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Virtually all human health problems, with the exception of congenital ones, begin in childhood or take their beginnings there. Having been born perfectly healthy, each of us begins a long way of growing up and knowing the world, which, on the one hand, is very interesting, and on the other, full of dangers lurking at every turn. Today we will try to tell more likely not about the problem itself and the danger to children's health, but about the method of preventing it, more precisely, about prevention. It is about the right development, which is impossible without a steady back and correct posture.

How to be?

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In general, modern parents have several solutions to the problem with the proper organization of the workplace of a child from 3 years:

  1. Buying a children's desk and a chair that matches the height of the child. This option is good for families who do not have problems with a place in an apartment or house.
  2. Buy chair "Little Humpbacked Horse", reviews of which we will definitely consider in the article, and move it to any table in the apartment. In fact, this is not the most important advantage of it, but it is not worth sweeping it as well.

90 degree rule

World statistics is terrifying numbers, indicating the curvature of the children's spines and, as a consequence, violations of posture. Scoliosis, the so-called disease of improper sitting at a desk, lurks anyone who does not follow the rules of 90 °:

  1. The elbow, that is, the hand from hand to elbow, relative to the desktop of the child must lie precisely at a designated angle.
  2. Children's feet are supposed to stand on the floor or any other wide horizontal support. Moreover, the thigh and thigh at this moment should form a right angle.
  3. The third rule, although it does not concern the rule of 90 degrees, is nevertheless also very important: the children's back should be firmly pressed against the straight vertical back of the chair used.

Enough for a long time

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How to achieve compliance with the above points prescribed and recommended by any pediatric surgeon and orthopedic surgeon? After all, children to school grow a little higher than 100 cm, and when they sit on ordinary chairs, their legs do not reach the ground. It turns out there is an invention that satisfies all the requirements, and most importantly - this thing must be purchased once and it will be enough until the child grows up to a conscious age.The chair "The Little Humpbacked Horse", which we will also review in this article, is a miracle remedy that helps prevent the development of scoliosis and other posture disorders.

Its design is quite simple, but it corresponds to the proper development of the children's back. The inclined frame keeps on its strong basis the back, seat and footrest, each part is adjusted as the baby grows. The product is made of birch plywood. By the way, the analogue of the chair "Little Humpbacked Horse", reviews in Russia about which are only positive, was first released in Germany, where it was developed by children's orthopedists together with the best furniture makers. Such a positive experience was adopted in our country, and the quality of the Russian product is not inferior to the German one. Still, a 10-year warranty issued by the manufacturer is an indicator of a serious approach at least.

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What, according to orthopedic, chair "Little Humpbacked Horse" is better than others?

As mentioned above, initially the subject of children's furniture in Germany was developed in collaboration with highly qualified orthopedic surgeons. The Russian analogue repeated and even improved some of its characteristics and features:

  1. "Little Humpbacked Horse" - a growing chair. Customer reviews of its functional increase as needed extremely positive. This is not surprising, because the practical and natural materials from which this attribute of the schoolchildren’s room is made can easily withstand mechanical manipulation. By the way, in order to raise or lower the seat mats, one has only to use a screwdriver and twist the bolt into a suitable hole. The same will have to be done with the platform for the legs of the Konek-Gorbunok child’s chair in order to comply with the 90 degree rule.
  2. Reviews of the miracle invention fully confirm the statement of the manufacturer that, thanks to the special structure of the back of the chair, the back of the child will always be securely fixed vertically. The hole between the seat and the back of the chair allows you to observe the correct deflection in the lower back, which is called lordosis among doctors, and this, in turn, makes it possible to stay at the desk longer without feeling fatigued.

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Is there no flaws?

Children's chair "Little Humpbacked Horse", according to customers, has only one drawback - it is expensive.However, the manufacturer assures that a quality product in the modern world simply cannot be cheaper. True, the Russian company has taken some marketing steps. First, now you can purchase a chair by placing an order via the Internet on the manufacturer’s website. Delivery to the specified address will be free. And secondly, "Little Humpbacked Horse" can be purchased much cheaper if it is not covered with any paint or varnish. The buyer himself for his interior will select the desired shade means and process the acquired chair.

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Unusual invention, similar to rocking

Since today's topic concerns the proper organization of the student’s workplace, I would like to mention another Kone Gorbunok chair specially designed for human health, the knee. Reviews about him on the Internet are very easy to find, because such an invention came to taste to all those who like to sit at the table, with their legs tucked under themselves. By the way, this posture has a strong load on the knee joints, and the chair helps to avoid it, unloading them as much as possible. And it is multifunctional and allows you to use a variety of different postures without harming your posture.

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