Azerbaijani workers in oil and salt mining industry The German photographer Toby Binder came to Azerbaijan and almost by chance saw how the oil and salt producing industries are arranged: hard work, poor people, and income is flowing somewhere. Arab and Persian travelers were..

23.09.2018 dymontiger Dashing 90s in the pictures of Yevgeny Kondakov To bookmarks A series of shots from the global public photo archive “The History of Russia in Photos”. These shots were made by photographer Yevgeny Kondakov in the 1990s, while he was at the..

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: 2952 Author: Date: May 31, 2014 Marauders from Donbass Category: Home / Articles A marauder is an absolutely international phenomenon. This Metro store is located one kilometer from Donetsk Airport, which is controlled by the Ukrainian..

“We’ve got a cow here that ate your grass”: even vegans liked the butcher’s ad Competition forces store owners to resort to creative solutions. For example, the Englishman Anthony Andrews, the owner of a butcher shop, constantly puts a board with funny inscriptions in..

Mongolian milk booze The Mongols are truly unique people and inventors. Judge for yourself: they are very fond of drinking, right to madness, but traditionally they have a serious problem in this regard: they are nomads and herders and are completely unfamiliar with farming..

Unique experiences from online gambling leisure Increasingly, World Wide Web users prefer virtual entertainment venues. After all, in the open spaces of online casinos, you can spend your free time fun and unforgettable, fully testing your luck and plunging into the atmosphere of all-consuming..

The best Soviet film fairy tale. Fifteenth round The fifteenth stage of the audience voting for the best Soviet fairy tale film. In our childhood we watched these films in cinemas during the holidays and every week the yards were empty when the TV..

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