Best vitamins for pregnant women: reviews

Each manufacturer claims that it is his best vitamins for pregnant women. Reviews confirming this fact, in the vast World Wide Web will always be.

But, perhaps, enough of what comes with food? Do you need additional vitamin sources when carrying a fetus? Won't it get worse? What are the side effects of taking the best vitamins for pregnant women? In the first trimester, according to reviews, many are violations of the chair. But is this the only problem? What to be ready for?

maternity vitamins reviews

general information

As the doctors assure, and they are repeated by many manufacturers, mineral vitamin complexes are needed by everyone. Not only the period of gestation is accompanied by a load on the female body.

In everyday life, any person (and it does not depend on gender) is faced with difficulties. While the characteristics of our lifestyle often do not allow to obtain the necessary components from food. This is especially characteristic of the inhabitants of large cities. But toxins and other toxic and polluting components are much more than we would like.Ecology at a very low level.

To support your body, you can adjust the diet or take special tools. The good choice in pharmacies is great, and the sale is allowed without a prescription.

According to reviews, the best vitamins for pregnant women are products specifically made for this group of women. Experts take into account the characteristics, needs of the body. As can be seen from a number of responses, the constant use of a suitable option helps to cope with nausea and vomiting, endure a full-fledged child without difficulties.

At the same time, doctors pay attention: you can not take anything horrible or cheaper. First you need not just read the reviews of experts. What are the best vitamins for pregnant women, the doctor will tell at the reception, so the expectant mother needs to come to the doctor who controls her pregnancy and have already chosen the final version with him, taking into account the characteristics of the body, lifestyle.

You need to eat well

Ideally, all the vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the normal functioning of the body’s systems should be fed. Vitamins are created on natural ingredients and generally harmless.But these are pills that you should not indulge in, especially when carrying a child.

At the same time, many doctors advise taking special complex vitamins for pregnant women. Reviews of doctors say that medical studies have shown: at present, very few people really eat a full meal. It is difficult to guarantee the entry into the body of all that is needed and the mother herself, and the child growing inside her.

If in a normal life a woman risks only with her health, then an embryo can seriously suffer from avitaminosis during pregnancy, which will leave an imprint for life.

vitamins for pregnant women which are better reviews

However, to this day the question is causing a lot of controversy, and a single position has not been worked out. Someone argues that it is absolutely not necessary to use vitamins for pregnant women, the reviews of specialists from other clinics are diametrically opposite: it is possible and even necessary that the baby be born healthy and full.

Who to believe? Probably, future generations will be able to find the final answer to this question, as soon as the technical means become perfect enough to conduct specific research.

Pregnancy and diet

A balanced diet allows an ordinary person to get all the necessary components for normal life. During gestation of the fetus, the female body is faced with large loads, so the usual diet becomes inappropriate. It will no longer be the required amount of nutrients.

There are two options: you need to either revise your diet, or start using vitamins for pregnant women. What are the best, reviews of experts do not specifically say: different manufacturers produce fairly reliable products, which differ little from each other, except at the price.

However, this applies to pharmaceuticals. But dietary supplements that have not passed the special certification produced by little-known enterprises should not be used. Their effect on the female body and fetus can be unpredictable. If you really experiment, then definitely not in the period of carrying a child.

Another difficulty associated with adjusting the diet during pregnancy - problems with appetite. For many women, it disappears altogether, tastes change a lot, even the perception of familiar products becomes completely different.This turns a previously loved healthy diet into a real torture.

But vitamins for pregnant women (reviews confirm this) are easy to use: a small pill that supplies the body with everything you need - and you don’t have to suffer, forcing yourself to absorb food that it doesn’t pull at all.

Features of the period of gestation

Many women, especially in the first three months, suffer greatly from gag reflexes: sick every morning, toxemia worries all day. This greatly complicates the consumption of calories, minerals, vitamins. For pregnant women (reviews confirm) it is quite difficult to follow the recommendations of the doctor. This period turns into a real daily flour.

Of course, this is not the case for everyone, but others altogether mark the activation of appetite, all the while pulling for food. The reactions of the organism are individual, but when planning a pregnancy, it is necessary to consider not only the most pleasant options, but also various difficulties.

best maternity vitamins reviews

As noted by some reviews, vitamins for pregnant women can be taken before ovulation. Many women who have given birth say that with such early prophylaxis, toxicosis practically does not manifest itself, pregnancy proceeds easily, and the child is born healthy.

When carrying a fetus, folic acid, iron and iodine are most important. Doctors assure that at the planning stage it is already possible to start taking such vitamins for pregnant women. The reviews confirm this too - women feel good. It is not always the case only in the supporting complex, but it also plays an important role.

