Buffet menu. Buffet table for birthday

The word "buffet" comes from the French "fork" and means "joint meal". Invited guests are supposed to eat while standing, serve themselves, freely choose drinks and food, and use forks as the main tableware. No, and strictly reserved for those present at the reception places - this is also a hallmark of such events, and the buffet table is characterized by the absence of chairs.buffet menu

When the buffet is organized

  • It is a lot of guests, and it is not enough place.
  • The goal: an active communication between people, not a feast.
  • Time limit for meeting.
  • Birthdays, anniversaries.

Characteristic differences

  • A large variety of mini snacks.
  • Short duration (usually no more than two hours).
  • There are no serving waiters (or one waiter for several dozen people).
  • More participants than at the banquet at the table.
  • Tables above the usual, arranged so that they can be bypassed, and covered with special tablecloths.
  • About 500 grams of snacks plus drinks are calculated per guest.

buffet table for birthday

Buffet menu for birthday

The simplest and most common option: canapés or tartlets with various fillings, a couple of light snacks, fruit and drinks. But the refined buffet menu includes up to 15 cold snacks! As well as some hot, dessert, coffee, tea.buffet table

What is a canape

One of the main attributes of the buffet table menu is canapés. So called small sandwiches from toast with a variety of ingredients. They look elegant and are ideal for filling a buffet table. Fish canapes are prepared, as well as with caviar, with shrimps, with ham and cheese, with vegetables. Often used a variety of pies, sauces, pastes. Here the main thing - the ability to properly combine products.

For convenience, canapes are put on small skewers, with which the product can be sent into the mouth as a whole. Sometimes small wooden sticks are used. Sometimes sandwiches take hands, but skewers are still preferable. So hands do not get dirty, and canapes take up less space. Preparing such a dish for a buffet table does not present any particular difficulties. This can be done in just an hour.provided that all the ingredients are in stock and prepared in advance! And even more than that, you yourself can invent or develop recipes that you already know: canapés love fantasy.

Equally important is how to make and decorate these sandwiches so that they are on and look nice. It should be done as colorful as possible, using greens, lemons, vegetables, elegantly chopped. Not for nothing, professional photographers love to shoot canapes! But let's move on, finally, to the recipes of preparation.buffet table

How to cook canapes

Small sandwiches, as a rule, consist of a base, a filling and a decoration fastened with a skewer (for example, a sail made from a slice of fresh cucumber). For the base take bread, biscuits, a piece of baking, a slice of cheese. The shape of the base may be square, triangular, diamond-shaped, rounded. Bread is usually dried or lightly fried, so that it has gained firmness outside, and inside it remains soft. Cut along the length of the loaf into small slices, thickness - from 0.5 to one centimeter, diameter - up to four. Top stuffing and decoration.

Several recipes for toppings

  1. With cheese and salmon. Cheese three and mixed with herbs, adding a little lemon juice, to a paste. Lightly salted fish (fillet) cut into small slices.Cucumber cut into thin circles. We use whole olives without stones. We spread the base of dry bread with cheese paste, cover with a slice of salmon on top. On a skewer we string olive and “sail” of cucumber. We stick the skewer in the canape. Ingredients: 300 grams of salted salmon, 200 grams of cheese, greens, a few fresh medium-sized cucumbers.
  2. With liver pate. Pickled cucumbers three grated and mix with pate. Boil eggs hard-boiled, cut into circles. Fresh tomatoes cut into circles. Pitted olives in half. As a basis we take crackers. We smear with pate mixture. Top put a piece of egg, cover with tomato and olive. We fix with a wooden or plastic skewer. Ingredients: 300 grams of liver pate, a pair of pickled cucumbers, a pair of fresh tomatoes, olives, three eggs.
  3. With red caviar. As a basis, use dried black bread, cut into slices for canapes. Smear bread with butter, cover with a ring of red Crimean onion on top, put a handful of red caviar on top. We stick a skewer.
  4. With bacon and cucumber. For lovers of Ukrainian cuisine.As a basis - black bread. Cover it with a thin piece of bacon, cut to the size of the base. Top put a circle of pickled cucumber and stick a skewer.

Varianov is still very much. Show your imagination here. The main principle - the compatibility of products!

However, the buffet menu consists not only of canapes. Often used tartlets. What is it and what are they eating? Well, since you decided to make a buffet table for your birthday, let's understand!

buffet menu recipes


Roughly speaking, these are baskets baked from dough. They are filled with a certain kind of fillings. And baskets can be baked both with a filling, and separately from it. It is said that this is a French invention.buffet menu

Buffet menu: tartlets recipes

This dish has many variations of toppings. Consider only some of them. In the preparation of tartlets the main principle, as in the canapés, is the compatibility of the products used for the toppings. The basis for the dish, as a rule, remains steadily unchanged. The dough is prepared fresh (flour, water, butter, salt). Baked in the oven (with or without the filling) in special tins.

  1. The simplest. We fill the finished baskets with any salad already prepared in advance: “Olivier”, crab, carrot, cheese. A very convenient and quickly prepared dish can be decorated with greens, olives, and lemon wedges.
  2. With liver pate. Mix liver pate with grated salted cucumber. Add some chopped greens. Fill the mixture with baskets. Top can be decorated with a circle of olives.
  3. Cheese. Three cheese and crush garlic. Mix these ingredients with a small amount of mayonnaise. Fill baskets with weights, decorate with parsley.

And you can also use fruit tartlets as a dessert. The choice remains for the hostess of the holiday table, which prepares the buffet menu and shows its imagination.

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