Antigadin for cats: reviews, instructions for use and effectiveness

With the advent of a fluffy kitten in the house, not only pleasant chores arise, but also certain responsibilities. The animal can crap in any unwanted place until it is accustomed to the tray. Sometimes the cat chooses a certain angle, and time after time does its business in this place. To wean her to relieve the need where it is forbidden, professional breeders recommend buying "Antigadin" for cats. Reviews of pet owners testify to the effectiveness of the drug and the simplicity of its use.

antigadin for cats reviews

Scope of application

Sometimes not only little kittens, but also adult cats can start shitting in the wrong place. To get rid of the problem, you must use the tool "Antigadin" for cats. Reviews help decide on the purchase of the drug and the appropriateness of its use.

Spray is designed to wean the animal to defend the need in an inappropriate place. Liquid is sprayed in all corners, under the bed or in the bathroom.The smell, which is absolutely not felt by man, scares the cat, and it ceases to spoil it.

In veterinary stores such tools usually presents a wide variety. Each consumer, faced with a problem, wants to find the best "Antigadin" for cats. Reviews of popular drugs show that basically all of them are quite effective, and help wean the animal to shit in forbidden places. Available in the form of a spray or liquid. Which one to choose depends on the extent of the problem and the personal preferences of the breeder.

antigadin for cats himol

Main action

The most common remedy that veterinarians often advise is Antigadin for cats called Himol. He is a domestic drug and, judging by the reviews, successfully helps to teach the cat to the tray. In addition to directly weaning the animal to shit where it is not laid, the spray successfully fights the sharp smell of urine. This makes the tool popular with cat / cat owners, because it is quite difficult to get rid of the persistent odor of feces.

antigadin for cats reviews Price

The main purpose of the spray is to wean the pet to go to the toilet in the wrong places.Basically, all drugs have the same principle of action.

How to use

If the cat has chosen a favorite corner and stubbornly avoids the tray, then this place should be thoroughly cleaned. For the treatment is recommended to use chlorine-containing drugs. They not only help to remove odor, but also scare animals by themselves. However, such measures alone are not enough. The fight will be much more effective if you buy "Antigadin" for cats. Reviews show that the spray justifies its purpose, and the pet no longer goes to the toilet in the favorite corner.

Using the tool is quite simple:

  1. Remove protective cap.
  2. Spray sprayed from a distance of 25-30 cm. And it is not necessary to save. It is necessary to carry out processing carefully. To do this, hold the spray button for at least 5 seconds.
  3. It must be remembered that the effect of the drug does not occur immediately. It is important to monitor the animal so that it does not mark its territory. Only after 3 hours does a scaring effect occur.
  4. Treatment is recommended every day until the cat / cat has a feeling of lasting disgust.The animal often comes to this place, but, barely sniffing, runs away. If this behavior is observed, then the drug has had its effect.

It is necessary to teach the cat to the tray at the same time. If you need to use special tools designed for this.

antigadin spray for cats reviews

Drug benefits

If an animal has chosen a corner for its needs, experts advise using Antigadin spray for cats. Consumer reviews show that the drug has no unpleasant smell. The person practically does not feel it.

Means is absolutely not toxic. It is not forbidden to be used in homes where young children and the elderly live. As part of the special components that react to cats, but for humans and the health of the pet, they have no effect.

It is also important for housewives that the spray does not leave indelible stains on furniture, carpets or other surfaces. Therefore, it can be used on any surfaces.

Sometimes you can find reviews that mark the unpleasant smell of the spray and the manifestations of allergic reactions. But this applies to individual cases of intolerance to the components.Therefore, before buying it is recommended to study the composition of the product to avoid these problems.

antigadin remedy for cats reviews

Possible problems

According to the manufacturers of Atigadin, there are no contraindications for its use. It does not cause side effects. There are reviews that the spray was ineffective, and the cat continues to defend the need in the wrong places. Experts in this case, advise in more detail to understand the problem and find out the reasons why the cat does not go to the tray. The following factors are possible:

  1. The animal is too clean. If the owners do not pay enough attention to the hygiene of the tray, then the pet is looking for a cleaner place.
  2. Tray does not fit. Perhaps it is too big or, conversely, small. It is necessary to estimate the size of the cat and find the optimal one. In addition, you should pay attention to its smell. Low cost options can give off an unpleasant plastic smell. Also, do not handle the tray strongly smelling means.
  3. Perhaps the animal is not satisfied with the location of its toilet. It is not necessary to equip it in the place where the cat eats. Also, it can interfere with children or other households. It is worth choosing a secluded quiet corner.
  4. The problem may be in the filler. By trial and error, you can choose the best option.
  5. If the cat is not neutered, he will want to mark his territory. With such a pet you need to be strict and stop such attempts.

best antigadin for cats reviews

Folk remedies

Many hostesses do not trust industrial preparations and seek to use folk remedies. You can make yourself "Antigadin" for cats. Reviews and how to do it yourself will consider below.

You can wipe problem areas with vodka or a solution of 9% vinegar. Such scents scare away the animal, and it will not spoil here. Some prefer to use more pleasant aromas. It is known that cats can not stand the smell of citrus. Therefore, you can use the juice of orange or lemon. The most experienced housewives use a decoction of wormwood. You can use the famous star.

These funds have an effect. However, if the problem is acute, it is worth choosing an industrial "Anti-Badine" for cats. Reviews show that folk remedies do not have a lasting effect. Only professional spray retains its properties for several days.

The composition of "Antihadin"

Many are afraid to use the tool, claiming that it has an unsafe composition. However, it is not. The formula "Antigadine" contains only natural ingredients. The main active ingredients are:

  1. Herbal extracts.
  2. Essential oils.

In addition, in addition to directly weaning cats to spoil in the wrong places, the spray reliably eliminates the unpleasant smell. Many who have used "Antigadin" for cats, reviews leaves only grateful. Even the inveterate odor of urine that could not be removed by other means disappears. All components of the tool are safe when used as directed.

Cost of the drug

For those who wish to purchase "Antigadin" for cats, reviews and price turn out to be paramount. User feedback is pretty convincing. Many who used the spray claim that the cat no longer goes to the wrong place, and it is easier to accustom it to the tray. The hostesses appreciated the ease of use and the ability to use the product on light carpets and upholstered furniture. Laminate flooring and also will not be affected if you use the drug.

Spray "Antigadin" can be purchased at any veterinary pharmacy. Its cost ranges from 80 to 200 rubles. Price depends on location and method of purchase. As a rule, in regions and small towns the choice is not rich, so the cost of the drug may be somewhat overestimated.

antigadin for cats reviews how to do it yourself


In most cases, "Antigadin" helps to cope with the problem. However, if the tool does not fit, you can use other methods. Veterinarians are advised to wipe the places where the cat loves to urinate, a rag with her smell. Rags first spend on the neck of the animal. It is there that pheromones are produced, to which the pet reacts. Feeling your smell, the animal will not be a shit in this place.

Caring for a pet, well-chosen tray and filler will help the cat to quickly get used to, and she will cease to spoil in the wrong places.

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