Best lure on zander. Homemade lure on pikeperch

The pike perch is a typical predator and reaches the impressive sizes. Its tasty dietary meat contains a large amount of proteins, amino acids, minerals and a minimum of fat. In general, this individual is a valuable fish, which is a pleasure to hunt.spinners on pikeperch

To "tame the obstinate", you need the appropriate lure on the pikeperch. It must meet certain requirements. Depending on the season and time of day, this individual is caught on a variety of oscillating and rotating lures. Most anglers prefer to "go on perch" only with silicone baits and wobblers. Practice shows that it is on the fluctuating baits that this predator is well caught. In some cases, they are even more efficient than “turntables” and wobblers.

What does perch prefer?

Consider this item in more detail. Before choosing spinners should recognize certain features of this fish. Namely:

- Zander lives in freshwater bodies of a large area.

- He prefers a pebbly and sandy bottom with large snags and stones lying on it. He uses them as a shelter. After all, fish is an ambush predator.

- Pike perch is very sensitive to the presence of suspended matter and oxygen concentration in water. Therefore, it does not inhabit the wetlands.

- In the summer, it is mainly at a depth of 2 to 5 meters. Very good zander pecks with the arrival of winter. Immediately after the ice was established. In winter, he dwells at shallow depths - on the edges of pits, bottom fractures, and koryazhnik. That is, in those places where he is not very willing, but is caught on tackle for appropriate fishing.

- This individual feeds on small fish. This is tyulka, bleak, gobies, minnows. They are used as live bait when fishing for zander.

- Compared with pike, this predator absolutely always without hesitation reacts to a fake bait as soon as it is in his field of vision.

With an eye on these habits, summer and winter spinners on pike perch are also selected.homemade bait on zander

Ideally, the bait should be similar in shape to the real prey of this predator.In other words, it should be narrow-bodied, streamlined and rather large (5 to 10 cm long). This is to attract the attention of large specimens. These parameters will help in deciding what is the best lure on the pikeperch. This is important to know.

Description spinners

It is difficult to say exactly when these devices appeared and who is their inventor. The only reliable fact is that this is an ancient artificial bait, which was invented for fishing. Nowadays there are many varieties of this device.

Size, weight, color, shape, rotating and oscillating - all this determines the multiple differences of lures. However, such baits have a similar feature - they are all made of metal. The question arises about what is the best lure on pikeperch.

Various types of spinners, their features and differences

Initially, these devices are distinguished for rotating and oscillating, as well as for summer and winter. This is important to consider when determining which spinners are better on pikeperch. The last division is determined not by the temperature of use of these devices, but by their performance.In other words, summer baits are called horizontal bait, and winter bait - vertical. It is important to know. Although with the help of pilkers (vertical heavy sheer spinners on pikeperch) this fish is very well caught from the sides of the boats. But on some summer oscillating fixtures, mining is well pulled out of ice holes. Specifically, this "kastmaster" and "trehgranki."

But if you compare vertical and horizontal jiggles rather difficult, then oscillating and rotating - much easier.

- The first type, not counting accessories, is made of a whole piece of metal. He when posting fluctuates from side to side.

- The design of the second type of bait is equipped with a large number of elements. Among them there is a petal and an axis. They are important details of this device. When you post such bait, the petal begins to rotate around the axis of the lure. Because of this, they called her that.the best spinner on zander

Spoons summer

In comparison with golovlom and salmon, the individual in question eagerly grabs the simplest types of bait. As a result, it is not necessary to waste time on the selection of specific gear. Really pecks perch spinners universal.They are also intended for fishing on the ubiquitous perch and pike.

In general, oscillating lure on pike perch should have a streamlined shape and a decent weight. This will make a far cast and wiring in the bottom layers. The choice of the surface of the spinner depends on the transparency and illumination of water in the place of fishing for zander. It can be electroplating or paintwork, as well as a smooth or textured finish.

If we consider the specific models of the most catching wobblet lures, then, of course, I would like to mention the famous Kastmaster, which is preferred by anglers. The mystery of this seemingly ordinary bait lies in flawless balancing and precise, literally surgical performance. This makes it effective with every wiring practically in different layers of water.

