Adeline: the meaning of the name, its secret, history and origin

When choosing a name for a girl, remember that it imposes an imprint on the character, fate. This is a sound wave that contains certain information. Each letter carries a meaning and value.

Name Adeline - international. It is found in China and Japan, Sweden and England, in France and Arab countries. This name sounds beautiful. An exotic flower seems Adeline. The meaning of the name and historical roots have different versions of the origin.

Origin of name

In one embodiment, the name Adeline has ancient Germanic roots. Its meaning is “fragrant”, “noble”.

In another embodiment, this name is a derivative of Adelaide. What does it mean "magnificent", "originating from a noble family".

Crimean Tatars consider this name to be theirs. National color endowed with their Adeline. The meaning of the name in the Tatar version is “decent”.adela name meaning

It sounds different in every country.For example, in France - Adele, in the Czech Republic and Poland - Adelin. The name came to Russia with a fashion for all the exotic, rare.

Characteristic spell name

The name carries with it not only a certain sound, emotional coloring. The essence is laid in his writing. This also applies to the nickname Adeline. The meaning of the name, characterdistributed in each letter:

  • A- the symbol of the initial energy. Realization of ideas, dreams. Creating a harmonious atmosphere in the spiritual and physical aspects.
  • D- mystical ability to foresee, to anticipate. Thinking, creating a plan for the realization of a dream. Target family, help in business.
  • E- diplomatic skills. The ability to share information, clearly show their individuality. Developed intuition, a tendency to excessive communication.
  • L- the presence of a creative beginning. The desire to express themselves in the field of art, to find their purpose. Understanding of physical and spiritual beauty. The ability to transfer this knowledge to a partner.
  • AND- practicality, covering the romanticism of the soul. Patience and kindness to others. The desire to avoid conflict situations. Philosophical perception of life.
  • H- a symbol of denial, protest.Ability to work on the result, achieve your goals. The presence of will, fortitude. Ability to criticize, analyze. Attention to a healthy lifestyle.

Girl character

Poise, sense of purposesince childhood laid in the nature of the child. A great role in the formation of personality plays the value of the name Adeline. For girlit is inherent from the very young age to reach for the spiritual and the beautiful. She loves to do needlework, takes care of her dolls. Helps mom in household chores.

meaning of the name adelaine for a girl

She is modest and shy, does not like to attract increased attention. Adeline is important to support relatives, loved ones. It must be praised and encouraged. It is important to notice in time the tendency of the child to any occupation, to discover talent, ability as early as possible.

The value of the name Adeline for girlscarries the ability to work: the desire to sing or play musical instruments, dance or draw. Often girls with this name achieve success in sports - tennis, swimming, athletics.

Character of a woman

Becoming older, still remains calm and modesty Adeline. The meaning of the name, its secret will help reveal a deep, gentle nature. Creativity and self-realization are Adeline's fundamental principle.

Easy irony, self-admiration do not prevent it from being strong-willed, purposeful. As a responsible executive, Adeline can achieve career heights. The leadership position will add to this soft woman the ability to quickly respond, to make the right decisions.

adelina meaning of the name in orthodoxy

In marriage, Adeline will be faithful wife. It will be a strong alliance based on mutual respect and understanding. With the advent of children, Adeline will become more confident. Responsibility for the kids, taking care of them will make her an ardent mother. She will not give offense to her children.

Sexy name

Adeline - soft, gentle, sexy partner. She pays great attention to sincere feelings. Therefore, it can fully open up only when it is confident in its partner, his love. Dreaminess, fantasies can lead to some frivolous relationships with men. Her capriciousness can always win with compliments and praise.

She is ready for experiments, meets the wishes of her man. Emotional contact with a partner is important to her. Much attention is paid to sensual love Adeline. Meaning of the nameand plays a big role in sexuality.

adelina meaning character name

Her graceful grace, femininity attract the attention of the opposite sex, create an aura of mystery. But in constant companions Adeline will choose a worthy, noble man, with whom she can be frank in emotional, sexual spheres. Patience, endurance will help her companion in overcoming innate modesty and shyness.

In religion and numerology

In the XII century lived Abbess Adeline. She was known for her piety and kindness. Subsequently, she was listed as a saint. Name Adeline symbolizes peacefulness. In the catholic church her day is October 20th.

In modern life, this name bears the same emotional coloring: gentle, reliable, refinedAdeline. The meaning of the name in Orthodoxy is the same as in Catholicism. But celebrated on the calendar on November 23.

In numerology, the Adelina number is six. It symbolizes honesty, diligence, tact, a tendency to compromise. Such people prefer calm and stability. The main thing in life is considered a small circle of friends - family and friends.

Name by season

What kindmore secrets keeps the value of the name Adeline? Born in the winter - she is a great hostess.Her house is always in perfect order. She radiates kindness and calm. Friends prefers with men.

Adeline, born in the spring, is emotional and vulnerable. It is easy to ruffle, it is insecure and full of complexes. Her craving for beauty will be awakened by creative talents. Inborn artistry, the desire to sing and dance is a wonderful way for self-development.

the value of the name adelina born in winter

Summer Adeline - too soft, emotionally unstable. She is often offended, for a long time experiencing a lack of understanding of other people. Therefore, it is difficult for her to communicate, find new friends. She is gentle, in disputes inferior primacy interlocutor.

Born in the fall, Adeline is practical and calculating. She will achieve a lot in her life, career, thanks to her strong-willed qualities. Can not compromise and lose. With age, the rigidity of character appears, which can prevent a happy marriage.

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