"Blood on the snow" ("Skyrim"): the passage of the quest, the secrets

Modern players are increasingly beginning to attract open world games. They are allowed not only to develop comprehensively, but also to complete various tasks when desire arises. Skyrim has received huge popularity. This game is considered one of the best among applications with an open game world. There are many different quests that allow you to feel the life of the Middle Ages among magic and civil war. Today, the task will be presented to the attention called "Blood on the snow" ("Skyrim"). Passing this quest, its features and rewards for completing - this is what every player should know. Maybe it is worth to postpone the main story and get some rest while fulfilling the child tasks?blood on the snow skyrim passage

Short description

It all depends on the desire of the player. The thing is that the game Skyrim allows you to pass both major tasks and minor ones. For the latter often have to comply with a huge number of conditions. About them will be discussed later.

What is "Blood on the Snow" (Skyrim)? Passing this task is a kind of investigation into the mysterious murders taking place in Windhelm. You can try on the role of Sherlock Holmes!

It should be noted that the “Blood on the snow” is not an obligatory task. You can activate it at any time. On the main story quest has no effect. Rather, it was coined to entertain the player.


Now a little about how to run this task and pass it. What does the game "Skyrim"? "Blood on the snow" is a mission that can give a lot of trouble to gamers. You need to remember one condition: during the initial activation of the task you will have to continue it. If the player does not respond to the first kill, he will not be able to start the chain. Correct the situation is no longer possible. Therefore, all dialogues will have to be approached with the utmost care! Especially talking to the guards.

What does the player offer a game called Skyrim? "Blood in the snow" (how to start the quest, we will look at it in detail) is a kind of investigation in which the role of the detective is prepared for the gamer. But before you have to meet several conditions.how to get blood on the snow in skyrim

What needs to be done to activate the mission? Required:

  1. Visit Windhelm several times. In older versions of Skyrim, you need to walk around the city 3 times. The latter is the most important.
  2. Walk around the Windhelm cemetery at night. The murder will occur, and the guard himself will start a dialogue. If this does not happen, you need to find the guard and talk to him.
  3. Interrogate several onlookers. They will stand near the corpse. Next, talk to the guard.
  4. Go to the manager of the castle and inform him about what is happening. The player will be given authority to investigate.
  5. Return to the guard near the cemetery. He will direct the character to the Hall of the Dead.
  6. Talk to Helgird in the Hall. She tells about the strange wounds on the corpses.
  7. Find the house of the killer on the trail of blood. They will be visible on the snow in the form of small spots.
  8. Get into the home. To do this, you will have to remove the lock on the door - hack it or open it with the key issued by Tova (in the house of the Broken Shield).
  9. Search the house. It is necessary to find several leaflets about the return of the Butcher (1 piece is enough), two parts of the diary and a strange amulet.
  10. Go to Viola Giordano. She will tell her assumptions and point to the court magician - Wunferth the Inanimate.

All done actions activate the quest. As already mentioned, it is advisable not to neglect the dialogue with the guard. Otherwise, the task will not be available for activation. You can leave the quest after receiving the authority for further investigation. At this stage, you can return to it at any time.skyrim mission blood on snow

Part 2 - Old Versions

"Blood on the snow" ("Skyrim"), the passage of which is presented to the attention - this task, conditionally broken into 3 parts. The player can choose how to act after the first dialogue with Viola. In the new versions of Skyrim there is a separate script that allows to diversify the game. But there is also an algorithm of actions for old assemblies.

How to pass the "Blood on the snow" in "Skyrim"? The second stage of the quest can be carried out as follows:

  1. Return to the manager and report that the killer is a court magician. After this, Wunferth will be sent to prison. The task will be completed, but this is not the end!
  2. Show found amulet Jorleifu. He will direct the player to Calixto.
  3. Sell ​​the amulet. For it will offer 500 septim. Be sure to accept the deal. Otherwise, bugs can not be avoided!
  4. Leave Windhelm. Return to the city in a few days.Dovakinu will report that a new murder has occurred. "Blood in the snow" will reappear in the gaming magazine.
  5. Go to jail and talk to the magician. He will tell you that another murder will be committed soon, but it can be prevented.

It is this scenario that takes place in the old versions of the game Skyrim. The mission "Blood on the snow" may have a different alignment. For example, in new builds. What to do if you don't want the Inanimate imprisoned?

The second stage - new versions

You can go a different way to continue the "Blood on the snow" ("Skyrim"). Passage of the game allows you to act a little differently. It is not necessary to put the court magician in a dungeon to continue the task.skyrim blood on snow how to start

In the new versions of Skyrim, you can:

  1. After talking with Viola, return to Wunfert and tell him about the suspicion of the woman. In response, listen to the refutation of the magician. In no case it is impossible to talk with the manager!
  2. Show the previously found amulet to the Inanimate. There will be an exchange. At the same time, the player learns that a new murder is being prepared. Butcher needs to watch for the market.

How exactly to act? The player himself chooses a solution! Therefore, there is no principled action. The next, final part of the mission is the same for all versions of Skyrim.


The last stage is the capture of the criminal. What has prepared the task "Blood on the snow" ("Skyrim")? Passage indicates that this quest is the most real investigation!

How to complete the mission? Necessary:

  1. Wait for the start of the new day. If you choose the second option, it is recommended to immediately go to the market in Windhelm. You can either witness a new murder, or prevent it by killing the Butcher.
  2. Search the corpse. Remove the key and return to Calixto. In the house on the second floor to find the third part of the diary.
  3. Return to the manager and inform him about the successful completion of the job.

After the action you can get a reward and forget about the crimes. Feel more Sherlock will not work.


In general, the “Blood in the Snow” task is a funded mission. It can be started and not completed. Especially when it comes to Skyrim Drawguard. The task is not activated if:

  • a character killed someone in Windhelm;
  • the civil war for the Empire was started;
  • the player was talking to Susana Vile.

You can correct the error only with the help of console commands.

When following the bloody tracks, often the spots are not noticeable on the floor.You can fix the situation by setting higher graphics settings in the game.game skyrim blood on snow

If a vampire raid was made during a walk in Windhelm, the guard would not stand near the cemetery. He will have to look around the city. If the guard was killed by vampires, you will have to either return the character or use the console to save the previously made save.

For the successful completion of the job, it is desirable to have good hacking skills. They will help open the lock and pass the dialogue with Tova.

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