Chocolate diet: effectiveness and reviews. Chocolate diet: before and after

Who does not want to be slim and beautiful? But restricting oneself to food is a test of a person’s willpower, especially since most often you need something fresh and tasteless. Here would be some kind of diet, consisting, for example, of one ice cream in the diet .... Or chocolate diet! You will laugh, but there is a way to lose weight thanks to chocolate. What is this diet, does it make sense to stick to it and will it bring the expected results, you will learn by reading this article.

chocolate diet

The pursuit of excellence

If you stop ten women on a city street and ask them if they are satisfied with themselves and their appearance, nine of them will say for sure that they are not. This is the way a person (and this is a great quality) is built, that even if he looks good, it does not mean that he feels great. Both men and - especially - women are always in a progressive movement forward - they try to look better, be healthier and more perfect. The theme of body beauty and slimness is aloof.If until the middle of the twentieth century, lush femininity was in fashion, after that the trend of sportiness persists. Beautiful body - means no excess fat, toned, slender, muscular. Not everyone can afford to visit the gym, but on the other hand, limit yourself to food for everyone. The chocolate diet has been known for a long time, but it has not yet been widely tested to form a common consensus about it.

Chocolate? More, more!

Is it possible to lose weight on a chocolate diet, because this delicacy is the enemy of the figure? This question is asked by everyone who learns about a diet with such a name. This is not a trick, this way of losing weight is really based on chocolate. And it also promises a fantastic result - a loss of 2 to 3 kilograms in 3 days. How can this be?

In fact, there is no secret, on this diet supposedly even the singer Alsou sat and was delighted with the achieved result. True, Alsou did not observe the entire chocolate diet, but only used its elements in her diet for weight loss, but in the meantime she safely got rid of five kilograms in a short time. Below we will analyze how to follow this way of dieting for weight loss, whether it is harmful to the body and whether it has brought the desired result to those who have already experienced it.

How to eat a chocolate diet?

Chocolate diet for 3 days - this is the time you will need to "suffer." However, when you find out what you need to eat for losing weight, you will understand that the word “torment” does not quite fit. You will eat exclusively chocolate! However, the food is strictly limited in quantity - you can eat one hundred gram of chocolate a day and nothing more. What chocolate should be? Developers of such food advise black, with a high content of cocoa beans, but, according to reviews, you can eat milk chocolate, and even white, which is not even chocolate in the correct sense of the word.

chocolate diet reviews

How should I eat a chocolate bar - distribute it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or can it be done in one fell swoop with tea? There is no difference, eat as you like - this is a chocolate diet! Reviews who have experienced a diet, however, speak in favor of stretching the chocolate bar all day. If you eat all the sweetness in the morning, then at lunch and dinner you will be very depressed, and so you will get the opportunity to feast on a small amount of tasty food.

What else is possible on such a diet? From food, nothing more can be, but you can drink tea, coffee (of course, without sugar), water with gas or without gas.

As you already understood, the chocolate diet is calculated for 3 days.After this period you will lose from 2 to 3 kilograms, you will feel much lighter. You can repeat this diet no more than once every 3-4 months.

What is the point?

Having understood what constitutes a chocolate diet, let us try to understand how it works. First of all, we are talking about hard calorie restriction. It is known that in order to lose weight, you need to consume somewhat less energy in terms of food than you burn after.

chocolate diet reviews and results

How much less? As nutritionists say, 30% is the optimal difference for healthy weight loss. On average, a woman is 165 centimeters tall and weighs 65 kilograms and burns about 2,000 kcal daily. We are talking about such processes as breathing, blood circulation, digestion of food. If the same woman eats 2,000 calories daily, then she will not recover, if more, she will gain weight. To lose weight quickly and without harm to the body, it needs to absorb about 1400-1500 kcal per day.

In one chocolate bar about 500 kcal, that is, here we are talking about a serious calorie restriction, much more than the recommended level. In principle, you can eat any product for 500 kcal (fruits, vegetables, fat or potatoes) and lose weight.

Is chocolate good for weight loss?

The chocolate diet refers unequivocally to the unhealthy, even harmful methods of nutrition used for weight loss. First, such a diet is considered to be a mono-food, that is, a way of consuming food in which only one product is used in the diet. Even for three days, such imbalance will disrupt the harmonious work of the body and cause a little stress. Not to mention longer periods.

