Comb polisher Split Ender: reviews, photos before and after

For most girls, split ends of hair is a real catastrophe, and the most terrible thing is that when this problem appears, no superstrong repairing agents will help and only their complete removal is necessary, and a new haircut is not always successful. It is for this reason that many owners of long hair are afraid to go to the hairdresser and even trim the tips. But if you do not take care of your hair properly, then in due course an adversity will occur. There is an exit! There is a device that allows you to get rid of this problem completely at home and without loss of hair length.

Why do I need Split Ender?

This new invention was created and patented by Viktor Talavera not so long ago, but has already gained a lot of fans around the world, as evidenced by the many positive reviews about Split Ender. One of its advantages is that it can be used both for home use and in the cabin.

split ender reviewsThe tool is designed to eliminate split and dead hair ends.This invention has a new correction system that allows you to cut the ends with a sharp rotating knife in the right direction, without loss of length. With the help of special plates and teeth of the comb, the strand is evenly distributed on the plates and there is a careful removal of dry ends.

What is a Split Ender comb?

Split Ender features the patented Hair Plate system, which was specifically designed to evenly and safely guide the hair strand under the blades of the blade. Production Split Ender goes to the USA. The device has passed all security checks and has the appropriate certificates. The electric is wireless and battery operated. The body is made of plastic and somewhat resembles an iron for straightening, has a small weight and convenient switching buttons.

comb split ender reviewsInside installed:

  • a sharp blade that is protected by a plastic cap (6);
  • built-in container for collecting cropped hair (7);
  • it is possible to adjust the interval using replaceable clips - 0.3 or 0.6 cm;
  • activation buttons with arrows (4);
  • locking lock - button to change the clips (12);
  • clamp handle (13);
  • protective teeth (9,10,11);
  • ribbed rubberized areas on the body to avoid slipping (3).

The mechanism of the device is designed so that its use is absolutely safe, convenient and much more efficient than traditional scissors. "Split Ender" allows you to carefully cut off the ends, while maintaining the length, which after the procedure remains the same.

Numerous reviews of the Split Ender show that this procedure helps to achieve silky and luxurious hair in a few minutes.

Preparation for the procedure

"Split Ender" will only work on clean and dry hair, so you need to wash your hair and completely dry it before use. Sprays, gels, oils and styling products must not be used during processing. It is also worth remembering that the procedure should be carried out as hair regrowth, daily use at home is not required. After processing, you must thoroughly clean the container and store the device in a protective case, dry and out of reach of children. If the trimmer-comb is not used often, then it is recommended to remove the batteries for storage.

When using this unit in a salon environment, it is necessary to observe safety precautions and treat the client's hair with care.After each session, the device should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Usage guide

Before conducting a Split Ender hair polishing session and removing dead ends, you need to make sure that there are no tangles and tangles left to avoid strong tension. Further:

  • separate a small thin strand;
  • tie the remaining hair in a ponytail;
  • the strand must be combed again and placed on the top of the plate with a comb - this will allow the hair to freely and evenly settle under the sharp knives;
  • gently squeeze the hair in the device and press the start button, a specific sound will indicate the beginning of work;
  • slowly with light movements starting from the roots and moving to the ends to hold a strand;
  • each strand must be processed at least three times.

comb split ender

Professional reviews of the Split Ender say that after cutting hair, they become obedient and stop to push.


When conducting a session of electric haircut, remember:

  • On the top of the "Split Ender" are the teeth of a comb, and the processed curl should not be thicker than their size.
  • If during processing it is felt that the hair is pulled, then either there is too much hair in the appliance, or it is not combed well.It is necessary to turn off the machine, remove the strand, comb, and if necessary, take less hair and try again.
  • After processing one side of the head, switch the side key from left to right or vice versa and cut hair, focusing on the guide arrow, which should point down.
  • It is necessary to monitor the filling of the plastic chamber and clean it in a timely manner to avoid overflow.
  • When first applied, it is recommended to set the device to a size of 0.3 cm.
  • As you remove split ends, make sure that Split Ender combed all the strands.
  • Trimmed strands must be collected with clips or clips to avoid mixing them with areas that have not yet been worked out.

split ender pro reviews

And the result of the haircut can be viewed on the photo (before and after). Reviews Split Ender caution against misuse, which can lead to pulling hair and the formation of new split ends.

Why should stylists try this device?

First, this tool is recommended for purchase for salons and hairdressers, as most people trust their beauty to professionals and will be able to get a quality service with an individual approach in a cozythe atmosphere.

Secondly, the comb effectively allows you to get rid of split ends, while preserving the length of the hair.

Thirdly, a professional stylist will be able to most effectively conduct a session.

Fourthly, this device will help to save time and remove 99% of the split ends, cutting off only 0.3 to 0.6 cm of damage.

Fifthly, the polishing comb is quite expensive, and not every person can afford to buy it, and in the conditions of the salon its cost quickly pays off.

