2 main ways to draw eyebrows correctly with shadows and a pencil

Why do modern make-up artists pay much attention to eyebrows? It's simple: they give out the character, help to “frame” the look. In this article we will describe in detail how to draw eyebrows.

Eyebrow shape selection

Eyebrow shape selection

As “the theater begins with a hanger”, and eyebrow makeup - with the definition of their optimal shape. The oval face is considered ideal, and the eyebrows should not violate its proportions.

With this shape of the face, it is better to choose the horizontal shape of the eyebrows, to round them slightly, but it is not recommended to lift the fracture highly, because it visually pulls the face out.

The elongated face needs to be made wider visually; straight eyebrows cope with this task. This, moreover, is the most fashionable form of them now. Straight lines will make the oval more rounded, give soft facial features.

For owners of a round face, it is recommended to extend the oval.In this case, it will look good eyebrows with a strong kink, a thin tip and the beginning of a little wider than natural lines, especially if they are raised high. Do not overdo it, so as not to create a comma instead of a graceful eyebrow line.

To soften the hard lines of the cheekbones and jaws in a square face, transitions should be made soft, and eyebrows - in the form of an arc, without a noticeable break. High round eyebrows can be noticeable and wide in this case.

A face in the shape of a heart with sharp corners in the chin and cheekbones requires visual alignment of the width of the face. This will help raised eyebrows, which have a smooth uniform bend - eyebrows "vrazlet".

How to draw eyebrows on the face in the form of a diamond? In this case, it is necessary to soften the contours so that the cheekbones do not seem so wide. Ideal - a classic shape with a soft bend line, the width of the eyebrows should be a little more natural.

Eyebrow tint selection

Shade selection

Blondes usually have thin eyebrows of a light shade. To correct the situation, you need to use a pencil, paint them in the cabin or make a permanent. It is important to choose a suitable color: it will be 1-2 tones darker than the roots of the hair. In this case, the eyebrows will visually become thicker, create a "frame" of the face, the shade of the eyes will be brighter.

For dyed blondes, it is often recommended to “arrange” eyebrows 1 tone lighter in a beige-brown palette. In such a situation, rescue staining, cosmetics can not give them the necessary light shade. Do not overdo it: albino eyebrows look good on the catwalk or on the photo in the fashion magazine.

Platinum blondes are now in trend with smoky gray or almost black shades of eyebrows. It is worth emphasizing that the wrong tone can ruin any makeup.

If you decide from a blonde to transform into a brown-haired woman, this will lead to a change in the color of the eyebrows. For coloring eyebrows for girls who dyed their hair a chestnut color, a brown subton is suitable.

Is your hair color similar to cappuccino? Then the eyebrows underlined with a pencil or shades of a gray subtone will look good. If the eyebrows are darker than the shade of hair, then you can not think about changing the tone, thank God. If they are lighter than hair, this is also an acceptable option, there will be a softening of the oval of the face, and wrinkles, if they appear, will not be so noticeable.

If you have blue-black hair, then it is recommended to dye your eyebrows in a color that matches the tone of your hair: warm shades of brown and too light will be close to red, and therefore the look will become unnatural.

Warm shades of red hair (carrot or ginger) are suitable for brows with saffron or light brown shade. Cool colors with a brown or red-blue undertone are combined with a range borrowed from brown-haired women.

Makeup artists in the brow bar will help in choosing shades of eyebrows or paint them with durable paint, and can also make a permanent if you decide on this procedure.

How to draw eyebrows in stages?

For a beautiful design of eyebrows there are many ways. We list them and tell you about each in more detail.

Using a pencil

Draw eyebrows

A good eyebrow pencil is a guarantee of natural and lasting lines throughout the day.

A few tips to prepare for staining.

  1. A wooden pencil should be sharply sharpened, after placing it in the freezer for a while, so that the tip is sharp and does not break when sharpening.
  2. It is recommended to use a solid pencil so that the line does not spread.
  3. Lip or eye cleaner is not suitable for drawing eyebrows.
  4. The consequences of wrong hand movements during make-up can always be corrected by using a cotton swab with micellar water.
  5. It should be especially careful when drawing the line with a black pencil.
  6. Pencils in plastic cases are not inferior to wooden ones in quality.
  7. For coloring thick eyebrows should use a shade or a special paint.

Let us analyze the staining procedure in stages. First, you should brush your eyebrows with a brush, lifting the hairs. Then you need to moisturize the skin with a cream, make light thin strokes with a pencil, give them a shape with a brush.

