Catherine Solotsinskaya: biography and personal life

Ekaterina Solotsinskaya - Press Secretary to the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. For years, she has been close to a famous Russian official, while the details of her life for the majority remained virtually unknown. But she is a mother of many children, who recently found a new love after breaking up with her famous husband. But first things first.

Childhood and youth

Wife Ekaterina Solotsinskaya

Ekaterina Solotsinskaya was born in 1976. She was born in Moscow. Not much is known about her family. My father was the ambassador of Russia in Turkey, and in 2013 he occupied a high post in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Grandpa was also a diplomat. Before the revolution, the ancestors of Catherine Solotsinskaya were nobles who bore the surname Shegel. Therefore, she was raised and raised in a cultured and educated family.

Almost all of her relatives are graduates of MGIMO. Katya also received a versatile education, which her parents never spared.

Meeting with the future husband

Catherine Solotsinskaya and Dmitry Peskov

Catherine Solotsinskaya first met Dmitry Peskov when she was only 14 years old. At that time, Peskov was already married.

When Kate became an adult, Peskov began to look after her nicely, gave bouquets, told about her feelings. By that time, he had already separated from his first wife, from that marriage he had a son named Nikolay.

As soon as she turned 18, Dmitry made her an offer of a hand and a heart, which she immediately accepted, because she had been waiting for it for a long time. Sands older than her by 9 years.

Wedding newlyweds played in 1994. The parents of the couple tried to do everything possible to ensure that the celebration was held at the highest level. The bride, as noted by many guests, was clean and naive, but her fiance already had a serious life experience.

Life in marriage

Wife Dmitry Peskova

Soon after the end of the honeymoon, the life of the newlyweds began to return to their normal course. Working holidays replaced the holidays, which immediately began to demand patience and effort from the newlyweds. Dmitry initially showed himself from the best side. He was polite, courteous and romantic, constantly took care of his young wife, treating her with increased attention.

His wife Ekaterina Solotsinskaya decided to slightly change the family tradition, having gone to study at the Moscow State University, not to MGIMO, but to the Faculty of Philology. It is noteworthy that from the very beginning the young family decided not to ask for support from their parents, but to achieve everything on their own.

The 90s stood in the courtyard, the time was not easy, many people were sorely lacking money, so often young people earned extra money even at night.

Now Peskova’s wife, Ekaterina Solotsinskaya, is not shy about remembering this, telling that under the cover of darkness they worked as taxi drivers, getting 30-40 rubles per night. But it was a tangible financial support for that time. At the same time, Peskov had already worked as secretary for Putin at that time, but he had not yet thought about large incomes.

Now many people doubt that Dmitry Peskov’s wife, Ekaterina Solotsinskaya, actually lived with her husband so modestly at the beginning of her marriage, but there are confirmed facts. Catherine herself admits that at that time it was very difficult, but soon this stage was over, it was replaced by a luxurious life.

Moving abroad

Ekaterina Solotsinskaya (Peskova)

Soon after graduation, Ekaterina Peskova (Solotsinskaya) decided to leave for Turkey, where her father worked at that time. Peskov also went with her, who had been waiting for a chance to get a diplomat. The young began a completely different life.

The financial situation they quickly corrected, but there were new difficulties, which they frankly did not expect. Dmitry worked a lot, giving his wife not so much time as before. At times he was practically not at home, but returned to his wife tired, literally falling exhausted. Ekaterina Solotsinskaya, whose photo is in this article, wanted love and attention, like any young girl.

Soon they had children, but Dmitry had no time to play with them. He devoted all his time to work. Naturally, this situation did not suit his wife. She began to present her husband with substantiated, in her opinion, claims, so the first quarrels began, a serious discord in family life.

Peskov worked like a true workaholic, and taking care of family well-being justified the catastrophic lack of time to communicate with loved ones.But these explanations did not suit Dmitriy Catherine Solotsinskaya’s wife. She wanted small family holidays and home comfort.

In 1998, they had a daughter, who was named Elizabeth, and soon two more sons - Denis and Mick. At the same time, the children practically did not need anything, receiving a comprehensive education.

Back to Russia

Photo of Catherine Solotsinskaya

The spouses had to return to Moscow after a ten-year stay in Ankara. They were able to afford almost immediately to buy a luxury mansion on Rublevka, as well as a luxury car, which has become a worthy addition to this apartment.

Biography of Catherine Solotsinskaya still developed very successfully. She founded her own business in the capital, her business grew and developed. Together with her friend, she opened her own beauty salon, more for fun, not for making money, so as not to sit alone with children in four walls. Catherine so managed to escape from family troubles, quarrels and troubles.

The heroine of our article admits that she was frankly boring to live in a prestigious metropolitan area. I often had to go to secular parties, which she didn’t like, but it was inconvenient to refuse.All this played a role, and soon she turned from a young and inexperienced Katia into a real socialite. There were so dramatic changes in her that even the daughter eventually ceased to recognize her.

Final discord

This relatively favorable period of life did not last long. Soon Catherine began to suspect her husband of infidelity, her fears were confirmed.

It turned out that in 2010 Peskov met the famous Russian figure skater Tatiana Navka, a famous athlete, Olympic champion. A rather turbulent romance quickly flared up between them, which they managed to hide for a relatively long time. When Catherine learned everything, the relationship lasted for several years. Solotsina was crushed, she had been so faithful and devoted to her husband for so long, and he cheated on her.

Catherine immediately filed for divorce, because she believed that this is the best way out of this situation.

Free woman

Catherine Solotsinskaya and her daughter

The divorce was formalized in 2012. Solotsinskaya almost immediately after that left for France. Here she put things in order in her thoughts, came to herself. She concealed from her new friends and acquaintances who she really was, who her ex-husband was, who seemed to be an ordinary girl, Katya, who had come from Moscow.

But even this situation did not prevent her from having a lot of useful and new acquaintances in the near future. Catherine acquired luxury real estate overlooking the Champs Elysees, enjoying life.

In Paris, she was waiting for another incredible meeting. She met the family of Russian émigrés, who were her relatives. Since then, she began to restore her historic surname Shegel and the title of nobility.

Career in France

The life of Solotsinskaya in France was very successful. She even received an appointment as head of the Russian Center for Culture and Science, which is based in Paris.

By that time, her eldest daughter named Elizabeth became a graduate of the Paris boarding school, where she studied marketing. After that, she chose to return to Russia, where she took the position of advisor to the president of a large company, Avanti. However, relatively recently, due to disagreements that arose, she broke off relations with this company, even deleted all the posts in her social networks related to work.

At the same time, her mother often visits her, managing to actually live in two countries. Her income is very high, so she can afford it.

And in Peskov, in 2014, another daughter was born from the union with Tatiana Navka. In 2015, they officially legitimized their relationship. Thus, the presidential press secretary currently has five children from three different wives.

New relationship

Biography of Catherine Solotsinskaya

With Solotsinskaya over time, everything was fine in personal life. She met a man whom she calls the man of her dreams. Moreover, her new lover is only 30 years old, while Catherine is already 41. But for them this plays practically no role, the couple claims that she loves each other.

At first, Catherine was seriously worried about how children would react to her new relationships. But everything went well. A young mother's admirer fell in love with both his sons and his daughter. They go on vacation together, often heart to heart and have fun.

Friends and acquaintances note that Catherine literally blossomed after such changes in her life. It affects its appearance, Solotsinskaya looks brilliant. She spends most of her free time with her beloved, whose name is Andrei Grigoriev. As it turned out, he was born in the Moscow region, however, his parents are not rich, and the young man is a graduate of a military school.After that, he worked in government, while never been married and has no children.

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