Makeup hairdressers should remember that before you start offering this haircut to your customers, you need to practice to acquire the necessary skills, which is especially important for long hair.

hair split split from split ends reviewsReviews of Split Ender from beauty-masters are extremely positive. Hairdressers note the high quality of treatment and the possibility of expanding salon procedures.

Why repair hair ends?

Damaged areas on the tips of the hair make life unbearable, as the poor quality of hair upsets every woman. Even despite the costly care, there is no guarantee of getting rid of this unpleasant moment.Split ends can appear even on the hair, which seem to be completely healthy, and this problem often occurs with owners of naturally thin hair. The main reasons for the appearance of split ends are:

  • wrong combing;
  • substandard shampoos;
  • coarse styling products;
  • aggressive dyes;
  • influence of sunshine and hot ironing.

It is impossible to dismiss this problem, since such imperfection of hair can lead to a catastrophe. The positive reviews of the Split Ender comb make you convinced of the effectiveness of this invention. Regular haircut will put an end to the damaged areas, making the hairstyle neat. After electric haircut:

  • hair is easy to comb;
  • evenly painted;
  • look beautiful and shiny;
  • break less.

How long does the result hold?

Prof. Reviews of the comb Split Ender recommend treating the hair in this way after perming, dyeing and constant use of hot styling devices. Do not be afraid that the hair from frequent haircuts will be shorter, on the contrary, they will grow even faster. The effect of using the hairbrush "Split Ender" lasts about 4 weeks,but when using nutritional care products and proper styling, its action can be extended.

Split Ender Reviews

Most of the reviews about this device are extremely positive, many girls say a good result from the use of this technique.

For obvious reasons, at first, people do not believe that this device can replace the professional hands of a hairdresser, but when they buy it, they fall in love with Split Ender after the very first application. He copes with long hair and even better than a specialist removes damaged tips. A brush for cleaning the container, a comb and a cover are included with the device in order to make it convenient to use and store. With the help of "Split Ender" you can quickly process the entire head, but first you need to practice. It is important to remember that while this hair should be dry. The whole process takes about 30 minutes, and one of the main advantages of this device is that it is wireless and lightweight, which is very convenient. When processing hands do not get tired, and the stand allows you to comfortably position it. To recharge you need to buy AA batteries.

Many girls claim that they were glad to find such a haircut that saves centimeters of hair and frees them from going to the salon. Although the price is high, the comb will significantly save on salon services.

split split comb reviewsReviews of Split Ender Pro most buyers who have already purchased this tool, have positive features. It:

  • excellent salon result;
  • usability;
  • compactness;
  • quick removal of split ends;
  • maximum preservation of hair length;
  • after the session, the hair begins to grow faster;
  • There are no problems with combing, they are not confused and acquire perfect smoothness and shine.

In the reviews of the Split Ender, hairdressers and makeup artists note several drawbacks:

  • high price;
  • fragile body, so the device should be used carefully;
  • during switching on a specific noise is heard too loud.

Where to buy?

Numerous reviews of the Split Ender comb from split ends suggest different things, but it is worth noting that the manufacturer of this device warns against fakes that are poorly made and can greatly harm the hair. When choosing a store in which this device will be purchased, you need:

  • carefully read the opinions of users who have already made a purchase on this resource;
  • pay attention to the description of the product, which should be detailed;
  • certificates must be provided along with the goods card;
  • availability of warranty.

split ender barbers reviewsIn addition, before purchasing it is worthwhile to think well, since often this product is non-refundable. And in order to decide, it is worth watching useful videos on Instaliga and Youtube.

This unique tool can be found in many online stores, but remember that buying low-quality products, you risk your beauty and health of hair. Therefore, you should order this comb from official representatives and reliable resources. Based on the reviews of the comb from split ends Split Ender, you can select stores such as Splitenderpro, Bellissima, Meleon.


Power - 50W.

Color: silver, pink, black, red.

Material - plastic.

Blades with Hair Plate.

Powered by four batteries (AA), which are not supplied with the kit.


In addition to a good result, often in the reviews of the Split Ender comb-polisher you can find enthusiastic references to its configuration,which does not require the purchase of additional accessories.

In addition to the tool itself, the package includes:

  • bag for storage and transportation;
  • comb for disentangling hair before the procedure;
  • brush to clean the collecting container;
  • lining-strut - 1.4 inches;
  • pad-strut - 1.8 inches;
  • two clamps for easy separation of treated areas;
  • user's manual;
  • power adapter - from 110 to 240 V.


Gross weight - 1 kg.

Packaging - cardboard box.

Operating time - up to 2 hours without recharging.

Warranty period - 12 months.

Patent - USA, Canada, China.

Such polishing electro-brushes will become an indispensable tool for any girl and an ideal solution for getting rid of split ends forever.

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