Check for broken pixels. Check monitor for broken pixels

When buying a monitor, laptop or TV there is an indicator that is not advertised by the seller, and most buyers do not pay attention to it. And only after the acquisition may be wondering what kind of colored or black dots on the screen. As you know, the screen consists of points - crystals, each of which is able to change color depending on the signal applied to it. This is how the picture on the screen is formed. There are situations when the crystal either from the original black color cannot change color, or, having received one color, is not able to change it to another. It's time to figure out what a check for dead pixels is, how to detect them and how to deal with them.

Visual inspection - nothing is easier

The easiest and fastest matrix check for broken pixels on a monitor or TV screen is a visual inspection while turning on the device and playing back color, dynamic video. If the matrix of the screen has a broken pixel, it is easy to detect it, just look at the screen.Pay attention to the points that do not change color during video playback. The color of such points can be white, black, red, blue or green. Many stores, the main focus of which is the sale of television and audio equipment, have special generators available, whose task is to check for dead pixels. The test consists in filing for a certain period of time a sequence of color fills that allow detection of a matrix defect.

check for broken pixels

Built-in testing program - a step towards the buyer

Over the past few years, well-known manufacturers, trying to please the buyer, have added specialized functionality to their televisions. Check for broken pixels of the TV is made with a single button. During the launch of the program, a certain sequence of colors is displayed on the screen; when you change each, you can see points on the screen that did not have time to change their color. For TVs that do not have a screen check for broken pixels, you can use other methods of testing. For example, launching a special video from an external storage medium or connectingTV to a personal computer or laptop as a second monitor in order to make a program check.

check for broken pixels TV

Specialized images and videos will help.

Buying a TV, laptop or monitor is often a pre-planned purchase. Reviews on the Internet and popular publications are studied, a list of required technical characteristics is determined - more than one day is spent. Check for broken pixels of the matrix of the screen can also be scheduled by the buyer in advance. Buying such an expensive device, you can always find an hour of time to write onto a portable memory module a set of special pictures or testing videos that are stored on the Internet in huge volumes. For example, a video that tests the quality of changes in dynamic scenes, titled “Japanese on a Rope”. If watching a video causes discomfort - the image is doubled, the image of trees and clothes of a girl is blurred, which means the TV failed the test. It is important to remember that testing and checking for broken pixels of a TV, monitor or laptopare incommensurable in time with what is spent on warranty repair or exchange of goods.

check monitor for broken pixels

Testing software

Check the monitor for broken pixels can be carried out using third-party software. Do not forget that due to the presence of additional video inputs on the TV, you can connect it as a monitor to a computer or laptop, performing tests that are no different from testing the monitor. There are a lot of such programs today. There is a complex test that reveals dynamic video distortion, the determination of the response time of the matrix, and the usual test for dead pixels. The program for any testing does not take up much space and will fit on any storage medium. Among the applications for testing the screen matrix, TFTTest, DeadPixelTester, Nokia Monitor Test and the popular online test have proven themselves. The test of any device is made only when installing the screen resolution recommended by the manufacturer.

check for dead pixels program

Pitfalls that few people know about

Checking the monitor for broken pixels is fundamental, but does not affect some of the other pitfalls that the user may encounter when buying a device. Most LCD screens have factory defects,about which an ordinary user does not even suspect, writing this off on poor-quality video.

  1. Tint - white balance. To identify this defect, you need to display a static white sheet on the device screen. Stripes, spots of different shapes and shades will indicate the presence of a defect.
  2. Banding - appears on a static background of any color in the form of light and dark stripes.
  3. Highlights, which are characteristic only for LED TVs. Detected in a dark room when applying to the screen or a black image, or white text on a black background. The light on a black background has a white blur. If the black background with the text, then the text itself is blurred.

check for broken pixels test

But what about the warranty?

Yes, you can exchange equipment under warranty, but there are some requirements that you need to know.

  1. If, within fourteen days from the date of purchase of the device, broken pixels were detected, you can, without a twinge of conscience, with a purchase receipt, return the equipment to the seller, hiding behind the law "On Consumer Protection".
  2. Using the manufacturer's warranty, you can exchange equipment in the store, according to the classification. For first-class devices, such as brands Pioneer and DreamVison, one broken pixel is enough.For devices of the second class, such as Panasonic, Sharp or Hitachi, the check for broken pixels should show from 5 to 10 defects. The most popular third class with well-known brands LG, Samsung, Philips, Sony requires a minimum of 50 broken pixels.

Do not despair - massage can solve the problem

check matrix for broken pixels

If, under warranty, the device could not be exchanged, you can try "handicraft" ways to eliminate dead pixels. There are two ways to solve the problem.

  1. Having previously determined the location of the broken pixel and disconnecting the device from the network, you can try to restore the crystal by using a physical massage with a cotton swab of the defective area. The probability of recovery is low, but sometimes eliminates the factory defect.
  2. Using a special program, if the test for broken pixels showed a defect, you need to connect a monitor or TV to a computer and try to restore the crystal with a hardware massage. Manufacturers of massage programs claim that there is a high probability of solving problems. As an example: such programs include Bad crystal, JScreenFix, Pixel Repair.

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