Alexander Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture: biography, family, political career

In December 1960, Alexander Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture, was born in the Krasnodar Territory. His biography will be presented in this article.

Tkachev Minister of Agriculture biography


After graduating from high school in the village of Vyselki, Alexander Nikolaevich entered the Polytechnic Institute of the city of Krasnodar. After receiving a specialty, he began work as a mechanical engineer at the Vyselkovsky inter-farm feed mill. So began his career, Alexander Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture. His biography was built in the eighties of the last century in almost the same way as most of the people who left the people. After a short time, his abilities were noticed, and therefore the new position did not linger - he became the chief mechanic of this plant.

In addition to the main work, there was also a public one, where there were also obvious successes, and already in 1986, Alexander Nikolayevich was elected first secretary of the Komsomol district committee. Career went up steadily.Although, who knew that in the near future, Alexander Tkachev - Minister of Agriculture? Biography quickly replenished with new facts of victories and achievements. In 1990, he already became the director of his own feed mill, and in 1993, in connection with the imperative of the time, he organized instead the enterprise of Agrocomplex, where Alexander Nikolayevich was elected general director.


Political activity began in earnest in 1994 with his election as a deputy to the regional legislative assembly. It was from here that Tkachev turned out - the Minister of Agriculture, as if the biography had already been written. And in 1995, all eleven cities and districts of the region, which were part of the Tikhoretsky district, gave Alexander Nikolayevich the highest trust, electing him to the second-convocation Duma. In 1999 - and the third. As a deputy, A. N. Tkachev was involved in the affairs of nationalities as chairman of the Committee.

The biography of Tkachev, the Minister of Agriculture, shows what a simple village man can achieve. His confident position and active participation in the discussion and solution of the problems of the rural population did their job. Alexander Nikolayevich - Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Agro-Industrial Group and at the same time controls the Agrarian Union in the Kuban.In 2000, a very prominent political figure, but not yet the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, Tkachev. His biography was replenished with new education, economic. In February 2000, he became a candidate of science, successfully defended his thesis.

biography tkacheva Minister of Agriculture


In December 2000, the victorious biography of Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, received new information - he won a landslide victory and became the head of the administration of the Krasnodar Territory. 82.14% of voters cast their votes to Governor Alexander Nikolaevich Tkachev, and in March 2004 he was re-elected for a new term. This responsible person and science did not give up - in December 2004 he defended his doctoral dissertation, also in economics.

In 2007, the head of the region was represented by the President of the Russian Federation during the Legislative Assembly session - V.V. Putin endowed Alexander Tkachev with gubernatorial powers for a five-year term, and on April 23 he assumed this position again. In 2012, the same procedure took place with President D. A. Medvedev: an extraordinary session of the Legislative Assembly officially approved the President’s submission, and Alexander Nikolaevich continued to rule the province.And finally, on April 22, 2015, right on Lenin's birthday, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, Tkachev - Minister of Agriculture.

Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation biography

Biography: family, business

Active in the political arena often leaves in the shadows the personal life of all more or less significant persons. So Tkachev, the Minister of Agriculture, does not present his family for a variety of journalistic programs. However, journalists are not stopped by any obstacles. It is known to all that he is married once - to Olga Storozhenko, and they have two quite prosperous daughters. And a very successful nephew. And so almost everyone knows niece in Russia.

The income of his family, Alexander Tkachev does not hide. How honest and open - the relevant authorities gave a positive response. Back in 2009, Tkachev became the only one in the Kuban who fully revealed and declared his own income - a whole million and another six hundred thousand rubles. His wife was in business more successful. She, as the full owner of the company, earned more than three million. In 2014, Tkachev tried to catch up with his wife, but failed. Alexander Nikolaevich declared two million two hundred thousand rubles, and Olga Ivanovna - five million two hundred thousand.Alexander Tkachev did not catch up with his wife (Minister of Agriculture in the future).

biography of the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation

What people say and write

In 2015, the population of the Krasnodar Territory was divided into two unequal parts. Smaller was glad that their countryman, the governor, who for many years carried this heavy cross, was appointed to such a high position. Now the cross has become much harder: Tkachev - Minister of Agriculture. The photo convincingly proves how the whole country differs from the Krasnodar region. Yes, and there are many problems, which will be discussed below. Agriculture in our country has never been sufficiently high. Can we say that over the past twenty-five years it has changed for the better? It is unlikely.

