925 silver: characteristics and properties

Silver is a well-known metal to everyone. It is widely used both in jewelry and in industry. In industry, silver is used in a low sample because it has a faded appearance and is prone to oxidation.925 silverIn ancient times silver was minted coins, later it was actively used in the manufacture of cutlery, which was considered an integral part of any holiday table. Currently, 925 silver is actively used in jewelry and sales are not far behind other more expensive metals. Silver without impurities of any other metals is very soft and brittle, so it is diluted with copper. Copper is chosen because of its very good compatibility with silver. In jewelry, silver without impurities is not used at all. 925 silver is quite high for this metal. Such silver has good properties, it is durable and very plastic. Therefore, in the manufacture of jewelry is used exactly 925 silver.

How to solve the problem of oxidation?

In addition to copper, it is possible to add impurities such as germanium, zinc, platinum, or silicon to silver. To solve the problem of oxidation, the so-called method of roding is used. Rhodium is carefully sprayed on a silver product to protect it from corrosion and give it a noble shine.

The better 960 silver?

silver sample 925

There is an even higher sample of silver - 960, but products using such a sample are very fragile due to the absence of impurities. This test is suitable only for small patches in the decoration. If the product is completely made of silver of such a sample, then such a decoration will be badly damaged due to daily wear.

What is in harmony with?

925 silver is currently the only one used in jewelry. This noble metal harmonizes very well with others. Products from it can be made completely or contain only an element of decor. Silver, the 925 sample of which is the guarantor of the highest quality, is a very common material. Because of the low price and the chic appearance of the product made of it, it can be a pleasant gift for both lovely ladies and representatives of a strong sex.

Properties of precious metal

Silver has long been considered the purest metal to help a person wearing jewelry made from it clean out of negativity, obsessive thoughts, and simply from a bad mood.

925 sterling silverMany believe that if the silver turns black when worn, then it takes away all your negative emotions, feelings and experiences. But you should not worry about the fact that silver is spoiled, there are many ways to clean it, without harming the product. Perhaps it is because of the magical properties of silver in any person, even if he prefers more gold or platinum, there is always a ring or a chain of silver in the house. Therefore, when buying yourself or as a gift a piece of jewelry made from this noble metal, always pay attention to the inscription on the product tag “Silver. Test 925 ".

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