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The Equus luxury full-size car first saw the light in 1999. For the development of the first generation, Hyundai has attracted Mitsubishi specialists. Equus, becoming the most expensive and largest sedan of the company, had to compete with the Mercedes S-class and BMW 7. Of course, the novelty did not become more popular than these models, but the South Korean representative of the business class, who was then SsangYong Chairman, surpassed in demand . What is the luxury Hyundai managed to conquer the audience?

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First generation

The Equus car was designed for the domestic South Korean market. As it was said earlier, specialists from the Mitsubishi concern were involved in the design of the model. They were not engaged in the technical part - they were entrusted with the development of design. The design of the exterior also received a Mitsubishi Proudia sedan, on the basis of which the Dignity limousine was later built. By the way, Hyundai Equus existed in this body too.

Exterior, I must admit, turned out prestigious and spectacular. First of all, attention is drawn to the new emblem, symbolizing the Pegasus, and the grille, consisting of several chrome levels. The moldings, seen under the headlights, give a special expressiveness to the appearance.

If we talk about the back, there are pronounced wheel arches and punching wings, which clearly show an attempt to repeat the style of the 60-70s. By the way, clearly the presence of a powerful engine under the hood indicate exhaust pipes, as if "stretched" in width.

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Interior decoration

Equus car interior looks even more elite than its exterior. First of all I would like to note the attention of the chair. The front seats can boast a full range of adjustments, side and lumbar support, as well as cooling, heating and 3-step ventilation. In addition to all this, massagers are built into the back.

Between the front seats, by the way, is the "washer" of the DIS system. This is an analogue of MMI from Audi and I-Drive from BMW. With this system, the driver can adjust the climate control and adjust the optionsaffecting the behavior of the car on the road.

Good in this car and the steering wheel. It is trimmed with natural wood, and its rim is equipped with a heating function.

Particularly noteworthy is the Discrete Logic 7 by Lexicon audio system. Its undoubted advantage - 17 powerful speakers, providing great sound. By the way, this car has excellent noise isolation. It provides special glass, which also protects those sitting inside from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

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The first generation Equus car was offered in two versions. Start with a less powerful one.

This model was completed with a 3.5-liter 214-horsepower V6 engine, which was paired with a 5-speed automatic. The maximum speed that this car could reach was limited to 180 km / h. Acceleration to "hundreds" took a little more than 9 seconds. What about consumption? It cannot be called economical. Per 100 city kilometers the engine consumed 16 liters of 95th gasoline. When driving on the highway consumption was reduced to 9 liters.

The more powerful Equus car was equipped with a 4.5-liter, 274-horsepower turbocharged V8 engine, which was also paired with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

The speed limit of the machine with this unit was limited to 230 km / h. To “hundred”, in turn, it accelerated in just 8.5 seconds. But the consumption, respectively, of this version is higher than that of the previously mentioned - 17 liters in the city, and about 10 liters on the highway.

Second generation

Its release is dated 2009. It was decided to upgrade the Hyundai Equus somewhat, increasing its wheelbase and equipping it with rear-wheel drive. And also, since the first generation quickly gained popularity, the company’s management began to export the model to other countries. Also assembly of models was organized in Kaliningrad.

The new car Equus manufacturer was offered with five different engines. Three of them had the same volume (4.6 l), but different power - 366, 373 and 385 horsepower. Two others designated "borders" of a range of a line of units. One of them produced 290 “horses” with a volume of 3.8 l, being the weakest. The other could boast capacity of 430 liters. from. (5 L). An impressive figure, so that this modification should be described in more detail.

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5.0 GDI

The first thing is to make a reservation that this unit was installed exclusively under the hood of an Equus limousine, whose characteristics, by definition, should be more impressive than that of a sedan.

This modification appeared at the same time as the second generation of the model - in 2009.The limousine was 30 centimeters longer and had a more luxurious lounge, which had a bar, and all the seats were equipped with a massage function.

The maximum speed of the Hyundai Equus with a 5-liter engine under the hood is 240 km / h. In turn, the car accelerates to “hundreds” in just 5.8 seconds. Consumption rather big - about 18.2 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers of city. When driving on the highway consumption is reduced to 9.3 liters.