The second reason, which does not allow to consider the chocolate diet as useful and correct, is the nutritional value of chocolate. What is chocolate? By and large this is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are essential nutrients (when it comes to slow carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, and cereals), but not necessary. And it is necessary for a person to update and divide cells of the amino acid that is contained in proteins (chicken fillet, egg, cottage cheese). That is, deciding to stick to a chocolate diet, you voluntarily and consciously deprive yourself of the necessary nutrients, thereby harming yourself and your health. The more you are on such a diet, the more you hurt. Therefore, the widely advertised and offered by many chocolate diet for 7 days will bring nothing but harm, perhaps.Nutritionists strongly recommend to abandon this method of weight loss ..

What else besides health, you lose on a chocolate diet?

The game is worth the candle! So ladies think when they hear about the dangers of this or that way of eating. For example, there is a chocolate diet, the most positive reviews about it, so you need to try it out - and it doesn’t matter what the doctors say! But not everything is so simple. Let's see what kind of weight you lose on a chocolate diet.

When they say "2-3 kilograms on the scales," it means that after weighing first on the first day, and then on the third, you will find that you have become lighter by a few kilos. But you have to upset you - you will not get rid of fat, but of muscle mass and water. It is the muscles that make the body dense, without cellulite, stretch marks. Having lost some muscle mass, you will become lighter, but not better. Flabbiness of the skin will only increase, and cellulite will appear brighter. This will not happen only if you are not yet twenty years old, or if you have no more than one kilogram of excess weight (this is about real indicators, and not about how you see yourself).

Why diet does not work as we would like?

Muscle mass is a product of protein absorption.Rejecting normal and wholesome food for three days will force your body to burn muscles and save subcutaneous fat reserves, which your body will diligently carry out. After all, what the body thinks: “They don’t feed me, they give me sugar for energy, which means that hard times have come! Everything, I get rid of the muscles, I don’t need them, but I’ll not give fat, I’ll keep it until the last. Eh, I would give me normal food now - I would send it all to the fat depot. ”

chocolate diet for 3 days

What does a lady who wants to lose weight think: “Oh, this chocolate diet! The reviews and the results of those who have already outdone it are impressive, but how you want chicken, sausages, bread and butter! But nothing, today I’ll finish the third day, and tomorrow morning I will eat potatoes with my favorite potato with bacon and Borodino bread! ”

And when the girl returns to the normal way of eating, the starving body is urgently enough and absorbs everything, translating energy into fat for a rainy day. After all, most recently he was fed senseless (in terms of nutritional value and value) chocolate, and he was hungry for normal food. It turns out that you will lose muscle, and fat, instead of muscle mass, will be faster and gain more.

Chocolate diet: reviews and results

And what do those girls who have already safely “tortured” on this way of eating say? Will a chocolate diet help you lose weight (even if weighed)? The results of those who have tried this way of losing weight, and really impressive - in three days you can really lose up to three kilograms. In addition, all the “subjects” note the feeling of lightness and are ready to continue to work for the good of their appearance.

The second point, which should be noted, is that all those who tried the diet say that it is more pleasant to tolerate than kefir, for example. It's also hard to disagree here: chocolate is a delicious delicacy that helps produce hormones of happiness.

chocolate drinking diet

In fact, even such a limited amount of delicacy boosts the mood and helps not to get off the diet.

Further, among the reviews are continuous minuses. Here is what they say those who have tried this method of losing weight:

  1. During the diet, the entire face sprinkled with red internal acne, which could be reduced not less than a week after the end of the diet. This is not surprising, because the chocolate diet causes a strong blow to the body, leaving it free of vitamins and minerals.Acne is simply a signal that stands for “give me normal food.”
  2. After the diet, the hair became dry and / or the nails began to exfoliate. The explanation for this fact is the same as in the case of acne.
  3. The weight went away, but the body began to look worse than before the diet.
  4. The weight left, but after a week 3, 4, 5 kilograms on the scales returned.

Therefore, before using such a technique as a chocolate diet, for weight loss, consider whether your health is worth such anguish.

How to get out of the chocolate diet, not to get better

If all of the above did not stop you in wanting to experience this method of losing weight, consider a way out of the chocolate diet so that the lost kilograms will not return again.

