Choosing shoes "Nike"

Everyone knows that shoes are footwear designed for football. Some might think they have thorns. And you know what is common between kangaroos and football boots? And why D. Beckham makes them to order? This article is intended for everyone who wants to know more about the most important element of equipment for each player.

What is the difference between boots and the rest of the shoes?

nike shoesBoots "Nike" from other types of sports shoes differ special spikes, located on the sole. It is worth starting with them. At the present moment on models of boots there can be 6 or 12-13 of these very thorns. The former are needed to play on grassy soft fields, and the latter are needed on harder ones. The standard form is round, but life does not stand in place, therefore, on modern models there may be triangular spikes, as well as fangs of a predator or knife blades shaped in shape. There are boots "Nike", combining different types of spikes in order for a football player to achieve higher speed qualities, reliability of adhesion with the field, maneuverability. Models with thirteen removable spikes - this is the latest trend of fashion.Due to the ability to regulate their number, an athlete can “tune” his shoes to a certain surface before playing. It is worth noting that goalkeepers always put on 6-studded Nike boots, twisting spikes on 18 millimeters, which is considered the maximum allowed length.

Types of boots

TURF boots were created especially for playing on artificial fields. On their solenike mercurial bootsthere are many small small thorns. These shoes are perfect for gravel fields or playing in the snow. The following shoes "Nike" - a model for the hall. They lack spikes, while the sole has a relief that provides the athlete with convenience on an even artificial hard surface.

Boot construction

The design of boots also underwent significant changes. Sideways shifted from the center of the lacing, becoming hidden. The knot is hidden by a long tongue. This design is designed to reduce injuries in collisions of athletes. Two shock absorbers are mounted in the heel and toe region of the sole: one of them enhances the rebound, the other reduces vibration. The Nike Mercurial shoes are also provided with an instep support - a small curved plate on the sole, which distributes the load evenly. Anatomical insoles significantly increase the level of comfort of an athlete.The special coating in the upper part of the shoe optimizes ball control and sensitivity, which is important when performing twists. In addition, football shoes, obeying the trends of the ubiquitous fashion, painted in various colors: gold, silver, metallic shades, classic black and acid green.

Choose your model

Nike soccer shoesWith a huge variety of models to choose the right football boots, "Nike" is not so easy. Especially considering that they must take into account the characteristics of each athlete. Therefore, many famous players, including Badgio, Beckham, Neville, boots are made to order. Of course, for the main number of football fans, this is an unaffordable luxury (for example, a pair of Beckham costs about $ 10,000). Therefore, you need to know the rules that should guide you when choosing shoes. They should not be too free, especially large. If they are made of leather, after a few games it will stretch, after which the shoe will become much freer. So, these shoes are worth buying at the same time. In this case, shoes from all sorts of synthetic materials should be chosen strictly along the leg, while not counting on the fact that it will continue to spread.

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