Bishop Paisiy (Yurkov): Shchigrov Diocese

The Diocese of Shchigrov is one of the youngThey were allotted from the Kursk diocese in order to include it in the Kursk Metropolitanate. The date of its creation is July 26, 2012. But on July 25, 2014 Bishop Paisiy was elected bishop of Shchigrovsky and Manturovsky by decision of the Holy Synod. This priest in the world was once called Dmitry Viktorovich Yurkov. In general, the city of Shchigry (Kursk region) since 1779 is included in the List of Historic Cities of Russia. This small town is located 62 km from the city of Kursk on the river Shchigor. It is administratively bordered by eight regions, its population totals 15768 people.

Shchegrovskaya diocese

Vladyka Paisii: The Kursk Metropolis

Dmitry was born in 1970 on October 22 in Bryansk. He was baptized in infancy. Three years after his birth, he moved with his parents to Moscow. At first he received a secondary education at Moscow school No. 106, then he studied at vocational school No. 129, and then, as it should, he served two years in the army.

At the end of winter in February 1992, he enterednovice in the St. Nicholas Verkhoturye monastery. After a short time, on April 24, 1992, the Archbishop of Ekaterinburg Melchizedek and the abbot of the Nikolaev Monastery Tikhon blessed him for tonsure to the monks named Paissy in honor of the Reverend Father Paisius Velichkovsky. Five days later he was ordained a hierodeacon, in a month - in a hieromonk.

In March 1993, Father Paissy Yurkov moved toNovospassky Staropigialny Monastery in the city of Moscow. From this period, he began to take care of employees and patients of the Cancer Research Institute. Herzen.

shchigry Kursk region

Study and dedication

In 1993-1997 he studied in absentia in the Moscowtheological seminary. In the spring of 1998, Bishop Orekhovo-Zuevsky and the governor of the Novospassky Monastery, Alexis, was tonsured in his robes with the name in honor of St. Nicholas the Great. Paisiy of the Caves.

In 2002-2005 he studied at the correspondence departmentMoscow Theological Academy. In the summer of 2007, Archbishop Alexy elevates him to the rank of hegumen. Then there was work on a diploma on the activities of Grand Duke SA Romanov.

In 2011, Paisiy's father became a dean of the Novospassky Monastery, and also taught theology and pastoral disciplines in the Slavonic-Greek-Latin Academy.

Bishop Paissy

Shchigry: Kursk area

In the summer of 2014, he becomes bishopShchigrovsky and Manturovsky. At the Patriarchal residence of the Danilov Monastery, the order of the appointment was headed by Patriarch Kirill himself. On August 24, 2014, priest Paisii arrived to his cathedral in Shchigry, accompanied by Metropolitan Zinovy ​​of Metropolitan Zinovy ​​and Kursk Herman. Shchigrovskaya diocese met its ruler cordially, and he with great pleasure took up his favorite business.

In 2016, Vladyka Paisiy was 45 years old, twenty of whom were associated with the Novospassky Monastery. And then he was waiting for the Diocese of Shchigrov, in which he still serves.

Bright Easter Day

From the communication with him you will find out that his most beloved anda joyful holiday is Easter. They prepare for it and come to it consciously. It lasts a whole week and includes solemn divine services, beautiful chants, processions. The Trinity is also a wonderful holiday, with his words, when everything around is elegant and beautiful, maybe only fuss is less than at Easter. At the same time he says that in the large churches of Moscow you will not find that fascinating silence, for this you need only go to the village. And he is always pleased to sanctify Easter cakes on the eve of Easter, because many people come and, most importantly, children, and from this the soul rejoices and rejoices, and this despite the fact that on Easter it is necessary to be in the service at two Liturgies. Therefore, it takes only two hours to sleep, but the Lord gives him strength. After all, the most important thing, the Lord announced to the people in the Passover that now and for ever and ever there is no death, but eternal and blessed life.

In a good way, you can envy thatThe Shchigrov Diocese possesses such a kind and wise spiritual father and mentor who understands the importance for the layman of his faithful priestly ministry.

paisy yurkov

Atheistic times and the search for the meaning of life

Love of God did not immediately come to him, and, toUnfortunately, he was not taken to church when he was a child. He was brought up in the spirit of the then accepted atheism, was a komsorg. But the meaning of life he always sought - and at 14 and 16 years. This question became particularly interesting to him. At first, thoughts carried him to politics and government, contributions, conferences and congresses, but nobody knew where this led to. In 1986, he decided to leave the Komsomol, he had to endure a small repression. But perestroika began, and this saved him from troubles that might follow.

And then he went into the army and served in Vladimir,where the turning point for him was reading a book by an American professor about clinical death. The people who survived it saw tunnels and a luminous being. Believers considered him to be God, unbelievers considered him to be the supreme mind. Then he began to think about the age-old question: "Is there a God?"

Kursk metropolis

Grandmothers are harmful temple keepers

Having been fired one day, he decidedgo to the Vladimir Temple. And immediately fell into the service and under the close attention of grandmothers, who were often rude and jealous. They, unfortunately, could discourage any desire to continue to visit the church. But this is not just happening, because in order to become a true believer, one must work hard and read spiritual books. Such things should be pushed, not embittered and do not lead to resentment that you are so greeted from the threshold.

These grandmothers then did not like that he camein the form and passed the candle with his left hand. They immediately called him the Antichrist. In general, the whole situation of the soldier was greatly discouraged. The next time he decided to go to a small church in a cemetery, he came and hid himself in a corner, then he saw that some grandmother was coming to him again, from which he felt uneasy. But she turned to him joyfully and affably and even presented an icon - it was the fold of the Holy Trinity and the Symbol of Faith. It was 1989, then it was impossible to get the gospel or icons. Since that time he has always been with him. That's how the Lord at first reconciled, and then consoled. In this cemetery temple, he began to walk quietly, and the same road eventually led him to the fact that he joined the fighting priestly ranks of our Orthodox Church.

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