Cleansing with prayers is the ability to safely and safely perform an effective cleansing procedure with a call to the Guardian Angel or the Most High. Words spoken with faith, help and relieve anxiety, fear, and accumulated negative energy.

Cleaning with prayers and conspiracies

Every day, each person takes a shower in order to wash off the dirt accumulated during the day. However, not many people think about the fact that from time to time it is also necessary to carry out cleansing with prayers, clearing your own soul, aura and karma. Since any disease is an imprint that remains from personal and other people's thoughts, induced ever damage or evil eye.

cleaning with prayers

In addition to the human soul, the aura of the house should be periodically cleaned. Very often damage is induced on a dwelling in order to reach everyone living in the room. There are also such cases when the damage that is induced on one of the households is transferred to the energy of the dwelling and affects all relatives. Therefore, the purification of the soul should begin with the purification of the home.

To clean the house, you can invite a priest or do the ceremony yourself with the help of prayers. To do this, you need to arm yourself with church candles and free the apartment from outsiders. The negative influence of various kinds can be removed with the strongest prayer “Our Father”.

How to perform a ritual?

To conduct a cleaning session with prayers and plots at home, you should pick up a candle and light it. Then stand facing the entrance door and walk along all the walls in a clockwise direction. At each corner, you must stop and cross the corner three times with a candle.

cleaning session with prayers and plots

If the house has such corners that are filled with furniture and there is no access to them, you can consecrate them from a distance. After the cleaning session with prayers, you need to return to the starting position, face the front door. Experienced experts in this field advise you to read the “Our Father” prayer once again and to extinguish the candle with your fingers.

After the conduct of cleaning the room should be cleaned with prayers and plots of mirrors and mirror surfaces. For this ceremony should take a new candle. Approaching each mirror you need to read “Our Father” and cross a smooth surface three times.The same ritual must be done with icons, paintings and photographs that are on the walls of the house. After the rite of purification, it is worth extinguishing the candle with your fingers and discarding the remaining stubs.

Orthodox prayers

To conduct a proper cleansing, you must use Orthodox prayers.with the text for Christ, because they are the strongest in the fight against corruption and the evil eye. They should be read when one feels alien envy or hatred, as well as in cases where the biofield has suffered from real black magic. In order to prevent the need for cleaning prayers. Orthodox prayerscan create a powerful shield that will block the path of unkind rites and negative energy.

Orthodox prayers include both texts that were written by great devotees of Piety and true soldiers of Christ many years ago. Written fresh opus by our contemporaries will also be considered an Orthodox prayer.

cleaning with prayers and conspiracies

The Orthodox have a special confidence in the prayer of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, since with his help you can get rid of various slander and protect yourself from dark forces.Saint Nicholas is gracious and kind to every believer.

Instructions and tips

By cleansing with prayersmust be approached with all seriousness. To do this, choose a quiet place where a person who utters a prayer, could retire. It is best to pronounce the sacred texts in complete silence so that no other sounds distract from the ritual.

When resorting to the help of Orthodox prayers in order to purify the aura, you should not forget that it is necessary to pronounce prayer texts in cycles. As a rule, 7 days in a row, after which 1 time per month to maintain a positive impact.

cleaning session with prayers

Prayers should be pronounced several times a day. In order for the biofield to be fully saturated with positive energy and the expected effect is achieved - it is advised to say the prayer 7-8 times.

If a believer has a desire to purify energy with the help of prayers from his neighbor, it is necessary to make sure how stable he is in faith. It is allowed to pray for him without his knowledge, but if there is a desire to clean the other person from damage, his presence is obligatory. Since the prayer text must be pronounced just above his head.

Do not forget that when you say a prayer, you can feel a slight indisposition, nausea or dizziness. Such symptoms indicate that the human biofield at this time is cleared of negative energy.

Cleaning session with prayers and plots

The karma of each person can be cleared by listening to the album, which was recorded by the composer Lusien Shamballani and the white magician - Vitaly Vedun. In this collection are prayers and plots for cleaning the aura, which will be useful to people suffering from various diseases, evil eyes and damages. This album is quite powerful and effective cleaning at a subtle level that will help everyone who is tired of social fuss, breathe a breath of clean energy.

cleansing with prayers orthodox prayers

By the time listening to the album takes 27 minutes. This is one session. To completely clear, you need to spend three sessions, that is, listen to the composition for three days in a row. In order to enhance the action, experienced specialists recommend to light a candle and look at it during the session. If, while listening to prayers, a person begins to feel bad, this is a kind of indication that he had a defacement or an evil eye.


With the help of regularly used Orthodox prayers and plots, you can clear your biofield from various entities and demons, as well as clean up the energy of the house. However, one should not forget that the result will be positive only when the prayer text is directed to a good deed, does not cause the praying fear and contradictions and does not go against faith and morality.

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