After applying the powder or tonal tool, we begin to draw the eyebrows - first of all, you should draw the lower border with a pencil, slightly shifting the point of the beginning of the eyebrow so that the line looks smoother.

Then you need to make the upper border, drawing it parallel to the bottom. Between them, it is necessary to shade the remaining space with a rich dark shade of a pencil. The tip of the eyebrow is better to draw a light tone, it should be made short, invisible.

Then you need to paint over the voids, using the basic shade of the pencil, correct the flaws. Now it was the turn of a neat shading with a brush so that the transitions of shades disappeared. Forehead during the day should not be powdered so that the color remains unchanged.

In the upper eyelid, a thin layer of white shadows usually looks good, it makes the eyebrow a little higher, and the look becomes more expressive.

Using shadows

Eyebrow shaping

How to draw eyebrows with shadows? There are several techniques for such staining:

  • monochrome hatching. For her take 1 shade of shadows. This method is suitable for blond women and in the absence of screaming lines in the make-up;
  • two-color hatching: first you apply a light shade of shadow along the entire length of the eyebrow, and then dark shades along its bottom edge. This allows you to make the contour brighter, clearer, correct the "hanging eyelid";
  • ombre The base of the arc should be painted a light color, making it slightly darker towards the edge of the eyebrow. This makeup looks natural;
  • partial staining. It does not completely shade the eyebrow, but only draws individual hairs with a thin hard brush where there is poor vegetation or eyebrows are too pale.

Eyebrow correction

With a pencil, you can not only draw the eyebrows, but also correct them by slightly correcting the shape. Thanks to this procedure, they will look more natural and smoother.

First you need to determine where the start of the eyebrow should be, and where is its end. To do this, you must submit 2 straight lines that come from the corners of the eyes and intersect at the base of the nostrils. The distance above the eye between these points will be optimal for the length of the eyebrow.

For the correction you will need a large mirror, good lighting and tweezers, which does not break off the hairs, but pull them together with the bulb. Before starting the procedure, wash your face with warm water, sterilize tweezers, lubricate the skin with a cooling gel to reduce sensitivity, if necessary. Then you can remove the hairs from the nose to the temples in the direction of growth of the eyebrows.

It is impossible to completely remove the eyebrows, because solid lines drawn in pencil will look extremely unnatural.
Eyebrow correction

Strokes need to be drawn a little intermittently, without weighing down the eyebrow, and feathering. It is not recommended to make the corner too bright in order not to give a face a gloomy look.

How beautiful to draw eyebrows? In the selection of tones you need to adhere to the rule: warm tones are combined with warm ones, cold ones - with cold ones. For colored eyebrows, this rule also applies: a pastel or bright shade should be chosen to match the eye color, as if it were a shadow. It should match or contrast with the hair color.

When buying, test the tint in both artificial and daylight. Selfies will allow you to look at yourself and be objective.

If you want to "draw" eyebrows darker than natural, try using shadows, tinted gels and pencils.

To maintain the required shade, it is necessary to show the master to the salon 1 time in 2 weeks, the tattoo is updated annually. If you do not have time for the reception, for a while you can help out a tinted gel for makeup.

Common mistakes when drawing eyebrows

Common mistakes include the following nuances:

  • rectangular eyebrows. If you brightly draw the inner edge, making it rectangular, the makeup will look deliberately artificial;
  • if you make eyebrows very long, then they look unnatural. Read about how to determine the optimal length of the eyebrows, and pull out the extra hairs;
  • do not brush your eyebrows with a brush and do not pull out extra hair? Alas, for sure with this approach you will look untidy, it is noticeable even with a perfect make-up;
  • do not paint over the "emptiness". In the presence of such places in the middle of the eyebrow, you can apply eye shadow or powder, brush the hair and brush it with a special gel;
  • selected ridiculous shade for coloring.It is worth avoiding the artificial effect, especially in daytime makeup. Red-haired girls, for example, will have a golden chestnut or taupe pencil in their faces to create a volume of eyebrows;
  • too dark brow tint. For daytime makeup, it is better for brown-haired women and blondes to use a pencil 1 tone darker, and brunettes - 1 tone lighter than a natural shade.


We recommend that you contact a specialist in order not to pull out extra hairs and then do not regret what has been done. Stencils can later be used to keep fit.

Emphasize your own personality, creating expressive eyebrows!

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