What does the smell of urine indicate?

Urine is a fluid excreted by the kidneys for the final removal of decay products such as salts and alkalis from the body. If the human body is healthy, it has a light yellow color and a slightly pronounced peculiar smell. In the same case, if the urine has an unpleasant "odor", it is necessary to consult a urologist, since this is the first indicator of the presence of diseases in the genitourinary system.bad smell of urine

What diseases can indicate an unpleasant smell of urine

It is known that the reproduction of harmful microorganisms in the urinary and urethral parts of the kidneys changes the color and properties of this fluid. Therefore, if urine smells of ammonia, we can talk about the presence of inflammation in the body, which is caused by a number of reasons (hypothermia, foreign bodies, pyelonephritis, etc.).

Luscious smell

The sugary-sweet smell of urine usually indicates the presence of diabetes mellitus, which is also accompanied by intense thirst, expressed in the morning edema and nighttime urination.The unpleasant smell of urine (it smells of rot or feces) may indicate the beginning of the decomposition of organs,fishy smell of urinedirectly adjacent to the urogenital system. For example, it may be infectious diseases of the genital organs, the presence of adhesions or fistulas.

Fish smell of urine

This "flavor", as a rule, indicates an increase in the level of the hormone of the adrenal cortex - methionine. This phenomenon indicates the presence in the kidneys, ureters or bladder of foreign entities that the body is trying to eliminate with methionine. The acidic smell of urine can be triggered by such a rare mutant disease as phenylketonuria. Its feature is the negative impact on the central nervous system. "Flavor" usually appears after ingestion of products such as tinted carbonated drinks, chewing gum, candy, marmalade, etc.

Smell after intercourse

Sometimes after intercourse, urine also changes its smell. The reason - a violation of the acidity of the vagina in a woman or a violation of the normal microflora of both partners, which can be caused by the presence of such infectious diseases as chlamydia, gonorrhea, vaginitis or urethritis.

sour urine smellAnd a little bit about men

In prostate adenoma, a sharp, unpleasant smell of urine is also possible. It arises from the fact that the walls of the prostate squeeze the urinary canal and creates the feeling that not all the fluid is out. Meanwhile, its remains accumulate, causing fermentation with the reproduction of harmful microorganisms. It is also worth noting that the above symptoms occur with the abuse of beer, fatty, spicy and salty foods.

So conclusions

Having found one of the listed signs in himself or his relatives, it is necessary to consult a doctor in order for him to prescribe a complete comprehensive treatment. As for folk remedies (various diuretic fees), they should be taken for the purpose of prevention, not for treatment, and only after consultation with the doctor, since the unpleasant smell of urine can be associated with diseases of other organs and body systems.

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