency range.

Subwoofer specifications

The subwoofer is designed as a separate box (as is the case with the 2.1 acoustics format) with a built-in amplifier.The design of the "subwoofer" is a band-pass resonator. This allows you to achieve the most powerful returns. And in the small rooms that is exactly what is needed. The power of the subwoofer is 20 watts. Is it a lot or a little? Let's just say that at a high volume the chandelier of the neighbors will definitely shake.

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The frequency range of the subwoofer is 20-150 Hz. For budget acoustics such indicators are normal. The main thing is that even at high volume there is not much bass distortion. It is very important. Especially while watching movies and listening to hard rock or metal. The Sven MS 1085 subwoofer can compete with midrange speakers. And this is good.

Amplifier characteristics

Here, everything is standard for budget speakers. The Sven MS 1085 uses a board with a pair of 4700 microfarad capacitors. The transformer winding has a power of 43 VA. Some of the other components are also not unique. Standard stuffing budget amplifier for inexpensive speakers. Nevertheless, the amplifier copes with its task perfectly: it provides high-quality and moderately loud sound.

sven ms 1085 review

On the back of the amplifier is a subwoofer air intake, two inputs and two RCA (tulips) sound outputs. There is also a bass power control and power button. Modest set of controls. But for a speaker system of this class more is not needed. If someone wants more, then he clearly needs columns that are not at the budget level.

What to listen to?

Although Sven MS 1085, a review of which we started here, and are not a top-end speaker system, but ordinary MP3 files still cannot fully unleash the full potential of the speakers. Here you need a popular free format without loss of quality - FLAC. If you listen to the songs in this format, then Sven will sound exactly as needed. As for the music genres, this acoustics perfectly copes with the classics, hard rock and blues. In general, with its help you can comfortably listen to all genres of instrumental music. But everything is bad with the electronics. Not recommended, because there will be no sound. In principle, what kind of music is such a sound.


It is very important. That reviews help us to understand whether to buy this product. In the case of speaker systems, it is imperative to study the feedback,since that is how you can understand how high-quality sound in various speakers. Reviews of acoustics Sven MS 1085 Black amaze with their benevolence. So far, no one owner of this speaker system has found fat minuses in it. On the contrary, it seems that all the owners fell in love with these columns at first sight. Many say deep and juicy bass. Also, everyone is delighted with the presence of high-frequency speakers. Typically, low cost speaker systems have a single-band design. A lot of positive feedback about the remote control (even though it is wired).

The authors of the negative reviews for the most part are just naughty - they are not satisfied with the sleek body and the "insufficient" study of the mid frequencies. These comrades want for a penny to buy Hi-End acoustics. Well, one can only wish them good luck. People who are able to adequately compare price and quality, undoubtedly, understand that Sven MS 1085 is the best that is currently on the market. Even more than that, this speaker system can perfectly compete with the acoustics of the middle price segment. But it is worth a penny. There is something to think about.


The budget speaker system Sven MS 1085 belongs to the best representatives of its class. It has an elegant appearance, sufficient power, excellent sound quality and an adequate price. Such speakers will suit everyone. They can be equally used with a computer or laptop, and in tandem with a TV. This universal acoustics will appeal to many. In order to unleash the full potential of this speaker system, it is recommended to listen to branded discs or music in a format without loss of quality (FLAC, APE, WV). This is the only way to appreciate the sound.

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