Andrei Derzhavin: biography and creativity

In the second half of the 80s and throughout the nineties, people were well acquainted with the work of a talented composer and musician named Andrei Derzhavin. On his account there are a lot of solo songs and compositions, as well as works that he performed as a member of the musical group "Stalker". With the advent of the new century, Andrei Derzhavin becomes a keyboard player in the Time Machine group, thus opening his second wind in the world of creativity and music. What else interesting on the life and career of this wonderful man happened?

Life path

The future musician was born in the most ordinary Soviet family, in the Komi Republic, in the city of Ukhta on September 20, 1963. Drezavin's parents were far from music, but he was sent to study this type of art. From the earliest years, he has made tremendous progress in this industry: not only did he play the classical repertoire perfectly on the piano, but he also composed his first melodies.At the end of the piano course, Andrei Derzhavin picks up a guitar and masters a new instrument. After completing a secondary school, the young man enters the only institute in his hometown - Industrial, where he receives a diploma of higher education.

Andrei Derzhavin in the 80s

The beginning of a creative way

In his younger years, the biography of Andrei Derzhavin began to develop in a creative direction. With his fellow student Sergey Kostrov, he organized a musical group called "Stalker". For a long time, young people played exclusively instrumental music, which they themselves composed. But by about 1985, they realized that they were in the shadows because their songs simply could not be sung and conveyed in words. Then it was decided to write full-fledged hits, to compose not only music, but also poetry. Derzhavin got the microphone position, while Kostrov accompanied him.

First takeoff

The very first songs of Andrei Derzhavin and Sergey Kostrov were given the highest score in the Philharmonic of the city of Syktyvkar. The directorate of this institution organized a tour of the cities of the Soviet Union to them as part of the concert program, which brought unprecedented fame to the guys."Stalker" was the personification of pop music of the mid-80s. The compositions of this group were enjoyed not only by young people, but also by the more mature generation. Songs like “Stars,” “Anna, Honey,” “I Want Rain,” “Your Eyes,” and others, became hits and sounded on all radio stations.

Andrei Derzhavin and his wife

In 1989, the group "Stalker" goes on tour to Moscow. There, the guys get acquainted with Alexander Kutikov, who writes songs for Time Machine, and in the ensemble with him record their new hits. At the same time, the first clips of Derzhavin and Kostrov are filming, which are broadcast in the “Morning Post” program. This is a video for the songs "I Believe" and "Three Weeks". After such a loud premiere of the "Stalker" the whole country is already buzzing.

The climax of triumph

Meeting the new, 1990, year, "Blue Light" presented to the public a new hit called "Do not Cry, Alice". Andrei Derzhavin, who wrote this song, instantly became popular with his partner Sergey Kostrov. It was a period of unprecedented fame and even hysteria, which was formed around the personality of the singer. Distraught fans guard Andrew at his house, at the recording studio, just on the street or near the car.

With sad triumph came the sad news: the song "Do not cry, Alice" was the last joint work of Derzhavin and Kostrov. In 1992, the group broke up and last performed at the concert "Song of the Year" in 1993 as a token of memory.

Andrei Derzhavin in his youth

Beginning of a solo career

In the mid-90s, the roads of Andrey and Sergey begin to diverge. Kostrov is engaged in his project called "Lolita", and Derzhavin begins his solo career, becoming the most popular singer of that time. In 1994, he released another hit called "Cranes", which also becomes his pass ticket to the ranks of the judges at the children's competition "Morning Star". In parallel, he releases several more albums, including "The Best Songs", "Dancing on the Roof" and "By itself".

Top hits

Working on television and at the same time engaging in creative work, Andrei Derzhavin does not get tired to amaze his fans. In the second half of the 90s he recorded such hits as “Forget about me”, “For the first time”, “Merry swing”, “The one that goes into the rain”, “Natasha” and others. He collaborates with other performers: Alyona Apina and Vyacheslav Dobrynin. And records joint songs: "Do not forget your friends" and "A few hours of love."

Derzhavin on stage

An interesting detail. In the early 1990s, Drezavin became friends with Igor Talkov.Alas, Andrew was at that ill-fated concert, during which Talc died, so he personally grieved for this loss. After the death of his friend, he in every possible way helped his family - his wife and son. In memory of Igor, Derzhavin once performed his legendary song "Summer Rain" at his solo concert.

Last album

The creative activity of Andrei Drezavin continues in our time. In 2016, he left the group "Time Machine", where he played for 16 years as a keyboard player. In the same year, he decided to combine his best songs and make one legendary album out of them. This release was released under the name of "Favorites" and even despite the fact that the new century is flourishing at full speed, it scattered instantly. It includes the following popular tracks of Andrei Derzhavin: "Katya-Katerina", "Cranes", "The One That Goes to the Night", "Someone Else's Wedding", "When You Leave", "Song About Brother" and, of course, " Don't cry, Alice. " These are hits from different times, but all of them fell in love with people very much.

Andrei Derzhavin on vacation

Nowadays Derzhavin is no longer so actively involved in television and creative life, and devotes more time to his family.

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