Chicken Kharcho soup: cooking recipe with photos

Georgian cuisine is always tasty, unusual and colorful food. A special place in the list of dishes of this country takes kharcho soup. This is a rich, spicy food like so many. How to cook it at home correctly, not everyone knows. Usually the main ingredient of this soup is beef. Today let's talk about a more dietary option. This chicken kharcho is a light and at the same time hearty dish.


What are soups? This is a popular dish that is usually consumed throughout the day. For their preparation using a variety of products. These are vegetables, cereals, pasta, mushrooms and, of course, meat of different varieties. Eating soups has a beneficial effect on digestion.Chicken KharchoDue to the addition of various ingredients, these dishes are very nutritious and contain a large amount of nutrients. But, despite the popularity of soups, it is necessary to be able to cook them tasty. Especially when it comes to traditional national dishes.Cooking chicken kharcho is a kind of art.

Types of soups

Soups are hot and cold. Also, they are divided into transparent, puree and filling. All components of transparent soups are prepared separately. Before serving, they are placed in plates and poured hot broth. Filling soups are divided into borscht, solyanka, broth, pickle, soup and soup.Chicken Kharcho RecipePuree soups are a separate category. For their preparation, all products are boiled and wiped. Then they are poured with broth, add butter, flour and dressing. After that, puree soups are heated or boiled. In this form, they are served to the table. The basis of the soup can be meat, mushroom, vegetable or fish broth, decoctions of fruits and berries, pickle, kvass or milk.

Rice Kharcho Soup

This is one of the traditional recipes. For cooking, take half chicken, three cloves of garlic, 100 grams of rice, the same amount of tkemali sauce, one medium onion, three tomatoes, hops-suneli, spices and herbs to taste. To begin with, we cut the chicken into pieces, put it in a saucepan, pour in water and send to cook. During this time we will prepare the remaining ingredients.Soup kharchoOnions and garlic cut as small as possible.Do not forget to salt the broth and pepper. Then put the washed rice, garlic and onion in the pan. After 15 minutes, add the blanched and diced tomatoes. Also we put tkemali sauce and bay leaf. After 10 minutes the dish will be ready. We supplement the kharcho soup with chopped greens.

Kharcho with nuts and cheese

Nuts give this dish an unusual taste, but nevertheless it remains light and satisfying at the same time. Take chicken breast, 150 grams of rice, four spoons of tkemali sauce, 150 walnuts, peeled, onion, three cloves of garlic, three spoons of tomato paste, salt and hops-suneli. Boil chicken breast, but not to the end.Kharcho in the slow cookerThen put well-washed rice and finely chopped onion in the broth. Garlic and nuts are ground. 10 minutes before readiness add these two ingredients to the pan, tomato paste, hop-suneli and tkemali sauce. Also put salt and bay leaf. Cheese three with a grater and add it at the end of cooking. We decorate chicken kharcho with greens.

Kharcho without rice

While cooking this dish you should always remember that it is made spicy. A lot of garlic and traditional spices and seasonings are put in chicken kharcho. This is hops-suneli and tkemali sauce.So, take chicken (any quantity, the main thing is that the broth was rich and tasty), 200 grams of onion (white), 40 grams of flour, 4 cloves of garlic, 40 grams of tkemali, 200 grams of walnuts, hops-suneli (4 grams), bay leaf, cloves and saffron. Boil broth from chicken, removing the foam and not allowing it to boil strongly. Onion cut and sauté with chopped garlic for about 4-5 minutes. Add to them all the spices and flour. Then put this mixture in the broth. Before that, we get the chicken and divide it into pieces. At the end put in the sauce tkemali. Kharcho chicken perfectly complement cilantro.

Classic Georgian recipe

Apart from the fact that beef is replaced by chicken meat, this chicken kharcho recipe can be called classic. For its preparation you will need an average bird carcass, 350 grams of walnuts, three large white onions, three cloves of garlic, 40 grams of tkemali, the same amount of tomato paste, dried coriander, red pepper, 35 milliliters of vegetable oil and fenugreek seeds. Remove the skin from the chicken and cook the broth.Cooking Chicken KharchoPeriodically remove the resulting foam. Finely chop the onion and fry it until transparent in vegetable oil.Through the meat grinder skip nuts with garlic. Combine the resulting mixture with tomato paste, tkemali sauce and spices (coriander, pepper and fenugreek seeds). Ready chicken get out of the pan and separate the meat from the bones. Fillet put back with fried onions. Also add a dressing of nuts and garlic. Cook the chicken from the chicken for about 4 minutes and turn off the fire.

Fragrant Soup

Before cooking kharcho, remember that Georgian cuisine is an abundance of aromas and spices. The following recipe is distinguished by the presence of a large number of these ingredients. For cooking, take a chicken (carcass or separate parts), two medium onion heads, half a glass of tkemali sauce (if not, you can substitute tomato paste), 40 grams of flour, 200 grams of walnuts (peeled), three garlic cloves, a small spoonful of hops -suneli, cilantro, parsley, cloves, allspice peas, black pepper, saffron and bay leaf. Put the chicken in the pan, fill it with enough water and set it on fire.How to cook kharchoCook, periodically removing the foam and excess fat, until tender. Fat can be collected and used to fry onions.When the onions sweat slightly, put the flour in the pan. All fry for about 5 minutes. Put the contents of the pan in the pan and cook for about 10 minutes. Next, put the sauce tkemali or tomato paste. Cook another 5 minutes. Separately chop the nuts (you can skip through a meat grinder) and mix them with spices. This mixture is sent to a saucepan and salt kharcho soup to taste. After 10 minutes the dish will be ready.

Some tips

The chicken kharcho recipe, although it includes bitter pepper, and Georgian cuisine is spicy, yet you should not be zealous with this product. Everything should be in moderation. You can not interrupt pepper other tastes. Cilantro also has a specific aroma and taste. Some people are not fans of this herb. Therefore, it must also be added moderately. It is important to strictly observe the ordering of products. This significantly affects the taste of kharcho. Use in the preparation of available equipment that will be a great help. Kharcho soup in a slow cooker will be cooked faster and without any problems. For a start, put the chicken to boil, then lay the rest of the ingredients. At the end of cooking, you can add a dish of fresh herbs.Kharcho in a slow cooker is not worse than cooked on the stove. Cook with pleasure and love, and then even demanding gourmets will appreciate your culinary masterpieces.

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