Option one: 2-3 days on cottage cheese or egg. Following this scheme, you accurately fix the results. You can build food according to this daily diet: for breakfast 150 grams of cottage cheese, for lunch - 2-3 eggs cooked in any way (you can fry, cook), for dinner - a portion of 150 grams of cottage cheese. Cottage cheese to use low-fat, it is impossible to sweeten it, but you can add a pinch of salt.

lose weight on a chocolate diet

Option Two: kefir discharge day and moderation after.Immediately after the end of the diet, soak one day for 1% kefir (a liter of fermented milk drink, stretched for the whole day). After that, for about a week, follow these rules: do not eat 4 hours before bedtime, try not to eat more than 1300 kcal food, give up fat and sweets.

The third option is a buckwheat-kefir diet for three days. With this output, you consolidate the achieved results and lose another 1-2 kilograms. Soak 100 grams of buckwheat for the night, and eat it over the next day with kefir. Kefir can drink no more than 1 liter per day.

About chocolate-drinking diet

One of the types of weight loss on chocolate is a chocolate-drinking diet. Most of us forget or neglect the rule of consuming enough liquid. If you are seriously concerned about their own weight, then it is drinking water that will help you quickly get rid of the hated kilos. Drink for three days while you are on a diet, pure mineral water - preferably without gas. The optimal amount, regardless of your age and weight, is two liters. Stretch this volume of fluid for the whole day, the only caveat is to stop taking fluid 3-4 hours before sleep, otherwise there is a chance of swelling.

Also has enough popularity coffee and chocolate diet.This is not a separate type of nutrition systems for losing weight, but just a kind of diets on chocolate, when it is recommended to drink a cup of coffee three times a day. Coffee should not be powdered, but natural - it is useful, stimulates fat burning processes, fills with energy thanks to caffeine. Of course, the drink should not contain sugar. This version of the chocolate diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, coffee with chocolate is very tasty, especially if such a “kit” helps in losing weight. But be careful, because coffee has a great influence on the work of the heart, raising blood pressure and expanding blood vessels.


So, we have considered all the positive and negative aspects of a nutrition system such as a chocolate diet for weight loss. Reviews clearly speak in favor of the fact that such a diet will help you lose weight (in three days up to three kilograms). In addition, despite the allowed small amount of chocolate, everyone who has experienced such a method of weight loss, notes that it is tasty and pleasant to go on a chocolate diet. No wonder, because it is much tastier than, for example, kefir or eggs.You will be guaranteed a good mood for three days, which will help not to leave trying to lose weight halfway through.

But there is also a minus in chocolate slimming. The first is that such a diet is unbalanced. You refuse to your body in obtaining vital proteins and healthy animal fats that are not in chocolate (palm oil is more harmful than useful). It is because of this possible health complications - acne, exfoliating nails, deterioration in the quality of hair. For this reason, nutritionists do not recommend testing the chocolate diet for 7 days, as the consequences for the body will be even more unpleasant.

coffee chocolate diet

The second major drawback is the possible rapid weight gain after the end of the diet. However, this lack of chocolate slimming can be avoided if you exit the diet correctly. Have patience and tell yourself in advance that the chocolate diet lasts for three days, and after that you will need to restrict yourself in nutrition for another three days. This article lists the possible ways out of the diet, which will not only consolidate the result, but also allow you to lose a little more weight.

Useful recommendations

  1. It is best to divide the chocolate into 3-4 servings. According to reviews, the biggest mistake in the chocolate diet is to eat it all in one sitting. Already by dinner you get hungry, but there will be nothing, because there is a high probability of failure.
  2. Do not use white chocolate, as this is not chocolate at all, but simply sweetness with a high content of unhealthy palm oil. The most useful chocolate for this method of weight loss is black, with a high cocoa content (from 60 to 80%). But if you do not like bitter chocolate, you can easily use milk, with nuts, raisins and other fillings.
  3. Do not forget about the liquid! Drink at least 2 liters of water on those days when you are on a chocolate diet. Water will help cleanse the body and bring the decay products.
  4. A moderate athletic load will only bring you closer to the figure of your dreams, so do not neglect to exercise, and even better, sign up for a gym.
  5. Get out of the diet correctly. Should you forget at least a day, and all the lost kilograms will return in double.

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