Can pregnancy tests be wrong: statistics

Medicine is known for a lot of research that a person can undergo. Surely every representative of the fair sex, leading an intimate life, at least once, but resorted to using a pregnancy test. It is about him and will be discussed in this article. You will find out if pregnancy tests can be wrong, and in what cases (according to statistics) this happens most often. It is also worth mentioning the feedback from women who received an incorrect result.

can pregnancy tests be wrong

How does a pregnancy test work?

First of all, it is worth mentioning how this device works. On the strip, which you can buy in a pharmacy chain or a supermarket, a substance consisting of two parts is applied. On the one hand, the test is impregnated with a reagent, which is displayed only when used correctly. At the other end, a reagent is applied, which manifests itself only if you are pregnant.

It is better to use a pregnancy test immediately after waking up. It is in the morning hours that the concentration of the hormone needed for research in the urine is maximum.

Pregnancy test error statistics

Can pregnancy tests be wrong? Of course, yes! Statistics show that the error occurs in five people out of a hundred. Based on this, we can say that the probability of an incorrect result is approximately 5%.

Will early pregnancy tests be mistaken?

It should be noted that tablet (conventional) tests for the diagnosis of pregnancy give an error much more often than inkjet or electronic ones. It's all about the price of the material. Many manufacturers save on costs by applying poor quality or expired reagent to the strip.

Can pregnancy tests be wrong?

As mentioned above, an error can occur in some cases. However, most tests show the correct result. Let's try to figure out whether pregnancy tests can be wrong if they show two strips or a negative result. Also find out in what cases and with what probability an error can occur.

First place in statistics: early research

Can early pregnancy tests be wrong? Of course they can. It is this error that occurs in most cases. Many women can not wait to find out whether the conception occurred. Ladies go to the pharmacy after the strip to determine fertilization almost the next day after intercourse. In this case, the study almost always gives a negative result.

can pregnancy tests be wrong reviews

So can pregnancy tests be wrong? If it shows one strip, then, most likely, the level of hormone production is still quite low. No matter how desirable, you will not see a positive result, although in the future you will find yourself pregnant. That is why all manufacturers recommend to conduct a study only from the first day of delay of menstruation.

Second place in the statistics: a late assessment of the result

A pregnancy test may give a false positive if you rate it at the wrong time. So, most often manufacturers give a woman 10 minutes to review the data. After that, the urine begins to evaporate from the strip and the manifestation of the reagent can be noticeable. Most often it looks like a gray or dented strip.Much less often this mark can get a pinkish shade.

Women are very impressionable. Seeing such a picture, they begin to recognize the result as positive. That is why so often this error occurs.

Third place in the statistics: poor quality material

Can pregnancy tests fail when menstruation is delayed? They can! If you are sure that the pregnancy has come (there is an early toxicosis and delayed menstruation), and the test still shows a negative result, then why is this happening?

can pregnancy tests be wrong if two bars show

Most likely, you got a not very high-quality test. Perhaps the manufacturer has saved on costs and caused poor-quality reagent. Also, if stored improperly, the test will show a negative result even if the conception took place.

According to statistics, this type of error occurs very often, but still it happens less frequently than in the case of a premature study.

Fourth place in the statistics: a pathological pregnancy

Can pregnancy tests be wrong? In the early stages, the production of chorionic gonadotropin, which reacts and shows a strip, is very low.It is also reduced if pregnancy has a pathology.

can pregnancy tests be wrong if it shows one strip

Thus, in an ectopic pregnancy, the test may show a negative result, although in reality a woman's egg is present in the body of a woman. Also, with the threat of termination of pregnancy, a false-negative study result can be obtained.

Fifth place in the statistics: misuse

Whether pregnancy tests can be wrong, you already know. Consider the following reason for inaccurate results. So, the test can show one strip due to the fact that the study was conducted incorrectly.

Most often, the error occurs due to the fact that before testing a woman consumed a large amount of fluid. In this case, the urine concentration became lower, and consequently, the level of human chorionic gonadotropin in it decreased.

Also, a negative result in the event of pregnancy may be due to the fact that you did not exactly follow the instructions. Tablet tests should be lowered into the test liquid strictly to the line. Otherwise, the hormone may not react with the substance that is applied to the strip.

can pregnancy tests and hgch be wrong

Improper use of a pregnancy test can also lead to a positive result in the absence of pregnancy. Such a phenomenon occurs most often in jet tests. The instructions clearly indicate how many drops of urine with a pipette need to be applied to the window. If you increase the volume of the test liquid, then it can simply infiltrate the strip and cause the manifestation of a reagent, which in your case should not be.

Sixth place in the statistics: malignant disease

Can pregnancy tests and hCG be wrong? There is a chance of getting the wrong result, but it is worth noting that it is very low.

If your test device showed pregnancy, but you are sure that conception could not take place, then there is a chance of having a serious illness of the adrenal glands or other organs. In this case, a formation appears in the human body, which will secrete a hormone similar in structure to human chorionic gonadotropin. As a result, the test recognizes the presence of a substance in the urine.

This pathology is very dangerous and requires immediate medical intervention.

What to do when a pregnancy test error?

So, you know the statistics of errors. If you think that the test shows an incorrect result, then it is worth doing the research again. In most cases, two or more identical results are never false. The only exception is early testing, in which you see a false-negative answer.

Many doctors recommend purchasing two tests to determine pregnancy. Only in this case you will not doubt the accuracy of the result.

can pregnancy tests be mistaken during a delay

Can pregnancy tests be mistaken: reviews

Women who have conducted such a study more than once in their lives say that electronic tests are the least likely to fail. There are no stripes on them that should appear. After entering into the reaction with urine, you get a result that persists throughout the day. The display shows a clear answer to the question of whether there is a pregnancy or not.

Inkjet tests are also quite accurate, but reviews suggest that they are inferior to electronic ones on several points. Many inkjet tests have high sensitivity.Thus, to obtain a positive result in the urine of a woman should be a high concentration of hCG. In the early stages it is impossible. That is why the fair sex get standard strips that have a lower sensitivity and as a result may produce an erroneous result.

Test properly. Before manipulation, always read the instructions.

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