For hunting in the summer of the specified predator can be purchased and spinner rotating with front ogruzkoy. This is the best option in this case. The rotating petal of this device, falling into the water column, seduces the fish. One disadvantage of the "turntables" is a strong hooking, since this predator has to be caught along with snags and other objects.In this case, the probability of breaking the bait is very high.

Pikeperch in winter

First of all, hunting for zander in this period involves identifying the places of its parking. The angler will need to go many miles and drill more than a dozen holes. And, of course, there is simply no time for a long wait while diving a lure.what baubles on zanderTherefore, in order to fish on a specified predator in winter, it is necessary to acquire a vertical falling lure with a lower load and considerable weight. This is the best option in this case.

Bales swinging on zander

Some fishermen are convinced that these devices are archaic. That is, they consider this bait ineffective and outdated. And yet, in some cases, the performance of such devices is comparable to rotating spinners. Sometimes they even surpass them.

Especially popular fluctuating lure on pikeperch enjoys in areas remote from large settlements. Residents of provincial towns in the least affected by fashion. And the older generation remembers the time when there were no other baits besides the spinners who waver.

These adaptations of small width with a length of 6 to 10 cm are extremely effective on a pike perch. In this case, there are various tugs in this case depending on the characteristics of the reservoir.zander fishing

If you take a specific model of catchy oscillating lures for catching zander, then, of course, I want to recall the famous Kastmaster. This model occupies a leading place among these devices. Most anglers consider it the best bait for catching asp. Wiring stepped lure Kastmaster in any water layers sometimes give a wonderful result.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of this device is observed not only during the peak of activity of this predator when it is caught in the shoals, but when it flashes at great depth.

There is also another major point. It lies in the fact that the Kastmaster lure is most often faked. This is a reliable fact. Some of the fakes are almost as good as the others, while others are completely ineffective. Therefore, choosing this jig for fishing on zander, it is recommended to use only original products. This is important in this case.


Consider another type of bait on the specified individual. For most fishermen, spinning zander is a completely unfamiliar thing. This is because it is possible to catch the specified predator on traditional “turntables” only during its maximum activity in the shallows. However, rotating spinners on pikeperch with front ogruzka significantly expand opportunities in the fishing field.

Of these types of baits, we can safely recommend one of 3 models:

  • Spinner French brand Mepp’s "Lusox".
  • Ukrainian production Master.
  • Swedish - AbuGarcia "Morrum".

The popularity of these devices is explained by the fact that they can play well both in vertical free fall and during horizontal posting. Such a quality can allow, without a shadow of a doubt, to attribute spinning spinners to pike-perch with front shipping to jig baits. Therefore, they will in this case be the best option.

Another advantage of the "turntables" of this type is the high range of flight when casting. Since the preferred habitat of this fish is a body of water with a significant area, it is not very easy to identify this predator. In this regard, very convenient spinners on zander, which can be as far as possible to throw.In this case, with a small number of casts, a large amount of water is harvested. As a result, it is possible to identify the location of the specified individual.spinners on a pike perch with their own hands

Once again you should pay your attention to the fact that spinners on pike-perch with front shipping are included in the category of jig baits. Therefore, with their help, perform the appropriate corresponding wiring. It is important to know. Traditionally, the most “elegant” wiring is considered to be the “step”. Already very much attracts the attention of a predator falling and at the same time rotating petal of lures. Sometimes it is very effective slow wiring of this device along the bottom.

The disadvantage of this category of baits is their "strong clinging". It is possible to minimize this negative quality of the spinner on pike-perch with front ogruzka under certain conditions. It consists in the fact that in this case it is necessary to use double-type hooks instead of tees. This should be taken into account when deciding on which bait on a perch is better.

It should also be remembered about the traditional adaptation of the rotating type with a load, which is located on its axis.He shows remarkable results during pikeperch fishing in the evening and morning dawns.