This version was offered in a pair with an 8-speed Shiftronic automatic gearbox. The model was equipped with an electro-hydraulic power steering, ventilated disc brakes and air suspension with a choice of driving mode.

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The car manufacturer Equus tried to make the most practical and functional. Looking at the list of equipment, you can make sure that this goal was achieved. The most inexpensive equipment is called Luxury. She is now worth considering.

To ensure safety, the car in this version received 9 airbags (front, side, knee and window), a stabilization control system, anti-lock brakes, anti-skid, electronic parking brake with an automatic hold option, as well as EBD,ESP and BAS. In addition, the package includes the function of monitoring tire pressure, rain sensor and immobilizer.

What about external equipment? In this configuration, the Hyundai Equus has an adaptive lighting system, fog LED optics, heated windshield, rear and front parking sensors, xenon turn signals, washers, auto-corrector headlights and alloy wheels with 185/50 tires (18 radius).

Salon Equipment

Since the car Equus manufacturer is positioned as a business class car, it is worthwhile to separately tell about what level of comfort is offered to the driver and passengers. Above we spoke briefly about the interior, but in reality the interior of this model is more functional.

So, the Luxury package includes active head restraints, seat belt warning, electric steering wheel adjustment, a control unit in the rear center armrest, automatic adjustment of mirrors (self-darkening, by the way), Smart key system (key card) and the option to start the engine from the button . But that is not all! There is also an electric drive exterior mirrors and folding seats, on-board computer, rear view camera,the ability to switch speeds at the gearbox with an electronic selector, navigation system, 3-zone climate control, an 8-inch touchscreen monitor and a memory of all settings.

Grade impressive. However, this is not all the options available in it. But this list is enough to make sure the rich equipment of the car.

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Other configuration

In addition to Luxury, there were three other equipment packages - Elite, Elite Plus and Royal. Cost Equus, naturally, differed depending on the complete set chosen by the buyer. Since the above was considered the most inexpensive of them, it is now worth telling about the richest.

In addition to all of the above, the Royal package includes a circular view system, cruise control with steering wheel controls, air suspension with adjustable ground clearance, a sunroof, full electric accessories for the cabin options and illuminated mirrors for the rear passengers.

Also, Royal added a 12.3-inch dashboard in the Royal equipment package, a front touchscreen display (9.2d diagonal), a multifunction selector on the steering wheel with feedback, and a box with the possibility of heating and cooling in the center console of the rear row.

Cost of

When the production model was still carried out, it cost a lot. However, this is not surprising, given its rich equipment and good technical characteristics.

A new model with a 3.8-liter 334-horsepower engine in the Luxury equipment could be bought for about 3,440,000 rubles. The version in the configuration Elite cost more than about 360 000 p. On the modification of the Elite Plus was set price tag of 3,920,000 p. And the most expensive version performed by Royal was offered to potential buyers for 4,330,000 rubles. However, for this amount a person received a model with the notorious 5-liter engine (in recent years, they were also installed on sedans).

However, the Hyundai Equus was on sale with an even more impressive price tag. We are talking about a limousine. The extended model could be purchased for 4 630 000 rubles.

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What tell motorists?

Finally, I would like to touch with attention to the reviews about the Hyundai Equus. People who own this model, point out both its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of motorists include an ideal smoothness, not disturbed even at high speeds, and a rich complete set. The undoubted advantage is a high level of comfort.Long-distance trips bring only pleasure. Nobody gets tired - neither passengers nor driver.

The suspension, which perfectly fulfills irregularities, also receives special praise, and the clearance boost button on the Russian roads saves. Also a clear advantage is a clear informative control panel, and also projecting icons of dead zones and speed onto the windshield.

In general, multi-faceted functionality is the trump card of the car. What about cons?

Drivers include an incomprehensible multimedia system, which is difficult to understand even with the help of an authorized dealer and instructions. Also, not all electronics can boast of well-established work. But serious damage, if you believe the reviews, no one was observed. Small faults, of course, can not be avoided, but spare parts for Hyundai Equus will not be difficult to find. And this, by the way, can be attributed to pluses.

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