Alexey Yagudin: biography, family and children, sports career, Olympic awards and achievements, photos

What happens in the life and career of figure skater Alexei Yagudin, are not only interested in his fans. It is always curious to watch a creative, diversified person, rejoice in his new achievements. Climbing up to Olympus in his sports career, he, having left a great sport, continues to participate in various ice shows. In his life, family and children occupy the main place.

From the biography of Lesha

Alexey Yagudin was born in St. Petersburg 03/18/1980. Zoya Fedorova, Alexey's mother, was a research assistant at the Institute of Automation and Computer Technologies. Father was also associated with computer technology. Parents separated when Lesha was four years old. Sometimes my father visited me, so Alexey remembers these meetings fragmentary.But soon they became rare, and then completely stopped: my father left for Germany. A boy in early childhood was a painful child, and, in order to strengthen his son's health, Zoya Fedorovna assigned him to the section of figure skating.

Alexey Yagudin with mom

In 1997, Alexey received a high school diploma and a silver medal. Then there was a study at the St. Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture, after which he became an Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation.

Alexey's first coaches

The first coach Lesha became Alexander Mayorov. This man, like a real tutor, took the first steps with Alexey on the ice and worked with a guy for eight years. As the kid learns to walk, so Alyosha learned to slide on the ice. In 1992, Maiorov was offered coaching in Sweden. Before leaving, he recommended Alexey as a promising figure skater to his former coach, Alexey Mishin. He trained and led to the victories of many successful athletes.

Alexey began to engage in a group of guys, among whom was his future competitor - Zhenya Plushenko. Under the leadership of the new coach, he has achieved significant results. Having got to the junior world championship for the first time, Alexey takes the fourth place, and in two years he receives gold at the same championship.

At his first Olympics in Nogano in 1998, the skater caught a cold and made a program with a high temperature. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the 17-year-old native of Leningrad limited itself to fifth place.

Alexey Yagudin and Alexey Mishin

Why did Alex leave for Tarasova?

In his interviews, Aleksey told us repeatedly why he went to another coach, Tarasova, although he was warned that he could not see the high pedestal steps with her. It’s just that at the age of 19, Alexey realized that Mishin was in a stalemate when it was difficult to give equal attention to Alexey Yagudin and Evgeny Plushenko. It was clear that someone would win, and someone would lose. That is why, having gone to Tarasova, Aleksey believes that no one was the loser, no one disappeared. Both he and Plushenko went on their sport roads, each took his own in this sport. Mishin Alexey is grateful for the fact that he taught him the art of technology. Tarasova added to this artistry and gliding.

Why is Alexei in the team with Tatiana Tarasova still together, even after the completion of performances in big-time sports? Because there is trust. And this is the main thing. According to Alexei Yagudin, Tatyana Anatolyevna Tarasova is the Great Wall of China.She will never betray, will protect, will support at the right time.

Triumph of Yagudin

Cooperation with Tatiana Tarasova brought Yagudin not only the first place in many major championships. He won six professional championships. At the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, Alexey received the highest scores for his short program “Winter” and the arbitrary “Man in the Iron Mask”, which the judges put up, and the gold medal so long awaited. It was a real triumph!

Triumph of Alexei Yagudin

The path to this success was incredibly difficult, so the first time a skater could not contain his feelings, he falls to his knees and kisses the ice, and happily jumps like a child. His tears of joy see millions. It was a real victory! From the book of Alexei Yagudin:

We knew that we had already won. We just waited for evaluation. But there was a devastation from the fact that this is all - this is like the pinnacle of sports. Then you can not. And there was utter devastation. We cried naturally. Where without it ...

With coach Tarasova, Yagudin had a rich life every second. For four and a half years of training, Alexey Tarasov was not calm for a minute.She made every effort to bring this talented guy to the Olympic champions. And she did it! He became the strongest skater of the planet!

Two weeks before the Olympic Games

Alexei Yagudin, before the Olympics, greatly exacerbated the pain in the hip joint of the right leg, which had made itself felt in childhood. All Alexey's victories were through constant pain in the leg and thigh. What only the survey did not do Alex, the problems in the body of the skater did not find, the verdict of the doctors was "healthy." So, we must endure and continue to work on the programs, prepare for new starts.

The pain paralyzed the leg at the most inopportune moment - only a few days remained before the departure to Salt Lake City. Because of this, the coach and the athlete quarreled before the Olympics. Tarasova decided that Alex was afraid and refers to the pain, but he could not convey to her how strong the pain was. The day before they left off they made up. Probably, there is some higher justice, the trauma of Yagudin left him alone, and he triumphantly performed at the Olympics.