But not too much!

As studies have shown, mainly residents of our country suffer from a lack of iron and iodine. Folic acid is a specific compound that is necessary only for pregnant women, but in food they are contained in rather low concentrations.

All three components are difficult to obtain in the right amount, simply by adhering to proper, healthy food. That is why reviews containing such compounds for pregnant women are mostly positive.

But all other substances needed by the human body in food are present in a fairly high concentration, so additional sources, even during pregnancy, are not required. At least, if the expectant mother is healthy and can afford to eat foods rich in nutrients.

By the way, neither fast food, nor fried and fatty foods that have undergone long-term heat treatment are among those. Therefore, vitamins, vitamins, and the diet still need to follow. But the additional intake of those beneficial components, which are already ingested with food, come to nothing. This can provoke poisoning, cause an allergic reaction, including a severe one. Therefore, all is well, but in moderation.

Special case

It also happens that even a healthy woman can not do without vitamins for pregnant women. What are the best, doctors' reviews are told, but rather vaguely: about all the major manufacturers, on average, the responses are good, and the particular choice of a particular option depends on the specifics of the case.

best vitamins for pregnant women 1 trimester reviews

Multivitamin complexes are most relevant if a woman is waiting for twins or triplets. The load on the body in this case is very large, maternal systems are depleted, and the required amount of nutrients cannot be supplied with food. Too much is required to maintain adult and growing organisms.

No less difficult situation arises in case of intolerance to milk or in some other situations.In each such variant, the doctor will tell you which vitamins are better for pregnant women. Reviews from mummies, already established and future, informative. But the recommendations of the doctor are more important, as the doctor takes into account the particular state of the patient.

Folic acid

This component is contained in all specialized complexes. As can be seen from the reviews, Vitrum vitamins for pregnant women or Elevit are excellent examples of products designed specifically for the needs of the woman’s body. They rarely provoke side effects, but ensure normal childbearing.

The importance of this component for pregnancy has repeatedly become the subject of scientific research. Vitamin is indispensable for DNA synthesis, provokes cell division, without it, the embryonic neural tube simply will not develop.

In many cases, defects in children are provoked precisely by the lack of folic acid in the mother's body. Warn such a problem, as can be seen from the reviews, vitamins "Elevit Pronatal" for pregnant women, "Vitrum" and "Complivit".

Important points

The nervous system is laid on the 15th day of gestation.This means that the most reasonable option is to start taking Prenatal vitamins for pregnant women. Reviews advise to do it in advance, even before ovulation.

During the embryo's gestation, this component every day should come in an amount of 400-600 mcg, but even the most optimized diet for pregnant women will not be able to provide such a high concentration.

As an optimal solution, special folic acid tablets are used. With them, a much larger amount will be eaten than is required during pregnancy, but the surplus will simply be removed by the body's systems. The required amount will be assimilated, and sent to the reproductive system of women.

If the doctor has recommended to use only such a drug, do not need any vitrum “Vitrum Prenatal” for pregnant women. Reviews indicate that too much oversupply also leads to negative reactions. At the same time, it must be remembered that green tea lovers need more than other ladies. This drink inhibits the capture process component.

When “Biseptol” is ingested in food, folic acid (regardless of the amount of its entering the body) is practically not absorbed.In the period of childbearing a drug is not strongly recommended.


This substance is necessarily contained in the vitamins for pregnant women "Pronatal", "Vitrum", "Complivit", "Elevit". However, it is included in any other vitamin-mineral complexes to support health.

The component is extremely important for the circulatory system, as it is included in hemoglobin - so called blood cells. When carrying a fetus in the female body, the amount of blood increases by an average of one liter, so the need for iron increases.

To solve the problem will help, for example, vitamins "Elevit" for pregnant women. Reviews indicate that such reactions practically do not cause side reactions. Occasionally, women experience intestinal upset. But the body systems of the mother and child in abundance receive the necessary substance that allows the formation of healthy, full blood.

If you think of a balanced diet, you need to consider that an average of 2500 kcal contains 15 mg of iron, of which one tenth is absorbed. The standard for the body during pregnancy - 3 mg daily, that is, food should get 30 mg of iron, or more.

It is difficult to provide such amount with food products, and Elevit vitamins for pregnant women come to the rescue. Reviews show that during the passage of such maintenance therapy, expectant mothers are not faced with a lack of iron.

Everything is interconnected

Iron is not only a substance that affects the quality of blood. From this component depends on how effectively the elements ingested in food will be absorbed.

