Actor Stanislav Zhdanko: biography, filmography and interesting facts

Do you remember who Zhdanko Stanislav Alekseevich is? A popular actor who starred in the 70s of the last century. He had a short creative life and life itself. He only became popular with the Soviet audience, as his life was tragically cut short. And the cause of his death was love, although mutual, but fatal ...

Stanislav Zdanka

Actor Zhdanko Stanislav: biography

He was born in 1953 in the Siberian town of Yarki, near Omsk. He was raised by his mother - Alexandra Alexandrovna. Childhood at the future of the actor was not easy. Mother barely managed to provide family with food. At school, the boy did well, and after graduation, he decided to tie his fate with the acting profession and entered the Novosibirsk Theater School. Even in high school, he constantly rushed to Omsk to buy a ticket for one or another performance for the accumulated money, and if he was lucky, and watch some new film in the cinema.He knew by heart the names of many Soviet artists and childly tried to analyze their work. It was in Novosibirsk that he first began to go on stage, playing in various performances, including the famous plays of Russian classics.

Later he decides to move to Moscow, where he enters the famous Shchukin School. Here, Leonid Yarmolnik, Yevgeniya Simonova, Yuri Vasilyev and other future stars of Soviet cinema studied in the same course as him.

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Debut and first success

After graduating from "Pike" Stanislav Zhdanko entered the service in the theater. Vakhtangov. He also began to act in films. For the first time, success came to him - after the release of the film “Minors” in 1977 (directed by Vladimir Rogov). Here he played one of the main roles - a boxer who, together with his paratrooper friend, is cracking down on the hooligan group that is terrorizing their entire area. The film was an incredible success, more than 44.5 million viewers watched it. And it seemed that in the future Stanislav Zhdanko would bathe in the rays of glory, but everything happened not so ... A difficult fate awaited him, which would suddenly be interrupted and tragically.

Love for Malyavina

The actor for some time was in a civil marriage with a famous actress, the muse of Tarkovsky, later Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Valentina Malyavina. It is believed that they were introduced by film director Alexander Kaidanovsky - one of the lovers of the actress. This happened after the play, in which Stas played the role of Raskolnikov. The young actor's game really liked Valentina, and then Kaidanovsky offered to introduce her to Stas. However, their dating history had very deep roots.

Zhdanka Stanislav Alekseevich cause of death

Youthful love

When Zhdanko studied at the drama school of Novosibirsk, the troupe of the Vakhtangov theater came to them on tour from Moscow, in which Valentina Alexandrovna worked. During the performances, the young man was sitting on the balcony, where theatrical students were allowed in for free, and he watched Malyavin with fascination. Then he approached her with a postcard and asked her to sign her autograph on it. This happened after each performance. Then she went to Moscow, and this story was forgotten, but once in the capital she saw him in the crowd at the theater and immediately recognized, despite the fact that he had changed a lot. Not a trace remained from the timid boy.

Stanislav Zhdanko created a lot of noise around him, spoke loudly, gesticulated, behaved untied, walked in tarpaulin boots, “mowed” under Shukshin. However, when she saw him as Raskolnikov, she looked at him from the other side and saw real talent in him. His game pleasantly surprised her, and if before that she categorically did not like him, now she began to perceive him differently. After the performance, she went to the dressing room for Evgenia Simonova, who played the role of Dunya and was her friend, and then collided with Stas. She involuntarily tilted him to her, kissed and congratulated him on a great game, and then left. Later, on the anniversary of the Vakhtangov Theater, the actress met with Stas again. He knelt and kissed the hem of her dress. So everything went and went.

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Then they began to live together. It was a crazy couple: their quarrels reached fights, and then there was a rapid reconciliation. They could not live far from each other. Meanwhile, all Moscow bohemian gossiped about their relationship. A 36-year-old experienced actress and a 22-year-old youth - aspiring actor Stanislav Zhdanko. However, they, by and large, did not care what they say about them.They were happy. The only thing that clouded Stanislav’s life was envy. So he was born. Growing up in poverty, he sought to quickly achieve success, make a career, get rich and live a decent life. And since everything did not turn out the way he wanted, he looked with envy at the more successful artists and was even surprised that his beloved did not harbor feelings of envy for more demanded actresses.

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Zhdanko Stanislav Alekseevich: the cause of death

About what exactly happened on that ill-fated day, is known from the stories of his beloved. However, as it really was, no one will ever know. After all, the actress was found guilty of the crime. Nevertheless, we present a brief story about the circumstances in which Stas Zdanko died. It happened in mid-April 1978.

So, the spouses that day went to the play “The Thief” at the Lenkom theater. The main role was played by Stas friend - Victor Proskurin. After that, they invited Vitya to celebrate the premiere. The next morning they both had to go to Belarus to take part in the filming of a new film.

Friends drank a lot while Valentina drank nothing.Then Vitya left, and Stas wanted to continue his rafting, and since Malyavina did not want to join him, he decided to go to a restaurant. Then she uncorked a bottle of wine with a knife, drank straight from the throat and defiantly went to the kitchen. When she returned to the room, he slowly crawled from the chair onto the carpet. She thought he was asleep at the table while he was drunk, but then she saw a bleeding wound. While the ambulance arrived, Malyavina held her beloved's head, and when she realized that she was no longer able to save him, she tried to commit suicide, but the doctors who came arrived took her knife.

The investigation

The actress, having recovered from the shock, testified, the investigators accepted the version of suicide, and the case was closed, despite the fact that the relatives of the actor demanded examination. The case was reopened when Andropov came to power. A medical examination was finally carried out, as a result of which it became clear that Stanislav Zhdanko could not commit suicide, which meant one thing: his mistress was to blame.

She was sentenced to 9 years in prison, although she did not plead guilty. After 4 years in prison, she was released.She always responded about Stas only positively, and regretted that he had died so early and did not have time to fully reveal himself as an artist.

Today, rarely anyone remembers who Stanislav Zhdanko is. Films in which he managed to play are rarely shown on TV, and there are very few pictures.

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Cinema and theater roles

In the theater, the artist managed to translate the following roles: Alexei Temkin in the performance of Day-to-Day, Levk Kozin in Konarmia, Panteleimon Ignatich (The Youth of the Theater), etc. In what artistic films did Stanislav Zhdanko play? His filmography consists of only 4 films, namely: “Minors” (film debut), “Time has chosen us”, where he played Lieutenant Nebylovich, “Errors of Youth” and “Man with a Gun”.

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