Network of shops "Citylink": reviews, addresses

The Citylink Company is a chain of stores located on the territory of the Russian Federation. The company carries out retail sale of household appliances, electronics and consumer goods. It belongs to the category of discounters.

First impression

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According to experts from Forbes magazine, the cost of e-discounter capital is 530 million dollars. The company is included in the list of the most secured enterprises in Russia. The network is actively developing. The geography of its presence is replenished with new regions and localities. Buy goods at competitive prices in the company's online store can all residents of Russia.

According to official information taken from open sources, and reviews, Citylink was founded in 2007. Twelve months later, a networked online hypermarket was launched. It works around the clock. User service is performed in fully automatic mode. The site has a real-time customer support service.Works service technical support.

The first shopping center was opened in the capital. Citylink in Moscow became an experimental site. His overwhelming success inspired the owners of the company to launch points in the Moscow region. They are responsible for receiving and processing applications from customers for the delivery and issuance of paid products. The waiting time of the ordered goods is no more than three days. Low prices attract the attention of buyers.

Way to success

Cityline in Moscow increased its zone of influence day by day, crowding popular retailers such as Eldorado and Technosila. The next two years were crucial for the network. The company declared itself at the federal level. There are shops in Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Krasnodar. Customers began to serve customers in Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Chelyabinsk. Citylink was launched in St. Petersburg. Residents of the northern capital speak positively of the new hypermarket. Prices in it are lower than in other stores. The service is polite and unobtrusive.

Customers positively appreciate the rebranding, the concept of which was performed by a well-known design bureau in Russia.For six years, the company was headed by Sergey Kovalenko. In 2014, his place was taken by Mikhail Slavinsky. Currently, the company's logistics system has about 24 distribution centers. They are based in major population centers of the country. There are warehouses "Citylink" in St. Petersburg. Residents of the North-West region are grateful for the opportunity to independently receive orders at the wholesale points of issue.


The total area occupied by hypermarkets is almost 95,000 m². Outlets are located in Saratov, Tolyatti, Yekaterinburg, Magnitogorsk, Volgograd. There are shops in Penza, Krasnoyarsk, Stavropol, Penza and Volzhsky. According to the reviews, the network is actively expanding in the regions.

Addresses of "Citylink", which opened this year:

  • St. Petersburg, TC "Shuvalovo", Engels Avenue, 139 (11.24.2017);
  • Ulyanovsk, Spartak shopping center, Minaeva street, 11 (10.27.2017);
  • Moscow, Shopping Center Glider, Planernaya Street, 7 (10.27.2017);
  • Magnitogorsk, st. Voroshilova, 4 (08.06.2017);
  • Moscow, shopping and entertainment center Filion, Bagrationovsky passage, 5 (03.30.2017);
  • Izhevsk, Avrora-Park shopping center, ul. Udmurt, 304 (03/16/2017);
  • Lipetsk, Malibu Business Center, ul. Valentina Tereshkova, 35 (02.09.2017).


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The nomenclature of hypermarkets has tens of thousands of articles. Their list is constantly updated and updated. Regular customers insist that new electronics appear first in this network. About 300,000 people visit the website daily.

In the reviews about "Citylink", products from the sections "Garden equipment", "Automobile electronics" and "Furniture" are very popular. Gamers are satisfied with a wide selection of joysticks, keyboards and games, which is presented in the "Goods for gamers." In the category “Markdowns” information on products is regularly posted, the cost of which is reduced by thirty percent or more. This is one of the most requested and discussed sections.

To quickly navigate to the description pages of certain items, visitors are advised to contact the intelligent search engine Those who have registered on, praise the functionality of a personal account. They use the options of compiling a wish list, comparing pending goods, viewing applications and tracking the formation of an order.

Reviews of the online store

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Online hypermarket chain operates in two modes.Standard allows you to buy household and computer equipment, without leaving your home or office. Mobile version of the site is preferred by those who are in a hurry and have to buy electronics on the go.

Customers argue that if necessary, the order will always be taken by telephone managers of Citylink. You can pay for the purchase with MasterCard and Visa bank cards. The site accepts gift certificates. The standard face value is 500 rubles. Buyers believe that this is the best gift option for a colleague. There are cards for 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000, 7,000 and 20,000 rubles. They are in demand from large corporations and business owners.

Clients like the convenient filtering system for sample results. It allows you to save time in the search for the right product. Buyers are satisfied with the opportunity to select only those items that are in stock or present in the nearest store of the network.

Honest opinion

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All new and sought-after products in the catalog are marked with special markings. Under the name line placed rating. It is based on independent evaluations made by buyers. To view it you need to click on the card of the position of interest.The system will automatically open the required page, which lists all the technical parameters of the product. All reviews in "Citylink" are open and readable.

Consumers confirm that, if necessary, on the site you can arrange almost any purchase in installments. The most suspicious customers for signing a loan agreement are sent to the office or to specialists who are on duty in the stores of the network. For the formation of an application, data from a citizen of the Russian Federation are required. They say that they also request personal information from one of the additional documents.

In the testimonials about Citylink, they claim that a driver's license, insurance policy, bank card, and passport are suitable. Applications are rarely rejected. Judging by the comments, the percentage of approved questionnaires is very high.

Remarks and wishes

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In their recommendations, consumers advise various ways to purchase goods at the lowest possible prices. The easiest is to select the article and then move it to the virtual basket. In the reviews, company owners say that when purchasing a legal entity, you must first request an invoice.

Usually, employees of an online store quickly contact representatives of organizations. At the last stage of online order formation, you need to choose a convenient payment method. In reviews of Citylink, it is claimed that the hypermarket accepts cash at the cash desks of issuing points. On the pages of the website only interactive cashier functions. She works with Visa and MasterCard. If you believe the comments, then it does not serve the Maestro.

