Chicken dominant: breed description, breeding, maintenance, reviews

One of the most common birds in the household is chicken. Dominant is one of the best breeds. About what these birds are good and how to properly care for them, we will tell in this article.

dominant chicken

Best qualities

Dominant breed chickens are found in households very often. The owners choose them not only for their attractive appearance, although, of course, this plays not the least important role, but also for excellent egg production and resistance to diseases. This breed was bred by the breeding method, which means it includes all the best qualities of layers. One of them is the ability of one hen to give about 300 eggs per year. In addition, one does not have to wait for the chicken to start flying. She starts doing this when she turns 4 months old.

dominant chickens

Positive sides

Chickens of the dominant breed have high immunity, are resistant to the harmful effects of the environment, have a high resistance to diseases.It is noticed that if layers of other breeds are kept with them, then they fall ill in the first place. Chicken dominant holds to the last. But if you get sick, it will be perfectly treatable. But this is very important for the owners, who often have to treat their pets themselves. If experience is not enough, then there is a risk not to cope with it. But the dominant chicken will allow the beginner breeder to practice his skills and will appreciate a quick recovery.

dominant chickens description

Small but cute

Poultry should look attractive. With her appearance she adorns the household. In addition, the chicken is something homely and cozy, no wonder she became the heroine of many fairy tales. Therefore, breeders have made sure that its productivity is not inferior to external qualities. Dominant laying hens come in several varieties. To distinguish them from each other, you need to know what are the features of their structure. It is always pleasant to those who are engaged in domestic poultry farming to have a large bird. This means that it and the eggs carry large ones, which are known to have the best presentation and are in great demand. This can be said about the dominant breed.Chickens, the description of which you will find in this article, have a massive body, squat legs, dense plumage. Their colors are the most diverse. There are black, bluish, white, golden birds. They grow low, with short legs. On the sides they have tightly fitting wings. The head is small, decorated with a small red comb with red earrings. No wonder successful birds are considered to be dominant breed birds. Chickens whose description interests breeders of layers for no reason are able to carry eggs weighing up to 70 grams. Poultry themselves in adulthood reach a weight of 2 kilograms. And the roosters of this breed, which also have an attractive appearance, grow up to 3 kilograms.

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Unpretentious beauties

Keep such chickens is very simple. They feel great in small chicken coops and in spacious aviary farms. These chickens are carried every day, so for each of them it is necessary to arrange a separate nesting place. If this is not possible, then at least one nest on two layers. These chickens can be kept in the same house with other breeds of birds. They are fed with ordinary fodder intended for laying hens.Just do not forget about the bait, which affect egg production. This is protein and calcium (fishmeal, crushed shells, chalk, bone meal), which the bird should receive with each meal. In the summer, on free-range, these birds peck weeds and get other pasture. In winter, greens and chopped vegetables should be added to food.

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Little attention

Chicken dominant unpretentious and under any conditions capable of giving a lot of eggs. Of course, these poultry are also kept for the sake of tasty meat. In order to preserve its taste, it is necessary to use for these purposes chickens up to 3 years of age. Well, if there is no desire to do this, then know that your pets can live for about 10 years. The only drawback is that in five years their egg production will decrease. It is not necessary to immediately purchase adult birds. Growing young stock also does not give the owners any trouble. It is also easy to feed, and it is resistant to any diseases. Dominant - chickens, the content of which even a novice can. Of course, there are subtleties that need to be learned in time to ensure proper care of this bird. For example, in summer, chickens need to walk more in the sun in order to increase the production of vitamin D in their bodies.And in general, it doesn’t hurt to add vitamins to their diet, because of the increased egg production, their stock in the body of the hens is quickly depleted. In general, in the cultivation of hens, the organization of proper lighting plays a significant role. Physiological development, vitality, ability to reproduce depend on the quantity and quality of light that a hen receives. In the autumn-winter period, it is necessary to artificially maintain the length of the daylight hours. You also need to monitor the level of humidity in the hen house. The optimum is 65%.

