Aphorisms about teachers and students - a list and interesting facts

We all once went to school. It was a golden time, memories of which will be stored in our soul all our life. And such distant feelings for the first school experienced even our distant ancestors. It was they who composed many aphorisms about teachers and students, which we gladly use in our everyday speech. We will talk about the most popular of them today.

"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills its students."

When you try to remember aphorisms about teachers, this one comes to mind first. After all, there really is no teacher in our life that is better than time. Good grades obtained at school and college do not always help to achieve success. Life is very unpredictable, it teaches a lot to a person who is ready to draw a conclusion from her lessons. But, unfortunately, we are all mortal. Therefore, no matter how well we study in real educational institutions, and then directly from life itself, we will all have one result.That is why wise people are trying to convince their compatriots that they should not be so serious about everything. It is necessary to live every day interestingly, and not sitting on the unloved work. There is no sense in postponing our undertakings for the next week, because we cannot be sure that it will come for us.aphorisms about teachersTherefore, you need to learn from your own experience and not look at what others think about it, who are afraid to change something in life.

“A pupil will never surpass a teacher if he sees a sample in him, not an opponent”

This interesting statement says that the competitive moment must be present in any training. Most aphorisms about teachers tell us that we must imitate our older comrades, and try to become like them. But popular thought, written above, says the opposite. If a student only imitates his teacher, he will be able to achieve the same success as his mentor. But if a young man will compete and take the initiative, then he can easily surpass his teacher. But a good mentor is exactly what he wants to achieve.It includes tests and tests in studies, so that students can compete with each other. But also an experienced teacher sets homework, where the student can generate their ideas in the field of study. The teacher must challenge the student's activities and see how much his ward can stand up for himself and for his idea.aphorisms on teacher's dayAnd winning such a dispute, the student will feel great.

"That student who is not superior to his teacher is sorry."

This statement is similar to the previous one, or rather, flows from it. Aphorisms about teachers and pupils were invented by our ancestors, who noticed that for the rapid development of society, students should surpass their teachers. And if this trend will be traced year after year, then our country will make a rapid leap in development. But, unfortunately, this aphorism about the teacher in life can be found infrequently. But the students are not to blame for this. Children need to educate and motivate learning.funny aphorisms about teachersResponsibility for the intellectual development of the child always lies with the teacher. And if a young man does not do mathematics, and does not like this subject at all, then the teacher must be blamed first of all.You need to be able to find an approach to all children, even the most difficult. After all, exactly when the student will go to classes with joy, he will be able to surpass his teacher in the future.

"Who can, does; who does not know, teaches others"

One of the best quotes about studying. Many people disagree with its meaning and say that the teacher is a necessary and respected profession. Undoubtedly, it is. But after all about teachers quotations and aphorisms evolved over the centuries. And it was scientifically determined that a person chooses a teaching career precisely when he no longer has a chance to be creatively realized. Of course, this is a general rule, and it does not apply to those people who go to teaching only for the sake of money. It is worth looking at examples, and everything at once becomes clear. Experienced skaters who perform at the Olympics become teachers only when their professional athlete’s career has already been completed.teacher quotes and aphorismsThey cannot achieve more in sports, so they go to teach others. Similarly, things are in art. Held musicians perform on stage, but those people who could not develop their careers, go to teach music to others.

“When setting homework, teachers tag students and get parents”

This funny quote has a pretty truthful meaning. Funny aphorisms about teachers are not uncommon. After all, it is humor that sometimes helps students to survive complex and incomprehensible subjects at school. The aphorism cited above is familiar to all parents whose children go to school. Today, many young mothers, solving the tasks of their first-grader son, think about whether they would not go to school again. But these are simple examples of addition and subtraction. And how to help my son with physics in grade 10? Many parents hire tutors for this purpose. But, one way or another, teachers should also understand that it is impossible to punish children with complex homework. After all, everyone knows that students always try to share such work with their relatives.aphorisms about teachers and students

"That teacher is good, whose words do not disagree with the case"

In his example, the teacher should show that you need to be able to answer for your words. That is, one cannot contradict oneself; pupils have a very good memory for trifles. For example, if a teacher says that you cannot chew gum in a lesson, then he himself should not chew it.Otherwise, this injustice may reflect badly on the teacher’s reputation. But the gum example is still a trifle. Many teachers show cowardice when they say that the entire control class will be punished for bad behavior, and then not punished. Such a teacher, children can safely sit on the neck. In general, the stick can not bend. Like any decent person, the teacher must keep his word and not deceive his charges.aphorisms about school and teachers

"School teachers have the power that prime ministers can only dream of"

This statement of Winston Churchill is still widely known among many people. Aphorisms are often used on teacher's day, but this one beats all records in popularity. The teacher educates the future of our country and only in his power to make it bright. But, unfortunately, as in any other work, there are good specialists, and there are medium-sized teachers. Profession teacher today is not popular. This is not surprising, few people want to spend their time and effort and get the minimum wage for it. It is easier for a young specialist to go to a call center, where there is less responsibility, and they give more money.This trend is known to all, including the government, but no one solves the problem. After all, thanks to a good teacher, children will be able to reach their full potential. And what can a mediocre teacher do? The maximum of its capabilities is not to ruin the child’s desire to learn.

"A bad teacher presents the truth; a good teacher teaches her to find."

This statement well demonstrates how to go through the learning process. There are a lot of aphorisms about teachers and students, but this one has the greatest value. It is difficult to get a student to learn this or that formula. But if this student independently proves the theorem several times, then the formula will automatically be deposited in the head. The same should be the case on other subjects, for example, on history. It is difficult to force a child to learn the results of the Second World War. But if you do differently? After all, every student will be able to take stock, if you give him time to think. And self-classified information is remembered much better than what someone else brought out.aphorisms about teachers and learningThis policy can be used on all subjects, but the main task of the teacher is to teach the child to get to the truth on their own in all areas of life, and not just in school.

"The teacher must have a maximum of authority and a minimum of power"

And finally, we will explain the essence of another aphorism about the school and teachers. The teacher should, first of all, be a friend and mentor for the student. Nobody likes dictators, even small children. The teacher must be an authority in the class, his opinion should mean a lot to each of the students. It is on this and need to build relationships. Because if you try to subdue the students with the help of moral or physical strength, then great success will be impossible to achieve. Imposed power always wants to throw. Even if the dictator shares children's opinions, students will still be able to act out of spite. To avoid this, there is only one way - to try to become a senior friend and mentor for your students.

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Aphorisms about teachers and students - a list and interesting facts 52

Aphorisms about teachers and students - a list and interesting facts 53

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Aphorisms about teachers and students - a list and interesting facts 90

Aphorisms about teachers and students - a list and interesting facts 70

Aphorisms about teachers and students - a list and interesting facts 96

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