This is what residents of the Krasnodar Territory wrote in the not too distant 2015 about the appointment of a new minister: agriculture comes to an end, Russia no longer has food security. The financial crisis is devastating reserve funds, the price of oil is low, Western sanctions will kill us, and the destruction of agriculture is the last step towards the famine’s hunger. And Tkachev will certainly take this step.

Krymsk, Kuschyovka and much more

The tragedy in Krymsk showed that he was not in the least concerned about the fate of the people (judging by the governor’s video with the people — that is): officials and the priesthood left the city ahead of time, and did not report the flood information to a wide circle of people. "And what, it was necessary to bypass everyone?" - this gubernatorial phrase quickly became a meme on the Internet. And one more, even more scandalous story that thundered all over the country, occurred in the Krasnodar Territory.

Among the peculiarities of Kuban agriculture, the activities of the Tsapko family were highlighted too brightly. The gang that held the whole district in fear was exposed, and the enterprises that belonged to them were bought up not by some other farm, but by one of the most successful ones, namely Tkkachev's Agrocomplex. The governor loves his family.

Some facts

Much earlier, in 2007, for the sake of preventing the spread of African plague within two years, the livestock of pigs in the region was reduced (in private farms!) By a hundred times, and then by four hundred and eight times, almost disappeared.

In the 90s, that is, even earlier, the Agrocomplex was created, buying all agricultural products from the peasants for pennies, and the “brothers” guarded the roads, not letting outsiders into the area.In the same way, in order to expand the family Agrocomplex, enterprises were bought up, which, due to strange circumstances, suddenly turned out to be bankrupt.

Tkachev Minister of Agriculture family biography

What do journalists write

The business of the Tkachev family - such a topic was raised more than once in the most scandalous publications. So, the whole country was amazed to find out that the young niece of the governor, a student, has a million dollar fortune as the owner of factories, newspapers, steamboats ... No, not that: two pipe factories, one of the major developers, and a company that invested three billion rubles in the poultry farm "Yugptitseprom".

Meanwhile, Alexander Tkachev received his numerous awards: medals, awards, orders, certificates of honor and insignia. Among them are the Peter the Great Prize, the National Prize, the All-Russian Prize, including the National Pride of Russia, the International Prize for Tourism, the Order of Glory to Russia, two orders of Sergius of Radonezh (2005 and 2014), and Merit for the Fatherland three degrees. There are a lot of rewards, everything is long to list.

Tkachev Minister of Agriculture

What do the authorities write?

"Storm" of sanctions products illegally imported from the European Union, the most famous minister of the Russian government supports anti-Russian sanctions and Western policies on this issue.Before being appointed minister, he served as governor of the Krasnodar Territory for fifteen years and, by his activity, increased the budget of the region entrusted to him five times - from thirteen billion rubles to sixty. He managed to attract investors who have invested heavily in this oil-producing region of the country. From the very first days, Tkkachev actively led the work as Minister of Agriculture.

Also, a lot is written about the steady support of the population, which the Minister receives and has previously received the governor Tkachev, who literally revived the region, despite resistance to some of his undertakings. So, in 2005, he started the restructuring of Krasnodar, including its historical areas, which part of the population was dissatisfied with. However, the future minister had the grip of a real diplomat, and all the differences were resolved, and the ideas fully realized. With his light hand, Kuban built the Nestle factory (Switzerland), which produces instant coffee, as well as the German plant of agricultural equipment Claas, and these are jobs for the local population and replenishment to the regional budget.

Tkachev Minister of Agriculture photo


Krasnodar region has always been the breadbasket of Russia,but purely thanks to the highly professional activities of the governor, Tkachev became the country's leader in grain, sugar beet, and in the production of seeds and wines. It should be noted that the contribution to the preparation of the Olympics in Sochi from the side of Tkachev was enormous, this, in principle, was the main triumph of all the years in which he ruled the region. A year after the Games, the governor resigned, leaving his successor, Benjamin Kondratiev.

Still, the appointment of Alexander Tkachev as Minister of Agriculture was a surprise for almost everyone. An experienced farmer has more opportunities to carry out reforms in agriculture, including import substitution, to ensure the country's food security. Tkachev's plans are good, big. So far, only about two years have passed. Hunger is not yet felt, imported products are gradually being squeezed out of the market, while domestic products are becoming too expensive. Production volumes are rising, but prices have so far not been achieved.

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