An ulcer in the tongue in children: causes and methods of treatment

The mucous membrane of the mouth all the time interacts with various environmental stimuli, including also adverse factors. In some cases, the body reacts to such irritation, and as a result, the child has an ulcer - a place of erosion and inflammation. Such sores are usually found on the tongue, gums or palate. They are always accompanied by painful discomfort, itching, eating becomes a real torture, especially hot, sweet or salty. Since the reasons for the appearance of an ulcer in the child’s tongue are quite diverse, their therapy is also not easy.have a baby in the language of sores photo

Causes of ulcers

Stomatitis can act as a symptom of various kinds of diseases. The pathological process sometimes manifests itself not only in the oral cavity, it can sometimes even spread to the digestive organs and the esophagus. In addition, ulcers in the tongue may indicate quite serious diseases that require the observation and diagnosis of a qualified specialist.The most likely causes of the appearance of a sore tongue in children are infections (viral, fungal or bacterial lesions), allergic reactions, mechanical injuries, reduced immunity, pulpitis, caries, and other diseases.

Aphthous stomatitis

This kind of stomatitis can be not only in children, but also in adults. The disease manifests itself in the form of ulcers in the language, having a rounded shape, their size - from one millimeter. They are quite worried about the child and cause him to feel unwell. If you try to remove the aphthae, the mucous membrane of the tongue under them will bleed. It is impossible to identify with accuracy the reasons for their appearance. Treatment of sores in the tongue of the child (photo below) will be considered.
sore tongue in childrenThis form of stomatitis develops due to factors such as genetic predisposition; various eating disorders, in particular the lack of vitamins B9 and B12, iron, ascorbic acid; stress; reaction to hygiene products (for example, toothpaste); food allergy. If the disease progresses easily, then it lasts no more than ten days, and the aphthae disappear without a trace after that. In severe cases, the inflammatory process lasts about two months.Ulcers that do not heal for a long time leave scars on the mucous membrane of the tongue. In addition, this disease has a predisposition to a chronic course, which is characterized by periods of exacerbation and remission.

What else can a child have in the language of sores (photo also presented)?

Candida stomatitis

Candida stomatitis, or thrush, is a disease that occurs because of the fungus Candida. It is most often seen in young children. Often provokes the appearance of sores, the use of various kinds of antibacterial drugs. In children with reduced immunity, infections are most often exacerbated. The main difference between candidal stomatitis is sores of different sizes, which appear both on the tongue and on the oral mucosa. At the same time, they are covered with characteristic white bloom, which is very difficult to remove. If you remove the plaque, then the language will remain bleeding wounds. There is also severe itching. During the culmination of the disease in children there is a lack of appetite, poor sleep and restless behavior. These signs disappear only when the sores on the tongue in children completely disappear.the child has white sores

Herpetic stomatitis

The cause of herpetic stomatitis is herpes simplex virus. This disease is accompanied by the appearance on the mucous membrane of the mouth and tongue of small vesicles with transparent contents, which are arranged in groups. They quickly collapse and eventually become quite painful ulcers. The body temperature can also increase, and the healing of ulcers of this kind is carried out within two weeks.

A sore tongue in children may be allergic.

Allergic stomatitis

Allergic stomatitis is characterized by the appearance in the tongue of sores and red spots that are connected to each other. Very often, along with these symptoms, there are also swelling of the skin of the face and lips. If the allergen is eliminated, then in a few days all signs of stomatitis of this type will disappear. Allergies can be caused by the following reasons: eating foods that are not tolerated by a child; the use of hygiene items, such as toothpaste with the addition of flavors; topical drugs; fillings, dentures and braces.sore tongue in a child's treatment

When do you need to sound the alarm during stomatitis?

Many parents, seeing the sores in the language of their child, do not immediately go to the doctor, but try to get rid of this disease at home, which often brings negative results. In the presence of a mild form of inflammation, it usually lasts no more than ten days and is quite well treated. However, there are situations when self-medication only hurts. It is necessary to consult a specialist as soon as possible if the child has at least one of the following symptoms:

- the appearance of ulcers accompanied by skin rash;

- ulcers exceed one centimeter in diameter;

- along with stomatitis there is an increased temperature, reaching 38 degrees or higher;

- stomatitis is a reaction to taking any medication;

- Stomatitis becomes worse every month or more often;

- before old ulcers heal, new ones appear;

- the disease lasts longer than twenty-one days, and the positive effect of the treatment is not observed.sores in the tongue of the child's cause

If the sores appear in a child in the first year of life, then the doctor should be consulted immediately. What to do when a child has white sores in the tongue?

Treatment methods

To choose a method of treatment, it is necessary to determine which form of the disease is present in the child. The doctor prescribes individual therapy after the patient is examined. You should not take on their own various antiviral or antibacterial agents. To alleviate the child's condition a little at home, you can use such methods.

- Rinsing with a solution of soda: for this, one teaspoon of soda is poured into one hundred and fifty milliliters of boiled water, and then cooled a little. It is necessary to rinse your mouth with a warm solution every three hours. The young child should be treated with a cotton swab moistened with this solution.

- Gels containing anesthetics. If there are ulcers not only in the tongue, but also on the mucous membrane of the cheeks and gums, you can buy special gels in the pharmacy, in which there are painkillers. It should be applied every four hours to the affected areas with a thin layer. You can not use these gels for more than five days without the supervision of a qualified technician. Treatment of sores in the tongue of the child should be comprehensive.sores in the tongue of the child photo treatment

Additional treatments

In addition to the conventional methods of treatment of stomatitis in children, there are also specific methods that are determined by each specific form of inflammation.

Thus, in case of herpetic stomatitis, the doctor will prescribe a drug that suppresses the activity of the virus that caused the disease. Their main active ingredient will be acyclovir. At the child in a year of an ulcer in language appear often.

If stomatitis is of an angular nature (bunches), then the child is more likely to be prescribed such drugs that compensate for the iron deficiency in the small body. This can be achieved through various foods only for a long period (and not even in one year). Foods that contain iron (such as apples, meat, nuts, beans) can only maintain the level of iron in the body. And only special medicines can increase it.child year sores in the tongue

If you develop aphthous stomatitis, which lasts more than fifteen days, you need to re-see a doctor.

Unfortunately, children do not have any special prevention of sores in the tongue. So, even an ordinary injury to the oral mucosa with a solid piece of food or a toy can cause it.But it is worth noting that when a child has a stable and strong immunity, the chances of developing the disease are much less.

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