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Colorful outfits

Interestingly, their ability to endure extreme frosts, drought, excessive moisture, they must lush plumage. The dominant is a breed of chickens whose characteristics are so positive that no dark spots can be found in it. But in order to distinguish them by species, it is necessary to know the location of the spots, stripes on their plumage. Types by numbers that begin with the letter D and continue with a three-digit number are called. Among them are two types of black and white chickens, they differ in egg production. Partridge with brownish-yellow color, brown - brown, red, gray-speckled, blue, golden amber, sussex.Such a variation in colorings arose from the fact that several other species were used in the breeding of these breeds, to which they somehow turned out to be similar in appearance. Interestingly, chickens with increased egg production, and molt stronger meat breeds. In these birds, molting begins in autumn and lasts for about 2 months. At this time, they lose their visual appeal.

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Where did they come from

Dominant chickens, reviews of which are mostly positive, appeared in our country only 8 years ago. And they were withdrawn in the Czech Republic in the village of Dobřenica. Their breeder was Zdenek Salma. This scientist has long been engaged in breeding a special breed, and he succeeded in the 90s of the last century. Due to their merits, these chickens have become popular all over the world. Description of the species of this breed is in Czech, English, German. In Switzerland, this breed is a priority, as it meets all the strict environmental requirements of this country.

Birth miracle

In domestic or industrial environments it is possible to breed chickens of this breed. You need to know what species are able to engage in incubation of eggs. In general, any rooster can fertilize 20 chickens, but here the hens of the “Blue” type do not become hens, but the best are the hens of the “Sussex”, “Black”, and “White” types.In these species, more than 50% of chickens sit on eggs. The dominant breed of birds is chickens, breeding which does not require much effort. For example, in special nurseries you can buy eggs for incubation growth. Interestingly, in dominant breed chickens, it is easy to determine the sex, even when they are still covered with fluff. Males have darkish stripes and a larger comb. In general, the chickens in the chickens of this breed are multi-colored. They are not purely yellow, like, for example, in broilers, so they look cute and funny. It must be remembered that, despite the disease resistance inherent in the breed, chickens must be vaccinated on the first day after the illness. Kids will be covered with feathers and will look like adult birds in a month and a half. Over time, the fluff and feather will continue nara, and soon the hen will become quite nice.

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Chickens "Dominant." Reviews

Of course, to make the right choice, you need to listen to those who have already made it and purchased the birds of this breed. Chickens of the dominant breed are of several types, but the best, according to the breeders, is "Black." It is characterized by increased stamina and egg production. The owners often give birth to several species of these birds, so that with their bright appearance they delight the eye. They note that the chickens are tame and non-conflicting.They do not need to learn to sit on the perch, they quickly get used to the owners. Of the disadvantages of a possible cannibalism, when chickens begin to pull out each other feathers from under the tail. But this is not characteristic of all species of this breed.

Peaceful creatures

The dominant chickens, the reviews of which are mostly positive, prefer to avoid conflicts with other birds, do not climb into the trough, quietly wait for their turn. Best of all adapts to the new place "Black" view. Owners have noted in all species large eggs are dark in color. If the chickens are always calm, then the roosters of this breed are sometimes aggressive. In addition, the owners of these birds note that they are growing rapidly and the taste of their meat is higher than that of other species. But the breeders say that you should not keep these chickens for the sake of meat. Still, their mission - to carry eggs, and they easily cope with it.

Breed dominant chickens unique in their characteristics. There is no doubt that the breeder in his work focused on a special egg production. And he managed to fully. No other breed can produce such a large number of large and tasty eggs.But this is especially important if you are breeding chickens for commercial purposes. The maintenance of these unpretentious birds does not require large material costs and special skills. In addition, the losses from diseases will be minimal, because they are very resistant to diseases. An important factor is the fact that you can keep them in all natural conditions. They easily carry and frost, and rain and heat. In addition, their appearance and tender character will bring joy to their owners. And they themselves just need cleanliness, tasty food and fresh water.

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