On a pedestal in Salt Lake City

Alexey Yagudin retired from sports

After the Olympics leg made itself felt. It was decided to be examined on the newest medical equipment that appeared - the tomograph. The doctors were horrified to see the hip joint, or rather what was in its place.They were amazed how an athlete walks at all, not what jumps his triple and quad jumps ...

It turned out that Alexei had a congenital defect in the structure of the thigh. A gentle operation on the hip joint was performed. Alexey believed that he could continue his sports career, but his dreams did not come true. After a few months, the pain returned. And in 2003, the figure skater officially announced the end of his sports career.

Strength of Spirit Yagudin

Life itself pushed him to a large second operation in 2007, the result of which was the replacement of the hip joint with a titanium joint. He got to his feet after the operation after 12 hours, and two weeks later he crossed the cross at 10 km, six months after the operation he began to skate, and after 90 days he went to the first real ice training and made his first jump three turns. And Tatyana Anatolievna Tarasova was right, who always said about her ward: “Yagudin can do anything!”

Yagudin's favorite girls

Being a handsome and loving guy, Aleksey found time for his personal life in his sports schedule. It should be noted that his current wife, Tatiana Alexey, rendered signs of attention at the age of 13.They trained on the same rink in St. Petersburg. But at that time, twelve-year-old Tatyana did not pay attention to the boys' harassment. She had a goal in life - to climb the top step on a pedestal, and in order to achieve this, we need training. Young Tatiana - in the photo below.

Young Tatiana Totmianina

Tatyana and Alexey began to meet after completing their sports careers. But even before their official relationship, Alexey had romance with many famous girls from show business.

Among his lovers were Elena Berezhnaya, whom he almost married at the age of 19, gymnast Lyaysan Utyasheva, just a beautiful girl with whom it was interesting to spend leisure time. Alexey had some kind of affection for Japanese figure skater Kyoko Ina. Alexey had a fleeting affair with Sasha Savelyeva, a famous singer. But as they say, they did not agree on the characters and parted friends.

Family and Children

How did Alexei Yagudin still manage to melt the heart of the wonderful figure skater Tatiana Totmianina? Having finished their sporting careers, the guys began to take part in ice shows, which were put by Ilya Averbukh. Tatiana and Alexey spent a lot of time together. As it turned out, they are interesting to each other.

As Alexey Yagudin told about Totmianina, their rapprochement began with joint tours with ice show programs in the cities of Russia. Upon returning from the tour, he offered Tatiana to live together. Then again there was a tour. Returning to Moscow, they were in conflict, and then Tatyana left Aleksey, then Aleksey from Tatyana. Why did they run away from each other? Both were complex characters, so the process of grinding was painful.

Tatyana wanted a serious relationship, and not just be Alexey's girlfriend and, as always, made plans: a child, a family. Alexei Yagudin was afraid that he would not be able to be a serious husband and father. At some point, when, already being together, Tatyana and Lyosha dispersed to live separately, Aleksey realized that the only person he loved was Tatyana, and he returned to her. This time forever.

Totmianina and Yagudin signed

The closest couple brought together the birth of their first daughter Elizabeth in 2009, November 20. During her parents' tour, little Lisa lives with her grandmother Zoya in France. And on October 2, 2015, the couple had another daughter, Michel.

Being on tour in Krasnoyarsk, Alexei Yagudin and Tatiana Totmianina signed the local registry office.And to the main question: “Do you agree to marry Alexei?” - the bride answered “yes” only after a long pause due to a huge experience. “It’s good that Alexey was standing nearby, otherwise I would have collapsed with excitement right at the crucial moment,” Tatyana recalls with a laugh.

Work in ice projects

After retiring from the big sport, Alexey did not separate himself from him. In 2008, he was invited to appear in the series “Hot Ice”, where a beautiful love story of two athletes was shown. The film for the first time exposed the undergarments of big sport. In 2010 Yagudin participates in the ice performance “Fires of the Big City” directed by Ilya Averbukh.

In the projects of Channel One, Aleksey takes part in the Stars on Ice show and the Ice Age as a partner of Oksana Pushkina, Victoria Daineko and Valeria Lanskoy. Two more projects were with Alexey’s participation. This is “Ice and Fire” in a pair with Maria Kozhevnikova and the show “Bolero” with ballerina Christina Kretova.

"Ice Age. Children"

Recently, the TV show “Melting Ice” with Alexei Yagudin appeared on television, in which he interviews Russian athletes. After replacing his reputation as a figure skater, Yagudin in the “Professional Cup” and “Ice Age” since 2012 has been playing the lead. In the “Ice Age.Children ”Alexey was invited to lead the program with Olympic champion Yevgenia Medvedeva.

At present, Aleksey regards raising his daughters as the most important job in addition to the main profession.

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