Benefits and harm of tooth powder. Tooth powder: benefit or harm?

There is nothing more attractive than snow-whitesmile. It adorns a person regardless of gender and age. Today, beautiful teeth are an important factor in overall attractiveness. To achieve a dazzling smile, humanity is constantly inventing various means and techniques. The simplest thing that is available to absolutely all people is toothpaste. It is so familiar that it seems to us that he was always on the shelf in the bathroom. However, just recently our grandparents used tooth powder. Someone today will say that he is already in the past. But here some firms do not stop releasing it. What does it say? It turns out that today the product is in demand. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss such topics as the benefits and harms of dental powder.Benefit and harm of tooth powder

What it is?

When still mankind was not familiar with pasta,it conducted hygienic procedures of the oral cavity with the help of a brush and tooth powder. This is a friable substance, the basis of which is purified chalk. Also in it there are various additives, the task of which is to destroy microbes and give freshness to breathing.

In addition, remove plaque, protect fromformation of stones, to remove inflammation and to prevent its appearance was part of the duty of the drug under consideration, called "tooth powder." Was the benefit or harm from this product? This will be discussed in the next subsection of our article.

tooth powder

Positive aspects of the use of powder

All of us paid attention to the fact that our ancestorspractically did not go to doctors. This also applies to dentistry. People used tooth powder and had no health problems. Maybe it is in him the secret of how to get a beautiful and healthy smile at no extra cost? It would be nice. But the secret lies in natural nutrition and a good level of ecology. We are deprived of this today. But the benefit and harm of tooth powder make this product interesting for many people. Consider the benefits of the tool.

  1. High abrasive property. In this matter, the powder copes a little more effectively than the paste. Using the product for cleaning teeth, after the first application you can see the result. The surface of the enamel becomes smooth.
  2. Good whitening properties. Thanks to this aspect, in a short period of time a person can get rid of traces of coffee, tea and nicotine. However, if the teeth are too dark, then the powder will not help either. Such problems are solved already in the office of a specialist.
  3. This means better loosens the dental calculi than the paste. In this case, it is worth giving it a preference.
  4. Natural product. Many consumers pay much attention to this factor, and therefore they acquire tooth powder. The damage to the paste is somewhat greater for the overall health of the body. After all, it is made of chemical components.
  5. Saving. The product is sold at low prices, which makes it attractive for many people.
  6. Multifunctionality. It turns out that tooth powder is not always used for its intended purpose. In the farm, it can be useful as a means for removing stains, purifier of precious metals. Also it can be used in cosmetology as a component for various masks and scrubs.

the benefit of tooth powder

but on the other hand

Let's talk about the shortcomings of the product and see whether the benefit and harm of tooth powder are proportional.

  1. The most important minus of the means under considerationis its most advantageous factor - high abrasiveness. Frequent use of the product leads to thinning of the enamel. So in this matter you need to follow the principle of the golden mean.
  2. Inconvenient packing. As a rule, the product is produced in cardboard or plastic boxes. This does not make it comfortable to use. In addition to the fact that the product often crumbles, you have to put the brush into a powder. This method of use is a beneficial factor for the multiplication of bacteria in the product. But even from this situation you can find a way out. Some people pour a small amount of the product into a container, so as not to lower the brush into the package.

Even now we see that the use of dentifrice exceeds its harm.tooth powder harm

Mode of application

For those who have never tried to brush their teeth atit takes some time to adjust. Doing it is not as comfortable as pasta. But the task is very simple. Brush with soft bristles with water. Then dab it into a remedy and proceed with the procedure. In order not to injure the enamel and gum, the movements should be neat. After the surface of the teeth is cleaned, rinse your mouth with warm water.


In all questions it is important to know some of the nuances. In order for the benefit and harm of tooth powder to be proportionate, adhere to simple rules.

  1. Experts recommend using a brush with soft bristles. This will reduce the load on the enamel.
  2. The use of tooth powder is recommended not more often than 2-3 times a week. The rest of the days it is better to use the properly selected toothpaste.
  3. Only a comprehensive care will allow you to please other people with your smile. Use also dental floss, mouthwashes.

Recipe for cooking at home

Of course, the easiest way to buy a pharmacy is dentalpowder, the benefit and harm of which we have already considered. But there's nothing better than cooking it yourself. The plus of these manipulations is the fact that you can find the ingredients for yourself, taking into account individual needs.

tooth powder

As a basis, we suggest taking white clay. It will gently cleanse your teeth from dirt than chalk. To begin with, you can prepare a two-component agent. In a small amount of clay or chalk add a drop of eucalyptus oil or a pinch of shredded herb sage. Mix the ingredients. The product is ready for use! Then you can start experimenting. In the composition, experts recommend the introduction of black pepper, thyme, oak bark, chamomile. You can add any medicinal herbs. To grind them, use a blender or coffee grinder.

In conclusion, it remains to add that dental powder - of course, the product is good, but visiting a dentist for prevention every six months will allow you to save the beauty of your smile.

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