"Pretty Woman", actors of the cult film

Are there many films that are remembered for a lifetime after the first viewing? The melodramatic comedy “Pretty Woman” belongs to such. The actors, starring in the lead roles, played so naturally that the viewers could not but feel the story.

About the film

The well-known tale of Cinderella in a modern way - this is the main plot of the film, filmed in 1990 by director Harry Marshall. Still, “Pretty Woman” is not really a fairy tale for adults, “Pretty Woman” is a film. The actors and the roles they played were so intertwined with each other that the audience considered Richard Gere and Julia Roberts a real pair.

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In a sense, the way it was - Julia liked the well-groomed handsome Gere, and in the process of filming, they twisted the novel. But only the happy ending with the words “they lived happily ever after” in this story, unlike that shown in the movie, was not. As soon as the shooting ended, the relationship of actors ended. Richard Gere turned his attention to supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Julia Roberts

The performer of the main role - a girl of light behavior named Vivienne - Julia Roberts, was born in the autumn of 1967 in the United States of America. Her parents divorced early, mother was the only breadwinner of three children. Later, Mrs. Roberts again acquired a husband, this time he was a theater critic. But he was an aggressive and brutal man, ultimately imprisoned. Now there were already four children in the family, and to help the mother maintain the offspring, the older ones, Eric and Julia, went to work.

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Erik started making his way into the actor's environment, and Julia started working as a waitress. The name of Eric Roberts quickly flickered in the credits, and he invited his younger sister to Hollywood. But Julia was not immediately lucky. The first roles due to which she became noticeable are Daisy from Mystic Pizza and Shelby, a seriously ill, but strong and purposeful girl from Steel Magnolias. For this psychologically complex role in the Magnolias, Roberts received her first award, Golden Globe. And immediately, after this, she accepted the fateful invitation to star in the movie “Pretty Woman”.

Actors and roles (1990) in this film were very carefully selected and arranged. Simple and not yet spoiled by fame, Roberts and the Hollywood star - Gere - perfectly matched their characters. Roberts turned out to be an inimitable, honest, kind, naive and able-to-love prostitute, and at Gere - a rich man spoiled by women's attention and a workaholic who discovered that he had a heart.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere, playing the reference handsome, businessman Edward, was born in the summer of 1949 in the USA. He chose his acting profession since childhood, thanks to his studies in drama school. There were many children in their family, their parents had to be tight. However, Richard did not abandon his plan to become a famous actor. He began to seriously engage in sports, achieved great success in this matter and, thanks to this, was able to get the scholarship he needed to enter the university.

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The first step to success in Hollywood for Gear was the drama "In Search of Mr. Goodbard." This film revealed his talent and gave rise to new heights. This was followed by “The Officer and the Gentleman” and “The American Gigolo”, which the audience accepted with delight.After a series of unsuccessful paintings, he for some time withdrew from the world of cinema and plunged into Buddhism. However, in 1990 he returned to reiterate himself with the movie "Pretty Woman". On the set between the actors playing the main roles, a short-term romance spun, and after its completion, the career of both quickly went uphill.

"Pretty Woman": Actors and Roles (1990)

Although the characters Roberts and Gere are the central characters of this film, but they wouldn’t have succeeded without the charm and tension that the project brought to those who had secondary but no less important roles.

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In the movie "Pretty Woman", the supporting actors, who demonstrated their talent excellently, are: Jason Alexander, who is also Edward's aide - Stucky; Ralph Bellamy in the role of Mr. Morse; Laura San Giacomo is a charming girlfriend and colleague of Vivienne, Keith de Luc and Hector Elizondo with his role of good-natured head waiter Barney, who, by the way, was nominated for Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor. Richard Gere was also nominated, but in the end Julia Roberts won the award for the best female character in comedy.

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