Circulation pump for heating Grundfos: selection, characteristics, installation, reviews

Quite often, you can find heating systems that work together with a circulating pump, in common parlance it is called a pump. This equipment is necessary to maintain the pressure in the circuit. This is its main purpose - to hold the pressure in the system. The device helps to overcome the hydraulic resistance of the elements of the coolant by moving it around the contour.

There are also such systems that are arranged using several pumps, one of which stands in the heating boiler, while the other is in the heating circuit. If the circulation pump is working properly, the heating boiler does not necessarily have to be located in the lower part of the circuit.

Pump selection

grundfos heating pump

On sale today are circulation pumps for heating Grundfos.If you decide to prefer the products of this manufacturer, you should know on what basis the choice is made. Among other key features is performance, which will determine productivity. This parameter is calculated under conditions of minimum equipment load.

The circulation pump for heating Grundfos, the price of which is also important, is selected taking into account the pressure, that is, the possible pressure. You should pay attention to the working conditions, which are expressed in the volume of the heated room, temperature, as well as the type of distilled liquid and the diameter of the pipe.

In addition, the pump operates taking into account external factors, among which the following should be highlighted:

  • the complexity of the service;
  • noise level at work;
  • sizes.

The smaller the device, the more silently it will work. From this point of view, a wet type circulation pump is suitable for installation in the heating system.

Selection of equipment based on performance

circulation pump grundfos ups

The performance of the device is the volume of the pumped liquid, as well as the flow at the lowest load. The higher the performance, the better. To calculate this parameter, there is a formula: Q = N / (t 2- t 1).In it, the flow is denoted by the letter Q. As for the temperature of the fluid in the pipes, it is denoted by t1, while the power of the heating source (in this case the heating boiler is meant) is N. The flow temperature is t2. This value is determined after the boiler.

When calculating, t1 should be equal to the limit from +60 to +70 ° C, while t2 varies from +90 to +95 ° C. This formula allows you to select pump parameters approximately. 10 m length of the circulating ring will require equipment pressure, which is 0.6 m minimum. Today thermal standards are known: for warming up 10 m21 kW of power is required. If you take the heat output of the radiator section (200 W), then for every 10 m2will need 5 sections. It is necessary to take a small stock in the amount of 2 sections.

The choice of the circulation pump from the manufacturer Grundfos according to the characteristics and reviews: UPS 25-40 96281375

grundphos circulation pump

If you are attracted to Grundfos circulation pumps for heating, then you need to consider their characteristics in more detail. Yes, and sometimes reviews allow consumers to choose one way or another. The above model costs 5090 rubles. It is designed for different heating systems and can be used for air conditioning and cooling.

The device is used in hot water systems. Despite the fact that the unit has a low cost, it is made of cast iron and has three speeds with which the shaft will rotate. Pumping equipment is automatically turned on and off by a time relay when hot water is needed. This saves energy.

The main characteristics of the model

circulating pump for heating grundfos price

The Grundfos UPS circulation pump has a power of 45W. You, like many experts, may be interested in the height of the rise, which is 4 m. The maximum possible temperature of the liquid is equivalent to 110 ° C. The permissible water temperature varies from +2 to +10 ° C. The device complies with ip44 protection class. The design weighs 2.6 kg. It provides for the possibility of adjustment.

Pressure is 10 atmospheres. The installation length is 180 m and the capacity reaches 48 liters per minute. Before purchasing this Grundfos UPS circulation pump, please note that it does not have protection against dry running. This surface unit has a number of advantages, which you can learn from the reviews below.

Model Reviews

circulating pump for heating systems grundfos

Before acquiring a particular model of equipment for a heating system, you should familiarize yourself with its characteristics and positive features, among the latter, consumers identify:

  • universality;
  • long service life;
  • ease of installation;
  • no need for additional settings.

The Grundfos circulation pump for heating 25-40 is universal due to the fact that it has three speeds with which the shaft rotates. The speed value can be set by turning the lever. Consumers emphasize the fact that this equipment is characterized by low energy consumption and ease of installation. In addition, the unit operates with low noise.

Characteristics of the pump UPS 25-60 180 96281477

grundfos circulating pump for heating 25 60

In order for your opinion on Grundfos circulating pumps to be complete, you need to consider several models. For example, UPS 25-60, which you can purchase at a higher price than previous devices - 6455 rubles.

