Biography of Vika Tsyganova: creativity and personal life

Our today's heroine is Vika Tsyganova. Russia- a country to which many of her songs are dedicated. Want to know the details of Vika Tsyganova's personal life? Are you interested in the history of her career? All the necessary information you will find in the article.Biography of the wiki gypsy

Biography of Vika Tsyganova

The Russian pop star was born on October 28, 1963 in Khabarovsk. Her parents had nothing to do with the stage or the music. Mom was a housewife, and her father was a naval officer.

Vika Tsyganova, whose songs every Russian knows today, studied well. The teachers have always noted her diligence and diligence. At home, the girl arranged for her parents mini-performances. And even then it was clear that Vika was a born artist.

In 1981, our heroine received a high school diploma. Soon she left for Vladivostok, where she entered the Far Eastern Institute of Arts. Tsyganova Victoria Y. chose the acting department.


In 1985, she received a diploma from the university. She was immediately invited to work at the Jewish Musical Theater. But there she did not last long. In 1986, Victoria moved to Ivanovo and settled in the regional drama theater. On this "journey" Tsyganova not over. In the period from 1987 to 1988. she lived in Magadan and worked in the local musical theater. In her entire acting career, Tsyganova Victoria Yurievna tried on dozens of vivid images. But it was rarely assigned to the leading roles. At some point, our heroine realized that theatrical life was not for her.Tsyganova Victoria Yuryevna

Singing career

In 1988, an attractive blonde became the soloist of the group “More”. From that moment began the biography of Vika Tsyganova as a singer. For almost two years the team worked on the albums Caravel of Love and Autumn Day. And the efforts were not in vain. Both records won the love of listeners.

In the period from 1988 to 1989. the group toured the largest Russian cities. It was a real success. In 1990, the composition of the team changed. Solo career decided to build Vika Tsyganova. The songs for her were written by real professionals. One of them is composer Yury Pryalkin.The author of the poems was the current spouse of the singer - Vadim Tsyganov. In 1991, Victoria released her first album. He was called "Walk, anarchy." It took some time for the Russian audience to appreciate and love the work of Tsyganova.

The first performance of the singer was held in 1993 at the Moscow Variety Theater. By that time, her compositions had become real hits. Victoria went on tour around the country and abroad.Vika gypsy song

Career development

For the period 1992-1996. several albums were released. Patriotic and hooligan songs were performed by Tsyganova. Russian listeners took them to cheer. But soon the singer changed the direction of her work. She added more lyrics to it. Vika was seriously interested in Russian romances and ballads. Our heroine literally disappeared in the recording studio. And soon the album “Kalina Krasnaya” appeared on sale. It includes lyric compositions performed by Tsyganova.

In 2001, the singer performed in tandem with her good friend and chanson star Mikhail Krug. Eight duet works were included in the album "Initiation". It was released in late 2002. Victoria dedicated him to the deceased Mikhail Krug.And the song “Come to my house” became the hallmark of Tsyganova. For several years now she has been performing it at her concerts.

What is the singer doing now?

Until 2011, our heroine recorded albums and went on tour around the country. Today it is rarely seen on TV. The famous singer is engaged in charity. She provides moral and material assistance to orphans, disabled people and mothers who have lost their sons in hot spots.

Biography of Vika Tsyganovaonce again confirms the expression "a talented person is talented in everything." She not only sings and dances beautifully, but also draws. And recently, Tsyganova tried herself as a fashion designer. Her outfits are popular with lovers of style and quality. Some stars of the Russian show business are pleased to wear TSIGANOVA brand clothes.Vika Gypsy Russia

Personal life

A gray-eyed blonde has always bathed in male attention. Already in her teens she had no end of her fans. Guys beautifully looked after her and even fought among themselves. But Vika was never a windy girl. She dreamed of a great and bright love, one and for life. And the Almighty heard her prayers.

With her spouse Vadim Tsyganov, Victoria met at the moment when she was engaged in the development of her solo career. Brutal man won the heart of a sweet blonde. And she, in turn, inspired him to write several songs that later became hits.

Vadim and Victoria live in wedlock for almost 25 years. They have everything: love, passion and mutual understanding. The only thing that God never gave them was children.Vika Gypsy House

Vika Tsyganova House

It is said that a place of residence strongly influences a person. Is it so? Vadim Tsyganov himself built a house for himself and his wife. It looks like an unremarkable building located on a country site. But if you go inside, there will be a completely different feeling. All rooms are furnished with rich and tasteful. In the decoration of furniture used the skins of python, lynx and bear. The heads of animals and a collection of cold weapons are hung on the walls. And the windows are decorated with the author's stained glass window. The owner of the house paid attention not only to the interior decoration, but also to landscape design. On the plot there is a mini-pond. Around planted trees and shrubs of different species. The path from the house to the gate is lined with paving slabs.


Vika Tsyganova’s biography was reviewed in detail by us. Now you know where the singer studied, and what path to fame she made. We wish her family well-being and good luck in the works!

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Biography of Vika Tsyganova: creativity and personal life 45

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