Borovoy uterus: reviews and application

That is the correct name for a plant known to us as a pine womb. Reviews have used it to indicate that for women this plant is the No. 1 tool in the fight against various disorders in the reproductive system. It will help to cope with some inflammatory processes of the sexual sphere, to regulate the menstrual cycle, to cure infertility. How to properly apply it, described in this article.

boron womb reviews

Useful properties of the plant

Borovaya uterus has anti-inflammatory, antitumor, disinfecting, absorbing and regenerating effects. And all this thanks to the rich composition. It has a lot of tannins, hydroquinone, coumarins, flavonoids, saponins, arbutin, resins, citric and tartaric acids, vitamin C and valuable trace elements such as manganese, copper, zinc and titanium. This miraculous herb can cope with obstruction of the tubes, mastopathy, and adhesive processes, and various inflammations of the female genital organs, such as adnexitis and much more.Here are some recipes for the preparation of therapeutic agents used in the most common female ailments.

boron uterus in myoma

Borovoy uterus with myoma

Before using products prepared on the basis of this plant, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. After all, there are diseases in which boron uterus is contraindicated. Reviews of women indicate high effectiveness of this tool. However, you should not take decoctions and tinctures based on this herb without consulting a specialist. It is known that for the treatment of fibroids boron uterus can be used. But not in all cases it is allowed. For example, it can not be used with the so-called subserous or submucous myoma. In any case, the decision here must take the attending physician. And they prepare an infusion for the treatment of this disease as follows: 2 tablespoons of raw materials are poured with two faceted glasses of boiling water and set to infuse, covered with a lid and wrapped with a towel. After 2 hours, the tool is ready for use. To take it you need three times a day for a third cup. Treatment should be continued for 1 month. This is how boron uterus is used for myoma.Reviews of women say that the taste of this infusion, to put it mildly, is bad. Therefore, it is recommended to add a spoonful of honey.

uterus borova reviews

We treat infertility

It would seem that there are situations when the use of decoctions and tinctures is useless. For example, with infertility. But even here a pine forest uterus can help out. Reviews of women who have achieved the desired effect, say that there are two most important points: to believe in the power of this herb and apply it regularly for a long time. In order to cure infertility, do alcohol tincture. To do this, 100 grams of grass is poured with 1 liter of 70% alcohol. Then put the mixture in a dark place and insist for a month, shaking regularly. Take the tincture in the amount of 40 drops three times a day (at least 3 months).

Cervical erosion? We treat with douching!

Many diseases of the female reproductive system can be cured by using a one-sided ortilia plant. Cervical erosion is one of the most common female diseases. Let's try to cure it with the help of warm douching before going to bed with the infusion of this miraculous herb. They do it like this: 10 grams of raw materials are brewed with a cut glass of boiling water, then they are drawn for 20 minutes, filtered and used undiluted.You can store this infusion in the refrigerator, but not more than 2 days.


We considered in what cases and in what way it is possible to use a plant such as a boron uterus. Reviews of her say that this herb often helps get rid of some female diseases.

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