Bus NefAZ-5299: description, specifications

Before starting the story about this bus, it should be noted that the NefAZ-5299 is not one car, but several modifications based on a model for urban, intercity and suburban passenger traffic. The car is often used on regular passenger routes.

History of creation

This is a completely domestic project that was launched into assembly and production only in the year 2000. NefAZ-5299 is one of the most popular passenger buses, which are used as public transport in many cities.nefaz 5299 Price

Now at the Neftekamsk Automobile Plant every year more than 1000 units of these models are collected. This technique has been successfully used by fleets throughout the country.

Technical data

Acquaintance with the technical part of the bus NefAZ-5299 will help to evaluate all the advantages of this model. KamAZ trucks were used as a base platform. These are reliable cargo platforms that will help the bus easily overcome a variety of obstacles on the way, they are tested by time and weight tests of varying degrees of difficulty.Every detail in the chassis of these machines has a huge resource and high safety margins, which is best reflected in the durability and operation of the machine.

All equipment designed to control and monitor, as much as possible meets the requirements of international standards for such equipment. This series of buses has a high safety record. There are devices and systems of both passive and active safety.

Power unit

Bus NefAZ-5299 can be equipped with several types of engines, depending on the modification. Thus, the KamAZ-820.61-260 engine provides a maximum power of 260 horsepower at 2,200 rpm. Its maximum torque is 931 Nm. The engine is eight-cylinder, V-shaped. The working volume is 11.76 l. This power unit is designed and created specifically for the supply of liquefied gas. The motor is equipped with a turbo and inerkulerom. There is an electromagnetic metering device, and the injection is distributed. The engine is fully compliant with Euro-4 standards. Together with this power unit operates a four-speed automatic transmission.

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NefAZ-5299 is also equipped with Cummins 6ISBe270B diesel power units. The power of this engine is 270 liters. from. with a crankshaft rotational speed of 2500 rpm.Torque, which gives the engine is 970 Nm. The unit has six cylinders with in-line arrangement. Volume - 6.7 liters. The engine is also equipped with a turbine and inerkulerom. Like the previous one, this engine is fully compliant with Euro-4 standards. The consumption of diesel fuel on the "Kamminze" - 24 liters per 100 km. The fuel tank has a volume of 250 liters.

Geometry, Mass

The length of the bus is 11.86 m. The width is 2.5 m and the height is equal to 3.036 m. The wheelbase is 5.96 m. The mass (curb) reaches 10.24 tons, and the maximum is 15. The axle load is 6.5 tons on the front axle and 11.5 tons falls on the rear axle. The minimum turning radius of the machine is 12 m.


Regardless of the specific modification, the cars are equipped with power steering, which makes the process of driving much more comfortable. There is a hands-free system for the driver to announce stops and other information for passengers.

nefaz 5299 specifications

The driver’s seat is separated from the cabin by a partition. Thanks to her driver during work does not distract anything.

Chassis of the domestic bus

On machines of all modifications are installed steel wheels.Tires are tubeless. The brake system is dual-circuit, with pneumatic drive. In order to manage the bus as comfortably as possible, as well as to better control the situation, there is an ABS in NefAZ. It is in all models, regardless of configuration. The car body is made entirely of metal. Layout - wagon type. The body here is the supporting structure of the bus. Inside there are durable metal amplifiers that protect the bus from various deformations. For the convenience of passengers there are three doors. Each of them - double.nefaz 5299

Doors open by pneumatic drive.


The car is designed for 25 seats. As for the general data on the capacity of the domestic bus NefAZ-5299, technical characteristics allow to carry no more than 84 people. There is no ventilation system in the cabin. It is of a natural type here and is organized through a large number of air vents and hatches on the roof.

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The interior heating system is autonomous, based on a gas stove. Heat is distributed in the cabin as evenly as possible. Elements of the heating system are located around the inner perimeter of the machine.


Model 5299-10 is a standard high-floor bus.This is one of the very first buses that were produced at the factory. It must be said that at the very beginning of production, the developers did not have a clear design.

nefaz 5299 specifications

It was borrowed from the Belarusian MAZ-104. The rest of the models that were released later had an original design, developed by the specialists of the plant.

Modification 5299-11 is a basic model designed for suburban transportation. There are two doors for passengers. The number of seats has been increased to 45. The total number of passengers is 77 people. In the cabin there are tourist chairs, which are great for long trips.

Model 5299-17 is designed for intercity travel. The car is additionally equipped with a luggage compartment. In the cabin can sit 43 passengers. The seats are very comfortable and comfortable with the possibility of reclining the back. There are also armrests. The basic configuration of the machine provides music and air conditioning. The audio system is organized in such a way that passengers can enjoy the music and it does not distract drivers.repair nefaz 5299

Model 5299-30 is a semi-low-floor bus.Its capabilities, unlike the base model, are somewhat enhanced. The salon fits up to 115 people. Bus designers have not forgotten about the disabled. For them there are special places. In the central door there is a ramp allowing to enter inside by wheelchairs. In the middle of the cabin, you can install a wheelchair and securely fasten it with special belts.

About repair and maintenance

Maintenance and repair of NefAZ-5299 is not difficult. The machine was developed on the basis of units and mechanisms of KamAZ trucks. The mechanics have extensive experience in repairing trucks, and they can easily cope with this bus. Parts (NefAZ-5299) are maximally unified with the parts and assemblies of KamAZ trucks, so you can easily find anything and even that is rare. Any spare parts and parts can be purchased from authorized dealers. With regard to the durability of the bus, then with good driving, as well as timely maintenance, these machines can serve for several years until the very first repairs.

Model prices

For new buses NefAZ-5299 the price is from 5 million rubles.There are also a lot of offers on the secondary market - second-hand copies will be much cheaper. But it is necessary to take into account that such machines require certain costs for restoration and bringing into a normal look.

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