Pasta "Barilla": composition and reviews

Pasta "Barilla" appeared on the shelves of Russian stores a few years ago and immediately attracted the increased attention of buyers. What is this product and what opinion does it have about consumers?

Product Description

Before answering these questions, it is necessary to get acquainted with the product itself. Barilla pasta is a product of group A. The main components for their production are water and flour, made from wheat of exceptionally hard varieties. This circumstance, of course, affects the quality of the finished product.

barilla pasta

Flour from such wheat is characterized by the fact that its composition contains a lot of gluten and very little starch. That is why the pasta "Barilla" is so convenient to cook. During the preparation of them does not stand out characteristic turbid sediment. Water during the entire cooking period remains almost transparent. Such pasta does not need to be washed, since they practically do not stick together.It speaks not only of their high quality, but also of good culinary properties. During the cooking, the hostess only has to stir the product occasionally, and then simply drain the excess liquid. After that, you can immediately add the sauce or butter and serve the finished dish to the table. Products completely retain their shape without loss of quality and appearance.

Manufacturing company

Pasta "Barilla" is the product of the famous Italian food company, which was founded in the city of Parma in 1877. Production began as a private business. Nevertheless, to this day, the company is the property of the Barilla family, and all the organizational issues are controlled by three brothers, who are heirs in the fourth generation. Over the years of its existence, the company has achieved great success. Currently, it is one of the world's largest leaders in the production of pasta. The company has offices in many countries: Greece, Germany, Austria, Sweden, USA, Russia, Australia, Japan and others. In each of them, the company built its own factories or signed long-term cooperation contracts with already existing enterprises. In Russia, it is LLC Harris CIS.Until 2002, it represented its own products in the domestic market. After joining the Barilla Group, macaroni in the famous blue packs began to be produced in its production workshops.

Rich assortment

“Barilla” - macaroni, which are produced on the most modern equipment using traditional Italian technology. In the outlets of Russia you can find more than two and a half dozen items of goods of this world-famous brand.

barilla pasta

Among them:

  • stuffed cannelloni;
  • Spaghetti Bavette;
  • spirals "Girandole" and "Fusilli";
  • Pappardelle pasta;
  • lasagna;
  • ribbed shells Conkilje Rigate;
  • Maccheroni tubes;
  • thick spaghetti "Merconcini";
  • Mezze Penne tricolor feathers;
  • wavy noodles "mafaldine";
  • Palyai Fieno and Fettucine noodle nests;
  • feathers and horns "Pipe Rigate";
  • long spaghetti of different thickness;
  • small stars "Stelline";
  • noodles "Felini";
  • spiral chellentali;
  • Piccolini pasta with carrots and tomatoes;
  • bows "Mini Farfalle";
  • feathers "Mini Penne Rigate".

Each of these products is worthy of attention and has already found its buyer.

Individual packing

On the shelves of shops is easy to learn pasta "Barilla". Photos will help to better consider the packaging of the goods to understand what product is inside.

Barilla Pasta Photo

This is mainly cardboard boxes of 0.5 and 1.0 kilogram. On all four sides, as well as at the top, the brand name is located, enclosed in two ovals of white and red. The front side contains the name and photo of the product unit to facilitate the selection process for the buyer. On the reverse side there is the most complete information about the product, and also describes in detail the method of its preparation. The contrasting bright blue color of the package not only helps to better perceive the information placed on it, but also looks advantageous on the counter, attracting the attention of more customers.

Products made in Italy are usually packed in boxes of 500 grams. Pasta, which is produced in Solnechnogorsk, Moscow Region, is usually sold in packs of 0.4 or 0.45 kilograms. However, sometimes there are also mini-packs of 200, 250 and 350 grams.Interestingly, at home, these products cost almost two times cheaper than in Russia.

Customer Reviews

Today, in any grocery store in Russia you can find macaroni "Barilla". The feedback from those who have tried this product is positive in most cases. Almost everyone notes its excellent taste and excellent organoleptic characteristics. In addition, can not but rejoice in the absence of the need to rinse the finished pasta. This saves time and allows you not to perform unnecessary gestures.

barilla pasta reviews

On each package, the manufacturer places an interesting recipe with the participation of a particular product, which helps the housewives to bring some variety to the usual daily diet of their family. Nevertheless, even such an exceptional product has several drawbacks. First, the price. For Russians, Barilla products are not a cheap treat. Not everyone can afford to constantly purchase such goods. Secondly, a special fastener, which is located in the upper part of the package, weakly holds the lid, which eliminates the possibility of long-term storage of the opened box. Although this may not be necessary.Delicious pasta is usually eaten very quickly.

Energy and nutritional value

The main characteristics of this product deserve special attention. What are the unique pasta "Barilla"? The caloric value of one serving of such products is 359 kcal. They have almost no fat (2 grams), little protein (14 grams) and a lot of carbohydrates (69.7 grams). In addition, the products contain sodium (5 grams) and dietary fiber (3 grams). With this composition, these pasta can be safely given to children. True, the increased caloric content does not allow to eat them often in order to avoid undesirable consequences. But the fact that even a small amount of such a product in the morning can quickly satisfy hunger, as well as provide the necessary energy and strength for the whole day, is pleased.

Barilla Calorie Pasta

It should be noted that due to the use of durum wheat, such pasta can be eaten even by people with diabetes, as they do not affect blood sugar levels. A well-designed dough composition allows you to get a product with perfect taste. Such pasta can be eaten even without sauce and other seasonings.

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