Chiry or furuncle. Home Treatment

What is boil

If suddenly you see a purulent abscess on your skin, then most likely a staphylococcus is formed in your body, which you must fight. Since the disease is inside the body, it is necessary to treat not only the boil, but also the whole body, increasing the protective properties and purifying the blood. Home treatment will not be possible unless you understand exactly whyBoil treatment at homethis disease appears. By itself, the furuncle is an inflammation of the hair follicle. At the same time, the disease is not simple, but with purulent secretions, sometimes there are obvious signs of necrosis (necrosis of the surrounding tissues). The disease is almost always acute.

Furuncle: home treatment

If you want to quickly get rid of this disease, then you should pay attention to some tips. No matter which of the suggested methods you decide to try, you first need to properly wash your hands with soap and water.Moreover, antibacterial ointment should be applied every 6 or 8 hours. In addition, you need to know that in no case can not open the boil. Home treatment should be aimed at facilitating its maturation. This will help in using warm compresses that need to be done three times a day for hours. Then it is necessary to put a sterile dry dressing on the affected area.

Furuncle: home treatment with bread

One of the commonly used methods is based on bread. To do this, you must first take a piece of flour and place it over boiling water. When the bread becomes soft, it should be put on the problem area.

AutohemotherapyIchthyol ointment for boils

In some cities, this method is particularly popular. Blood is taken from a vein, after which it is injected intramuscularly into the buttock. In this case, this procedure is carried out according to a certain scheme: first one ml, then two, and so gradually is reduced to 10, and then descending. At the same time, taking multivitamins would be optimal.

Ichthyol ointment

This tool can be purchased at almost any pharmacy.It is well pulls pus content, while it has an antiseptic, analgesic. Ihtiolovaya ointment with boils applied to the affected area with a sufficiently thick layer, and the top is closed with a sterile gauze cloth. The dressing must be changed every 8-12 hours. After the rod is out, it is advisable to place a manganese crystal in the cavity. This will help prevent further spread of the infection.


With the help of phytoteraInternal furuncleThey can also be cured by the internal furuncle. Effective decoction of nettle, which is to take one glass before meals. This will stimulate blood purification. Directly to the inflamed zone, you can put lotions from infusion of sage, chamomile, eucalyptus. If the abscess is internal, it is best to use a compress. To do this, apply gauze dipped in tincture of calendula and liquid honey.

Boil: home treatment with soap

Often, ordinary soap is used to cleanse an abscess directly from pus. To do this, rub the grated soap, then pour it over and cook until thick.The cooled ointment is applied to the place where the abscess was formed. Change the bandage costs at least four times a day.

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