Studies have shown that the “ideal pair” is iron and vitamin C. Predominantly modern vitamin complexes contain both of these components, which increases the effectiveness of the product. But copper and zinc are competitors of iron, preventing its normal absorption in the intestinal tract. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid the simultaneous use in food of all three substances.

pronatal vitamins for pregnant women reviews

Certain medications for the treatment of the stomach adversely affect the absorption of iron by binding it. Almost all the remedies for heartburn "sin" such a feature. In order not to face a shortage of beneficial compounds, it is necessary to divide the intakes of vitamins by time. Preparations from gastric problems are used when the iron that arrived with the last portion has already been absorbed.Specific time intervals are usually advised by the doctor, assessing the metabolic rate and characteristics of the body of a particular woman.

Do no harm to yourself!

Usually, doctors recommend eating full meals and additionally providing daily intake of 30 mg of iron. During pregnancy, if the processes are normal, this volume will be enough. With anemia, the dosage will need to be increased, but the decision is made by the doctor on the basis of tests.

Iron oversupply is a rather difficult tolerable condition, especially undesirable during pregnancy. Therefore, overdoing is not the best solution. A healthy person may experience constipation, nausea, zinc deficiency, as iron interferes with the absorption of this component in the intestine.

Zinc deficiency is a high risk of developmental delays that can even provoke miscarriage or premature birth. If the doctor recommended to take a certain amount of iron daily, you need to follow these tips, in any case, not exceeding the prescribed amount.

In addition to multivitamin complexes, special preparations containing only iron (possibly in combination with vitamin C) come to the rescue. To decide what is best, the doctor must.Conclusions are made from blood tests, assessing the concentration of different components and the presence of system failures.

"Elevit Pronatal"

Reviews of vitamins for pregnant women "Pronatal" are positive. The tool has a good reputation, doctors often advise to resort to it even at the planning stage of pregnancy.

The drug is a synthetic vitamin complex, which includes salts of minerals, vitamins, which are necessary for a pregnant woman. All contained in the complex are compounds necessary for the development and growth of the fetus. You can use the tool for three months before pregnancy. This allows the most responsible prepare, to create in the body the optimal supply of "building materials" for the development of the child.

As the manufacturer assures, the composition is carefully balanced to meet the requirements of the body of pregnant women.

vitamins for pregnant women reviews

In general, the feedback on the use of this multivitamin complex is positive. Occasionally, women have experienced allergic reactions, but such a situation is possible with the use of any synthetic (and not only) substance.

Another annoyance that occurs relatively often is the problem with the chair.It is not always clear whether it is triggered by taking the drug or whether it is a feature of how pregnancy affects the internal systems of the mother's body.

Safe and secure

As can be seen from the reviews, allergic reactions to "Elevit" quickly pass as soon as the woman stops taking the drug. No mention of severe cases.

Many say that in comparison with competitors, it is Elevit that very rarely leads to nausea, which is quite typical for some multivitamin preparations. The medication is intended for daily single use. You don't have to stick to your schedule and use vitamins at the same time.

The tool can be used not only during gestation, but also during lactation. At the same time, it is not recommended to use it for too long.

Multivitamin preparations need to be alternated, choosing the duration of the reception of the next name during consultation with the doctor. The doctor will also advise what the next remedy should be.

It should be borne in mind that synthetic vitamins are absorbed by the body in relatively low concentrations.If possible, it is better to prefer natural sources of beneficial ingredients. But, as noted above, this is not always possible.

Vitrum Prenatal

Some say that this vitamin complex is the best available at the moment. Opinion, of course, can be challenged: there are quite strong competitors.

At the same time, many women taking it note in their responses that there were almost no adverse reactions, but the state has improved. Since women usually have the opportunity to compare with other means that were used during pregnancy, such opinions can be trusted.

Many people note that Vitrum Prenatal not only has a positive effect on the reproductive system, but also on the state of the body as a whole: the hair looks better, the skin becomes radiant, beautiful, and the nails are stronger.

vitamins for pregnant women what are the best reviews of specialists

However, for some, Vitrum Prenatal has caused problems with the digestive system, constipation and nausea. The opposite reaction is possible - loose stools. If the tool is perceived hard, you must contact your doctor to select a replacement.

Like the complex described above, “Vitrum” is taken daily, one tablet at a convenient time. But do not forget that the reaction to drugs exclusively individual.It happens, for example, intolerance to any synthetic vitamins. It is for this reason that it is impossible to prescribe a self-supporting therapy for yourself, it is important to cooperate with the doctor and follow his recommendations.

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