This unit is simple and reliable, it corresponds to German quality, and at the base of its body is cast iron. It is used for one-or two-pipe system, but it is possible to operate the device together with the circuits of large systems. You will need to install it only once, you will not have to resort to the help of a specialist anymore.

The device is characterized by three speeds with which the shaft can rotate, the latter is made of ceramic, as are the bearings. This circulation pump for heating the Grundfos 25-60 has a power of 60 watts. The performance of the device is 71 liters per minute. The installation length is equivalent to 180 mm. Permissible pressure is 10 atmospheres. The maximum allowable fluid temperature is 110 ° C. Lifting height is 6 m.

Model Reviews

grundfos circulating pump for heating 25 40

The above circulating pump for heating Grundfos, reviews of which should help you make a choice, according to consumers, has many advantages, among them should be highlighted:

  • no need for maintenance;
  • durable ceramic bearings;
  • wide working range;
  • low energy consumption.

Customers also note the versatility of the device, because it is equipped with all the same three speeds with which the shaft rotates, you can set this parameter depending on your needs.

Technical characteristics of UPS 25-80 95906440

Among others on the market is the UPS 25-80 95906440, which costs more than each of the three models described above.The price of this device is 13090 rubles. This equipment is designed to circulate hot and cold water. The case has a compact size that allows you to install it in any convenient place.

The design is made of cast iron. The impeller is made of heat-resistant composite material, which gives the unit anti-corrosion resistance. It is possible to use this equipment for one-or two-pipe heating systems.

The described circulation pump for heating Grundfos, the characteristics of which should be examined before purchasing the product, has a capacity of 165 watts. The performance of this unit is 125.25 liters per minute. Lifting height - 8 m. The maximum temperature of the liquid remains the same - 110 ° C. The pressure is 10 atmospheres. The described circulation pump for Grundfos heating systems weighs slightly more than the models described above - 34.4 kg.

Reviews of UPS 25-80 pump model

Quite often, consumers are guided by reviews when choosing a particular model of a circulating pump. You too can follow their example by reading the opinions of consumers.From them you can learn that the above unit is reliable, because it is made of cast iron. According to users, the pump works with low noise, it has a compact size and a wide area of ​​use. Power ranges from 110 to 165 kW. 155 W act as an intermediate value.

Pump installation

The circulation pump for heating Grundfos will work properly if you choose the right place to install it. With self-assembly, you must select the position of the structure relative to the horizon. The shaft should be located strictly horizontally, otherwise air plugs may form, which will leave the bearings without lubrication and cooling. This will cause rapid wear of parts and emergency equipment failure.

On the case you can see the arrow in the direction of which the coolant will move. Before the Grundfos heating pump you should install a sump, which is a filter. It retains abrasive particles, scale and sand, as well as other contaminants. If such elements fall inside the pump, the bearings and the impeller may be destroyed.

Due to the fact that the diameter of the tie-in for the installation of the pump has a small size, you can use an ordinary coarse filter. The barrel for collecting a suspension goes down. Before installation, you must determine the location of the pump in the heating circuit. Most models of this equipment work equally well on the supply and return lines.

Equipment can be embedded in any part of the heating circuit, but it should be borne in mind that the duration of operation of bearings and plastic parts will depend on the temperature of the coolant. Therefore, the device is better to embed in the return pipe, placing it after the expansion membrane tank. Thus, it will be in front of the boiler.

Need for bypass

The circulation pump "Grundfos" is a volatile device. If the electricity is turned off, the heating system will operate according to the principle of natural circulation. To do this, minimize resistance by reducing the number of revolutions and bends, and also use ball valves as a stop valve.The clearance in the valve in the open state will coincide with the diameter of the pipe.

The circulation pump "Grundfos" is installed on the bypass, which is cut off with the help of two ball valves from the main system. Such an arrangement allows the device to be replaced and repaired without damage to the heating system. In the off-season, the heating system can be operated without a pump, which is blocked by ball valves. If the frost increases, the pump will turn on.


Before you make a choice, you must take into account several parameters of the circulation pump. Among others - not only the manufacturer and the cost, but also the pressure, as well as the installation length and performance. But in order for the equipment to work properly and not require replacement, it is necessary to install it correctly. In general, the location of the pump almost does not affect the performance of the equipment, but when exposed to high temperatures, the components of the unit can fail prematurely. In addition, you need to think about the availability of bypass.

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