Ask a dream book: a suitcase with things for what dream?

People treat dreams differently: some believe in them unconditionally, others believe that it is stupid to believe in something that was dreaming, others simply do not remember them and, waking up in the morning, do not even try to remember them. There is a large group of people who prefer the scientific rationale of dreams.

Nevertheless, even those people who do not consider what they see in a dream as an omen do not refuse to look into the dream book at the first opportunity if the dream was unusual, vivid and memorable.dreamer suitcase

Why dream of a suitcase?

In real life, we can not do without a suitcase, if we are going on a trip or move. We will not conceal that we often store in it unwanted things in the closet. Any dream specialist will tell you that there is nothing surprising in such a dream if you are going on a vacation or a business trip. During a night's sleep, your brain draws you a picture of what you think in reality.

But how to explain such a vision, if you are not going anywhere, and indeed, are you a hardened homebody? We offer you to look into some dream books.Suitcase in different editions can mean a difficult period in business, relocation and even health problems. As you can see, the interpretations are quite diverse, the more interesting, as they are presented in different collections. dream book to collect a suitcase

Dream Dream

In this dream book interpretation of the suitcase is also quite interesting. The vision is interpreted as a close change in life, departure, some kind of mystery, which will soon be revealed. Dreambook purchase of a new suitcase is explained as the birth of a new love. And an open and empty trunk threatens to be disappointed in love.

How does the dream book explain the fees for the trip? Collect a suitcase - auspicious sleep. It means that in real life you will be able to put things in order. This collection is divided into two parts: for women and men. If (according to this dream book) a man sees a suitcase, he is expected to have sex with a young girl. Such a dream, seen by a woman, speaks of her unwillingness to enter into a close relationship with a man. dream book a suitcase with things

Family Dream

It is not always dreaming of traveling travel bag. Various kinds of failures are predicted in this case by a family dream-book: a suitcase in which things are in terrible confusion speaks of an imminent quarrel with someone from the family. In this case, the upcoming trip will not bring you neither joy nor pleasure.

A suitcase without things is seen in a dream by a person who is destined to be disappointed in marriage and love. If you often travel on official business and in a dream you see that you are checking the contents of your baggage, rest assured that the trip will be successful. If you dream that the suitcase is too small and the necessary things do not fit in it, then you will have the material well-being associated with the promotion.dream book to lose a suitcase

When a young woman dreams that she cannot open a suitcase, the dream book predicts that it will charm a wealthy person, but this relationship will be doomed: circumstances will not allow you to succeed. If she could not close the suitcase, the journey will certainly disappoint her.

Dream Miller

The famous author, who compiled this dream book, considered the suitcase as a prediction of two situations: financial success and career growth (if you cannot close the overflowing bag).

At the same time, there are special interpretations in it: an empty suitcase foreshadows disappointments in the marital relationship and in love in general. An unmarried girl who is trying to open a keyed suitcase, the dream book heralds a meeting with a wealthy young man.dream book stole a suitcase

Freund's Dream

According to Freud, packing a suitcase on the road means a quarrel with loved ones. Moreover, the quarrel will be so serious that you will not be able to forget the insults from the words spoken for a long time. Buying a suitcase indicates that you are currently in a very difficult situation and very much hoping for the help of a friend.

If you carry a heavy suitcase with things, the dream book of Miller explains with a huge number of complexes with which the person who saw the dream is burdened.

Esoteric dream book

By purchasing an empty suitcase in a dream, you will gain the opportunity to gain new knowledge, to replenish the baggage of your impressions. How does the dream book explain the loss of baggage? Losing a suitcase in a dream means that someone will take advantage of the fruits of your labor. Carrying someone else's luggage is a dream warning: you assign someone else's intellectual work and thereby break the law.

Intimate dream

As in most dream books, a suitcase, collected on the road, means a quarrel with someone close to you. And many unnecessary and unpleasant words will be said. Purchasing a travel bag means that you are in a difficult situation and are counting on the help and support of your friends.

Pile of mass complexes means a heavy suitcase. They prevent you from living, but you are lazy and do not even try to deal with them. Such behavior can plunge you into problems even more.dream interpretation interpretation of a suitcase

The dream of the witch Medea

A heavy big trunk filled with things means that you cannot cope with the circumstances. An empty suitcase promises trouble (breakdown of relations, problems at work, a failed trip).

The sorceress Medea associates a suitcase with our past, feelings, thoughts, aspirations. Therefore, she believes that the suitcase dreams when a person has matured desire to change something in their destiny, to make an attempt to bring the relationship to a new level.

Modern dream book

The basic interpretation of this dream comes down to two points: long journeys and failure. But he gives more detailed comments on this dream. The scattered things in the suitcase predict speedy quarrels and an insufficiently planned trip that will not bring pleasure.

Empty suitcases predict disappointment in family life and love. Representatives of trade checking the contents of their luggage promises success in business and foreshadows a comfortable life.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

If in a dream you see that you are collecting things for a long trip, then in reality your relationship with your superiors is far from perfect. Crouching on your suitcase "on track" can predict a delay in receiving money that you owe for the work done.

Carrying a bag too heavy means having to do the work that another employee had to do. A suitcase full of paper money promises great disappointment in life. His bag, thrown into the dustbin, foreshadows difficulties in relations with business partners, and possibly a complete break with them.

If in a dream you found someone's suitcase, then you can expect a little joy. In addition, you will regret some unused chance and indulge in nostalgic feelings.

Pay attention to details.

No one dream specialist can explain to you how your future life will be if you just say: "I had a dream about a suitcase." You will definitely need to clarify the details:

  • what size and color was the bag;
  • whether it was filled with things or something else;
  • in which he was able to;
  • how he came to be with you;
  • what happened to him later

And only having received all these data, you can fully decipher the night dream.


The look of the suitcase itself is important. In this case, we are talking about its size, color, etc. If you remember these details, the essence of the prediction will be indicated.

Old or new

An old suitcase filled with things means a wake-up call for a woman: you may have serious problems with the organs of the urinogenital system. If a man sees such a dream, then he is most likely deeply disappointed in female love and loyalty.

A new suitcase, as a rule, is associated with the sexual sphere. To a man, such a dream promises a love affair, and to a woman, purity.

Baggage loss

Dreams associated with the loss of luggage, dreaming quite often. How do dreamers interpret this situation? They stole a suitcase in a dream and you found a thief? It speaks of a deceitful person in your environment. If you have learned this person in a dream - boldly break off relations with him in real life or treat him with caution, reduce contact with him to a minimum. dreaming suitcase to see

The loss of a suitcase means in most collections that your labors will not bring the proper result.A suitcase filled with paper money suggests that someone will try to use the fruits of your labor.

Much nicer if you find metal coins in your suitcase. It is a symbol of successful events in the course of travel, new profitable connections, a comfortable life.

Quite often, dream books associate a suitcase with things with a kind of junk, old relationships and obligations that hinder you in life. Therefore, if in a dream you lose it, it means that in reality you will be able to get rid of the circumstances.

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