Williams Lure

These devices are versatile and very catchable fishing gear. They are produced by the Canadian company of the same name. They are intended for catching various types of predatory fish. Their effectiveness grows in a specific season of this process. Namely, in winter or summer.bait Williams on zander

The production of devices of this type takes place in 24 complex technological stages. This underlines the high level of such bait as Williams baubles on pikeperch. Each tackle of this type is made of high-quality brass. This metal is resistant to water, not oxidized under its influence. Brass forms the desired oscillatory circuit, which attracts fish. Gold or silver provides tackles with a reliable finishing and brilliant finish that imitates the scales of fish. As a result, the bait "Williams" on zander is quite popular. It is used by many professionals in this field.

Self-made bauble "Turbinka"

I think that any fisherman thinks about such a question.On store shelves there are many bright lures, which differ in color and shape. Nevertheless, at least one copy should still be made by hand. Because a product with a piece of soul embedded in it will bring more catch. In addition, the manufacture of spinners is very interesting. For branded data devices in fishing specialized stores will have to pay a decent amount.

Necessary materials

In this case, you will need the following:

- Ordinary paper clip or thin wire.

- The size of the hook-tee.

- Metal plate. An ordinary tin can will do.

- Little bead.

- Lead.

- Appropriate tools (file, metal scissors, drill, etc.).

Manufacturing process

It should carefully consider this case. This process consists in the following actions:

  • Self-made bait on a pike perch of the given type at the first stage is made of a petal. Initially cut the required cardboard template. Then it is applied to the can. After that, the workpiece is carefully cut and processed with a file.Then two holes are drilled for the wire axis. Be sure to remove the chamfer. Surfaces with holes are bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • The next stage is mounted tee. To do this, the wire is put in a ring. Then it twists in such a way that the tee is hanging. After the bead is put on the axis and the wire is drawn into the drilled hole. If you make another loop, then there will be a place for fastening the scaffolding.
  • Next is attached cargo. Then the wings of the petal bend, which should resemble a propeller. After that, a homemade lure on a pike perch called “Turbinka” is ready.

This device must pass a preliminary test. To do this, blow on the trolling. If the petal spun, it means everything was done correctly. After that, the device is ready for the fishing process.

This individual is a kind of predator. Therefore, this lure on a pike perch with their own hands should be beautifully painted or even decorated. This will be discussed below.

How to paint a spinner on zander?

This process is important. Pike perch attention can be attracted by brightly coloring spoon.Fishermen sometimes use pieces of electrical tape of different colors for this. Often also used enamel. One of the favorite colors for pike perch is white and red. Before you start fishing on a specified individual, you need to stock up on a large arsenal of lures of various sizes, colors and shapes. These baits need careful care. After all, a predator can notice rust and other impartial details from a distance of 1-2 cm. As a result of this, the pike perch will swim away, without being tempted by the miracle bait. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor the condition of spinners. It is important to clean them on time.catch bait on zander

"Piping" for perch

This device is a hollow cylinder. It is nickel plated or chrome plated on the outside. Production of spinners on a pike perch of this type can be from copper or brass. Such a device should be 50-70 mm long and with a load of 8-10 mm in diameter. Bauble "Tube" on perch has two oblique sections. Namely, one in the place where the winding ring with the fishing line and swivel is attached. It is made at a certain angle of 30 °. The other is located on the site where the anchor (double or tee) is attached to the winding ring. The angle of this slice is 45 °.The specified anchor is masked with red wool.

This jig on pike perch has another subtlety. It lies in the fact that the location of the upper and lower holes in diameter of 2 mm should be on the opposite faces.

In general, this spinner on a perch is very compact, quite heavy and easy to manufacture. Also, if this device is made of good metal, then it does not darken after a time.

The most catchy baits on zander

These devices have a huge amount. However, the following are considered the most catchy;

- Blesna tube or "Turbinka." They are often used for specified fishing.

- Sekusha - alternation of 2 different colors will attract a predator. This lure is especially relevant in the evening or in cloudy weather.

Also on sale often can meet the bait oblong and oval shape, with a matte or shiny surface.on which bait to catch zander

To pick up a bait it is necessary proceeding from a set of factors. Namely: the color, weight fixtures, shape and features of the reservoir, as well as weather conditions.

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