Charismatic actors. "Forbidden Reception" by Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder, an adherent of juicy and non-standard visual solutions (“Legends of night guards”, “Keepers”, “300 Spartans”) in 2011 presented an unusual film surprise to fans of his work, for which extraordinary actors were invited. "Forbidden Reception" is the fifth full-length picture of the director and is based on the mix of the graphic novel and the author's fantasy of the creators. The original script of the project was written by a creative duet of Steve Shibuy and the director himself.actors forbidden reception

Unique style

The fantasy fighter "Forbidden Reception", whose actors and roles are matched to each other with regard to psychological and artistic compatibility, will surely surprise even the most sophisticated viewer. The creators offer the viewer to follow the process of turning the screen into a monochrome virtual reality. Many famous film critics tend to position the picture as a set of video clips,which combines a highly conditional plot: a variety of fantasies flashing in the patient's brain of a psychiatric hospital. Many reviewers characterize the Snider project as a purely male film, with this statement many actors agree. "Forbidden technique" is decorated with five beautiful protagonists in revealing outfits, shredding enemies to the right and left, so this conclusion is not surprising. The only thing that no one could blame the director, is the quality of special effects and visualization, worked out to the actors forbidden reception

Acting work

In contrast to the efforts of the director, the actors of the film "Forbidden Reception" have been repeatedly criticized for the embodiment of their characters. The fact is that the characters are unfinished sketches on the part of completeness of character.

The cutie performed by Australian actress Abbie Cornish, known for the tapes Detectives in the Saddle, Candy, Fields of Darkness, is cynical and stubborn.

The brave beauty in flight uniform Amber, who played the role of Jamie Chun (“Dorm room cry”, “Bachelor party 2”), is sweet, but gloomy. The character on the screen could embody Emma Stone, however, the singer gave preference to "Excellent light behavior."

The rocket in the interpretation of the actress Jena Malone ("Donnie Darko", "Pride and Prejudice") - a young and enthusiastic. Perhaps the character would have been different if it had been played by Evan Rachel Wood, who was originally planned for this role, but refused to act afterwards.

The heroine of Vanessa Hudgens (“Thirteen”, “Classical Musical”) named Blondi is a natural representative of steampunk, she is not from this world. By the way, the performer agreed to participate in the production of the film in order to stop associating with the audience with the heroine of the “High School Musical” Gabriella, because many actors often take hostage to the same role. "Forbidden reception" problem Hudgens decided, now the actress is known as Blondie.prohibited reception actors and roles


The original choice of producers for the role of the key character was Amanda Seyfred, but the actress was unable to combine the shooting of the "Forbidden Reception" and other film projects. As a result, the main character, Dolly, playing the role of intermediary between the plot and the viewer, was played by the Australian Emily Browning (“Ghost Ship”, “The Uninvited”, “Sleeping Beauty”). It is her character that interacts more than others with the Sage, in whose incarnation Scott Glenn has appeared (“Guys are needed”, “Silence of the Lambs”).

As the listed actors noted, “Forbidden Reception” could have been much more successful if the creators of the characters spent as much time as designing outfits and battle scenes. Perhaps, therefore, the rating of the tape is 6.10 according to the version of IMDb.banned reception actors 2011

Vivid images of antagonists in the movie "Forbidden Reception"

Actors in 2011 will be remembered by many, especially those who opposed the main characters in the work of Zack Snyder. There are three really bad characters in the movie. The first is the sneaky brothel owner Blue Jones, beautifully played by the US-Guatemalan performer Oscar Isaac ("Inside Lewin Davis", "X-Men: Apocalypse", "Out of the Car"). Jones, played by Isaac, is bright, lively, vague, but immensely charming.

Also looked ugly, obese chef, who for all the time said a maximum of two remarks - a very effective character, deliberately comic. And the third character is Dr. Gorski, into which Karl Gugino (“Michael”, “Children of Spies”, “Snake Eyes”) perfectly reincarnated. The actress liked the director so much that after Snyder he invited Gugino to the Keepers tape.

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