Recommend to pay at the time of receipt of the order. All couriers accept payment in cash. Legal entities resort to non-cash bank transfers. Those who are in a hurry, use terminals that are installed in mobile phone shops. There is a positive payment experience with Yandex and WebMoney electronic currencies. A loan processing service is available, which, judging by the reviews, is very popular.

In their comments, customers indicate that the electronic discounter transports the goods selected on the website. Get household appliances and consumables at the nearest point of issue. Standard shipping, as practice shows, is carried out seven days a week. Its minimum cost is 190 rubles. Usually the rate exceeds this figure.Buyers have to shell out, which causes a lot of complaints.

Order amount is not limited. On weekdays and weekends, equipment is brought until 20:00, but they may be delayed. The client has the right to choose one of the delivery intervals. The abundance of complaints shows the imperfection of the transport service. Before arrival, the courier must notify the user of the Citylink online store by phone. There were cases when this rule was repeatedly violated.

Bulky goods are those goods whose weight is more than 30 kg. Urgent transportation will cost 450 rubles for a standard order. According to them, consumers were paid from 200 to 500 rubles for the ascent to the floor of an apartment building of refrigerators, washing machines and furniture, depending on the availability of an elevator.


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In retail outlets of the chain, prices for the most popular and popular positions among buyers regularly decline. Leading electronics manufacturers offer gifts and additional options when purchasing their products in the Citylink online store. Such campaigns customers are looking forward to. So, "Lenovo" gives extrabonuses when choosing laptops of the IdeaPad series.Points are credited to the club card only. This circumstance raises many questions. Buyers even blame the store for fraud and deception.

In the reviews, they say that at the end of December you can get a loan for the purchase of TCL television equipment without overpayments. All additional costs incurred by the manufacturer. The installment period is twenty four months.

Customers have already taken advantage of special offers and appreciated the benefits. The company "Dell" offers to purchase laptops of series 7577 and 7567 on credit without overpayments. A similar action is valid and "Samsung". Televisions brand with a display, made by technology QLED, issued in installments for two years. Regular customers claim that prices for other goods in Citylink are also lower than those of competitors.

Customer Reviews

Citylink St. Petersburg

Hypermarket customers complain about the unstable quality level. Sometimes orders are executed without complaints, but there are cases when user requests remain without proper attention. True, the affordable cost of goods, a large selection and promotional offers more than compensate for such misunderstandings.

Increasingly, buyers are noting the deadlines for transportation. The company promises one delivery time, and the courier arrives at another. But the warranty department works fine. Defective goods are accepted without bureaucratic delays. Repair quickly and efficiently. Give a guarantee on all products. The Russian chain of Citilink stores is represented in all regions. You can order the return of goods at any outlet.

In order not to make a mistake, it is recommended to carefully read the product description and reviews of ordinary users. If the rating of the product is high, then rest assured, the quality of workmanship and assembly will be on top. There are controversies with the delivery service staff. They do not always fulfill their duties. They refuse to raise large-sized household appliances to the floor or bring them into the house. Clients have to ask for help from administrators or solve these problems at their own expense.

There are unpleasant situations associated with a complete set of orders. They occur in those who buy computer accessories and furniture. Sometimes they are solved quickly, but it happens that customers have to wait long for a replacement or delivery of a complete set.


Upon receipt of the product, experienced users advise to carefully inspect the box or branded packaging. The presence of dents, scuffs or tears of cardboard should be alerted. If damage to the inner liners of corrugated paper or polystyrene is detected, it is better to refuse to purchase expensive devices.

You can not trust the words of the courier that everything has already been verified by the staff of the store. Drivers are often in a hurry and do not want to wait until the client gets acquainted with the bundle. In "Citylink" products are of different quality. In order not to waste time and money on a return, you should turn on the equipment and independently check its working capacity. Only after all of these actions have been completed, you can proceed to the signing of the papers brought by the courier.

In addition to the box with electronics, he must give the buyer a package of documents. It includes a cashier's check and invoice, warranty card and contract, which details all the conditions for the return and exchange. Legal entities receive additional financial documents required for financial statements.

As a rule, Citylink fulfills its obligations.Sometimes there are delays in the delivery of spare parts and accessories. In this case, the client receives a notification in the form of a text message to the mobile phone number specified by him at the time of purchase.

Negative experience

The majority of complaints about the quality of the products discounter sells are related to the negligence of the consumers themselves. Usually buyers complain about the service. They give low marks to consultants who operate on unfamiliar technical terms. Many pay for the goods, seeing torn packaging. Then it turns out that the device is not working.

During the return procedure, the service center employees allow themselves unflattering remarks to customers. Technicians find fault with any speck of dust that they find on the body of devices to be exchanged. Specially delays time and deadlines. When buying a TV, those who did not insist on the inclusion of the device in the network, regretted their rashness. After installation at home, broken pixels were found that were not in the corners of the monitor, but in its center. Consumers are forced to independently carry faulty equipment to Citylink stores, whose addresses are located far from residential areas.

Inside view

Employees have a negative attitude towards the implementation of the recruitment procedure. To pass an interview with all interested parties, you need to spend a few hours. At the same time, no one guarantees that the manager will fulfill the promise to call back. Wages are issued in envelopes. The official amount is much less than the sellers receive.

There is a strong "turnover" of the state. Hospital sheets do not pay, difficulties arise with the design of vacation. Upon dismissal, the earned money is not fully issued. The management invents penalties and punishes financially. As a result, a person receives only half of the promised amount. Cashiers, sellers, security guards, warehouse operators and loaders compensate for the lack of their own money. The terms of the employment contract are not met.

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